BSFS and Balticon Accessibility Policy

BSFS and Balticon are committed to being an inclusive event and will seek to provide accommodation for people with disabilities. Please let us know if you need specialized equipment or services using the email address. Please contact us as soon as possible, preferably at least 6 weeks before the convention. The earlier we are approached the more likely we will be able to provide assistance.

Not all disabilities are visible, and it is inappropriate to ask why someone needs accommodations. We may not, and will not, ask unnecessary questions about the nature of a disability.

Assistance and Accommodations

All Zoom panels will have Automated Closed Captioning.

If you have questions or need technical help during the convention, please use Discord to contact the infodesk or help-desk. Visit the Discord accessibility-lounge channel under B55 SOCIAL SPACES whenever you need to get away from the crowds, or just want to chat.

We will do our best to help make the convention and all events enjoyable for all attendees. Please come to the accessibility-lounge channel with any other needs that might make your time at Balticon more enjoyable.