Art Exhibits and Events

Art Show with panels

The Balticon Art Show showcases two- and three-dimensional art across the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. For Balticon 55, the Art Show goes virtual again, with paintings, prints, sculpture and unique jewelry on display across several online platforms. We will not have an auction this year, but art will be available for sale directly from the artists.

The Balticon Artist Alley is a place where artists and attendees can interact, purchase art, and commission custom art at “virtual tables” on several online platforms.

This year we are pleased to have Alyssa Winans as our Artist Guest of Honor. We will be featuring her art in both the web-based and Second Life-based galleries.

We will have two Art Show Receptions this year: One in GatherTown and one on Second Life. All artists participating in the Art Show and Artist Alley are encouraged to attend on GatherTown and/or on Second Life according to their preference.

The GatherTown Art Show Reception is at 8:30 pm EDT on Friday, May 28. Go to GatherTown (Password: BookClub)

The Second Life Reception is Saturday, May 29, at 7 pm EDT (That’s 4 pm SLT for you Second Life folks) in the Art Show Gallery. Teleport to the Art Gallery


The Balticon Art Show can be found:

on the Balticon 55 web site

in the Balticon Station region of the Second Life platform

in Balticon’s GatherTown space (password: BookClub)

The Balticon Artist Alley will take place:

on Balticon’s Discord server

in Balticon’s GatherTown space (password: BookClub)

Artist demos will take place on Discord, where we will have a channel dedicated to scheduled demos.

All of these spaces are now LIVE! No need to wait until the convention starts to see the Art Show! Artist Alley will be open during the convention.

See the Platforms page for more information about using the platforms.