In person or virtual, we can’t do it without you. First con or 50th, one hour or dozens, we need your help.

There are many jobs to do before and during the convention. Keep reading to learn more. When you are ready to volunteer, click I Volunteer on the right.

If you aren’t able to help with a virtual con, we hope you can still come to Balticon 55, and we look forward to having you volunteer in person next year.

Earn Free Stuff

Our volunteers would probably help without bribes, but we bribe them you anyway. Minimum hours do apply. 

  • Cool nickname Berzerker
  • Free custom T-shirt by our artist GoH 
  • Free membership for next year’s con

Other info

  • Everyone welcome, we’ll accommodate all abilities
  • No experience necessary, we’ll train you
  • We’ll schedule around your needs and any events you want to attend
  • We may need to assign you to jobs where we are short-handed (We really don’t need 25 folks working the beer tasting party).

What do Volunteers do?

Even though we’re virtual this year we still need volunteers for:


  • Publicity and social media
  • Proofread/edit publications like BSFAN


  • Helping out in the program sessions as a Zoom host or Discord moderator *
  • Be a member of our Community Safety team *

* Requires some familiarity with Zoom or Discord.

More positions will be added later. If we have something listed on the website menu, we probably need help.