Balticon features programming for a variety of interests within the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre. From panels about how to get published to talks about current paleontology findings, as well as readings, gaming, music (filking), and costuming, you’ll find it this weekend.

Our programming team has worked hard to contact participants and to develop the panel ideas we’ve received into a final schedule. The preliminary schedule is now available.

Please feel free to email with potential program participants and panel topics; however, our planning for Virtual Balticon 55 is nearly complete and we may not be able to use any new suggestions until Balticon 56.

The program schedule for the entire weekend along with Zoom meeting sign-up links are provided in an interactive program guide. The list of program participants is found there as well. See the Program Schedule page for a link to the program guide and a brief overview of how to use it.

Program Schedule

Watch a video montage of the upcoming convention events. (AKA Promo Loop)

What's Coming Up Videos

While the hospitality suite for a virtual convention cannot supply refreshments, it can still provide opportunities to get together with fans for informal discussions. Check out the Con Suite page for a description of scheduled events.

Con Suite

If you enjoy dressing up as fictional characters, visit the Costuming page.


Music is another way to tell stories. Balticon has a full track devoted to science fiction and fantasy music.

Filk & Concerts

Lots of gaming-related activity is planned: Panels, board games, RPGs, and the annual LARP.


Want to meet an author in a small group setting? Sign up for a Kaffeeklatsch


Authors will be giving readings of their work throughout the weekend


Get together with fans for Anime Watch Parties


Introducing the Balticon 55 Guests of Honor:

Guests of Honor