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Here is your guide to Balticon 55, the Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. The platforms we are using and how to get to them are described on the Platforms page. If you are set up with accounts and know where you want to go, click one of the buttons in the green blocks below and begin your Balticon experience.

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Incident Reporting


Please take a moment to fill out this survey so we can continue to provide you with the quality programming you have come to expect from Balticon.

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Visit these web pages for more information on:

Balticon programming covers a wide variety of topics of interest to science fiction and fantasy fans, with panels and presentations covering a books, writing, science, music, and TV. Readings, discussions, and kaffeeklatsches will allow more informal chatter with your favorite guests. Panels and presentations will have automatically generated captions.

Balticon gaming includes board games, RPGs, and an annual LARP.

For all your swag needs (and books), Balticon has a variety of dealers.


Balticon has both an Art Show and an Artists’ Alley. You can meet the artists and buy art.

The Con Suite is our general hangout spot for fannish conversations, post-program chatter, and casual activities.

Come watch recordings from yesteryear and yesterday. Most are captioned.

Balticon wishes to ensure that everyone has a pleasant convention. If you need to report an incident, we offer several ways of doing so.

Balticon 55 is completely free to attend. If you like what we’re doing or want some cool swag, please consider donating.

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