BSFS Books for Kids Auction 

BSFS Books For Kids logo

The BSFS Books for Kids program raises money to purchase books that will become the personal property of individual Maryland school students. Funds are given to the PTA, or to a program at the school administered by the Maryland Book Bank. BSFS Books for Kids also collects book donations for local school libraries as requested by their resident librarians. For more information on the program, see the Books for Kids page on the BSFS website.

Bobby Gear Memorial Charity Auction 

An auction of donated SF or fantasy theme items is held during Balticon to raise money for the BSFS Books for Kids program. The auction is named in honor of BSFS member Bobby Gear to commemorate her years of service as a school teacher and BSFS volunteer.

The items to be auctioned are displayed in the Art Show room.

The first session of the auction is held on Saturday during the Masquerade intermission while the judges deliberate. An second auction is held on Sunday following the art show auction.

To donate items for the auction or for other details about the auction, you may contact