About Balticon

Balticon is the Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy convention put on by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society (BSFS) for over 50 years. Balticon is run entirely by volunteers. Balticon raises funds for the operation of BSFS, its various writing awards, and charitable activities that promote literacy. Balticon 55 will take place over Memorial Day weekend May 28-31, 2021. Due to continued COVID-19 precautions, it will take place on-line as a virtual convention.

The Contact page contains the mailing address, email and phone for Balticon inquiries.


Balticon endeavors to make the convention accessible to all attendees and participants. The Accessibility page describes the accessibility policy, including special seating in event rooms.


Balticon strives to be a safe and respectful place for all fans to share their love of science fiction and fantasy. The Code of Conduct page describes the expectations for all attendees whether the con is in person or on-line.

Code of Conduct

You may attend the convention free of charge. Please consider supporting BSFS literacy activities by donating what you can.


The BSFS page briefly describes the Baltimore Science Fiction Society and its activities.


A fundraising auction is held during Balticon for Books for Kids. The Books for Kids page describes the program and how to participate in the auction.

Books for Kids Auction

The Press Kit contains information about Balticon 55, this year’s guests and award winners, and BSFS. This is useful as an overview for the traditional press and new media outlets.

Press Kit