Welcome to the Con Suite

We usually ask for volunteers to chop up vegetables and set out snack foods for the Balticon attendees. But this year, we are in for a treat. The Virtual Con Suite will exist in a Zoom meeting with breakout rooms for discussion groups just like real life Con Suite. Look for things that you like to do.  The scheduled items are listed in the interactive Program Guide under the “Virtual Consuite” area. Register for an item to get the Zoom link to the Con Suite. The link is good for all day, so you don’t need to sign up for each thing.

We have planned Children’s Story Time. This will be open for children to read aloud their favorite books, talk about books or have adults read to the children. You can also tell stories about your favorite things to do.

The same idea for Teen Talk Room. Bring your favs and have a group discussion on the power of literature.

In Crafting and Costumes, bring you hand crafts and talk with Beth about embroidery, knitting, crocheting and other hand crafts.

Join in another discussion on costuming successes and failures. Another discussion will be, I had nothing else to do, so this is what I made this year. Also, a discussion on Victorian Fashion in shades of purple.

Cooking is a big topic in the Con Suite. Is the coffee fresh? Are there any donuts? Well, this year we can talk about “cooking through Covid with Comfort foods”, cooking influenced by science fiction, fantasy and anime.

Kaffeeklatsches are scheduled with lots of discussions on; BSFS Writers Hour, kvetch about getting published, discussions on author’s works, Glasgow Book Club discussion Silk and Steel

Later we have for adults, Joke Swap, Character Development Writing, Cyberpunk, and a discussion of Game of Thrones

Book Launches: will present the Author’s and their work.

Meet your friends and make new ones at the Virtual Con Suite.

There will also be several channels on the Discord server for socializing under the B55 Social Spaces category.