Virtual Dealer Room

Dealer room tables

The Dealer Room is the place to go to view assorted science fiction and fantasy objects (books, games, videos, anime, costumes, jewelry, etc.) for sale.

The Dealer Room will be virtual this year. Attendees will be able to use various online platforms to browse virtual tables, chat with the dealers, and visit the dealer’s websites. We will be using the Balticon 55 web site, Discord, and the Gather platform.

The Vendor Directory page has the list of dealers. There you can see selected merchandise and information about how to purchase the items.

Some dealers will have a channel on the Balticon & BSFS Discord server. There you can use text chat or video to talk to the dealers.

Wander through the Dealer Room on the Balticon Gather platform. There you can chat with dealers with video.

See the Platforms page for more information on using the platforms.

Dealers: We are no longer accepting Dealer Table requests for this year.