Virtual Artist Alley

Virtual Balticon’s Artist Alley gives artists the opportunity to connect with their fans even during shelter-in-place. Our virtual Artist Alley tables are listed alphabetically, and include a short bio and link to the artist’s web site or online shop.  This page will be updated as artists sign up so keep coming back!

Many artists are available to chat with on the BSFS Inc Discord server under B54 Artist Alley chat and voice channels. (See the Discord usage page for details on accessing the Discord server.)

Balticon 54 is also hosting an Art Show exhibit on the Second Life platform. (See the Second Life usage page for details on accessing Second Life.)

Sadly, this year we say goodby to longtime Balticon and fandom artist Steve Stiles. We will miss him dearly.


Tristan Alexander

Tristan Alexander

I am a professional freelance artist and have sold at Balticon, Darkover, Shore Leave and Arisia. I live with my husband Don and our 4 cats. You can see my work here and on my website  –  SCA Illumination  –   Leather Coronets

You can buy my work with PayPal at or by check or money order.

Tristan Alexander on Blogspot

Alan F. Beck

Alan F. Beck: Artist, Illustrator

Alan F. Beck has been an artist and illustrator for over 30 years. His work has been exhibited in art shows and cons all across the country. He has won numerous awards and honors including two Chesley award nominations and a HUGO finalist nomination. His paintings and prints can be found in collections in the US, Canada and Europe. He has recently published “The Adventures of Nogard and Jackpot” and is creator of the “Mouseopolitan Museum of Art”. His art can be found in Space and Time magazine, The Fantasy Art Bible, and assorted book covers.

Alan F. Beck Official Web Site

Email Alan Beck at:

Sarah Clemens

Sarah Clemens

Sarah is best known for her paintings of Magnus & Loki, the cat and dragon companions, which have been the most fun to paint of all her fantastic creations. She also paints dragons and cats and other fantastic creatures on stone slabs. Sarah works in a photo-real style, mostly in oils. Sarah and her husband and cats and terrariums and carnivorous plants live in Mesa, Arizona.

Sarah Clemens Official Web Site 
Sarah Clemens on Instagram

Email Sarah Clemens at: 

Hats and Spats

Hats and Spats
At Hats and Spats, we combine our love of creating with our love for Steampunk. We bring our different skills together to create beautiful, whimsical, and wearable tokens from our favorite niche of UN-history. Vintage hats given a second life with a Steampunk flair. Handmade mini fascinator hats. Fanciful spats in a variety of fabrics and designs. Add in a little fantasy with hand-sculpted polymer clay tentacle and dragon jewelry and art. From head to toe, we’ve got you covered.

Hats and Spats Official Web Site
Hats and Spats on social media: Instagram  –  Facebook

Email Hats and Spats at: 

Hats and Spats is participating in our Discord Artist Alley! If you are on Discord, visit Hats and Spats in the Discord Artist Alley now!

Jo Hogan

Jo Hogan
Jo is on a mission to make everything she can out of thread. She has embroidered the Island of Catan, a 3D T.A.R.D.I.S, and is currently (slowly) working on a model of Winterfell from embroidered lace. In her Etsy shop you can find lace bats, owls, and foxes; steampunk bunnies; colorful fairies and mermaids; along with other ornaments and jewelry. Sometimes she works with fabric and vinyl as well, which results in monster bags, dragon purses, and the occasional penguin. You can view her gallery here.

For custom orders please contact .

Debbie Hughes

Debbie Hughes
Debbie Hughes has created covers and interiors for over 80 internationally published books, magazines and CD rom Titles. She also illustrated over 200 illustrations for the Collectible Game Card Market and computer based educational materials.

Her work has been exhibited at numerous SF conventions since 1983 and she has been the Artists Guest of Honor at over 14 SF conventions. Debbie’s paintings have been collected by major collectors and galleries as well. Publications: Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists of the Twentieth Century 2009. Member of ASFA and the National Association of Women Artists.

My links for my art:

Debbie Hughes Official Web Site

Debbie Hughes Etsy Shop

Facebook gallery: Debbie Hughes Fine Art and Prints

James Humble

James Humble

I was born about… let’s just say a while ago in Virginia. We moved early in my life to Colorado where I’ve spent most of my time and currently reside. Some people think I was born with a pencil in one hand and some clay in the other. It’s pretty much true. I lucked out since my parents supported my art habit. In fact early on my mother and I baked one of my first clay pieces in the old oven. Of course it was crayola clay and it just melted and stunk up the house! Whoops! Live and learn.

I’ve progressed since those days and still strive to improve. My life experiences have shaped my art in particular a 3 year stay in Germany and Europe. There my love of art (in particular the human form, gargoyles, grotesques and mythology) was really intensified. I’ve been pursuing my vision and passion to create now for more than 20 years.

James Humble Official Web Site

JP Jackson Art

JP Jackson Art
I’m an artist from Baltimore Maryland; I specialize in animation and illustration. I studied Animation at the Maryland Institute College of Art and have pursued a career as a freelance animator and comic Illustrator. My work focuses on re-imagining classic super heroes and depicting African gods in the context of space. Overall my work reflects a science fiction and fantasy world, where black people and people of color are at the forefront.

Official JP Jackson Site

JP Jackson on Instagram

JP Jackson Art is participating in our Discord Artist Alley! If you are on Discord, visit JP Jackson Art in the Discord Artist Alley now!



A Baltimore born artist with works for all fans!

KaitertoArt Storenvy Site   –   KaitertoArt on Instagram
KaitertoArt on Twitter

Email KaitertoArt at:

KawaiiLolliePoP Art


Howdy! My name is Morgan Albright, but you probably know me as KawaiiLolliePoP! I just graduated from Towson University with a major in digital art and design! I love to illustrate and I take commissions! I’ve got pins, prints, buttons, and more! Please feel free to browse through my portfolio and store! Your support means the world to me!
Website and Portfolio:



Cartoon surrealism is a term that best describes Kriev’s work. Inspired by pop culture as well as mythology, Kriev’s paintings are infused with gothic imagination and humor. Robots, zombies and button-eyed children evolve in a whimsical colorful world where every child, or inner child, is welcome. Two Kriev art books are currently in print: Robot Dreams (2017) and Creepy-But-Cute (2018).

KRIEV on Deviant Art  –  KRIEV Online Store

Theresa Mather

Theresa Mather

Featuring the fantasy art of Theresa Mather. Dragons, unicorns, fairies, cats, wolves, steampunk and more!

To learn about Theresa and hear what’s new, visit her site at

To purchase originals, prints, and t shirts visit

For print on demand items like mousepads, blankets, mugs and plates, and phone cases, visit

Patricia McCracken

Patricia McCracken

Patricia McCracken is an accomplished fantasy artist working in watercolor. Her style is influenced by the Japanese wood block prints from the Edo period called, Ukiyo-e, which translates to “pictures of the floating world.” Keeping her paintings light and delicate, but with the bold colors and patterns typical of the latter end of that period.

Patricia McCracken Official Web Site

Miguel Mitchell

Miguel Mitchell

My science fiction and fantasy paintings include multi-racial and LGBTQIA representation and themes of otherness and transhumanism.

Miguel Mitchell Official Web Site



Octopied is excited to return to Balticon this year! We offer a wide variety of crochet plush sea creatures. We also make a variety of other fun and quirky crochet items. If you don’t see what you want just ask and we can work with you to make your idea a reality. Visit our Facebook page on May 22 to shop our Balticon inspired inventory along with our ocean of crochet sea creatures!

Octopied on Facebook

David Lee Pancake

David Lee Pancake

David Lee Pancake’s sculptures grace homes and business all over the world.  He pursues a wide variety of subject matter that includes dragons, superheroes, abstracts, fantasy, and horror sculptures. He states: “I love detail and texture and gryphons, dragons and other mythical creatures allow me the freedom to play with paint and clay to bring to life what’s imagined.”  David is an entrepreneur, avid reader, science fiction and fantasy aficionado, arm chair philosopher and science geek, but his first love is art.  We are sure you wont forget his name, just think about your favorite breakfast food.

David Lee Pancake Official Web Site

David Lee Pancake Online Store  –  RedBubble Shop –  Etsy Shop

David Lee Pancake on Social Media:

YouTube –  Twitch –  Facebook –  Twitter –  Instagram

Ravens Ornaments

Raven's Ornaments

Ravens Ornaments makes illustrated jewelry, apparel, and home decor. Run by an independent artist, my art is inspired by fantasy, myth, anime, and nature. Artwork is mostly traditional, and most of my products are handmade.I am currently working on a line of swim and intimate wear, and interchangeable jewelry sets. I have : face masks, stickers, magnets, pendants, keychains, coasters, mini-sketches, swimwear, intimate wear, and more. I also accept commissions for all of the above.

Raven’s Ornaments Convention Collection

Raven’s Ornaments Commission Requests 

Raven’s Ornaments on Social Media:

Discord –  Facebook –  Twitter –  Instagram –  Pinterest –  Twitch

Ravens Ornaments is participating in our Discord Artist Alley! If you are on Discord, visit Ravens Ornaments in the Discord Artist Alley now!

Sarah Sexton

Sarah Sexton

Sarah Sexton works in polymer clay and has recently turned her attention from jewelry to mixed media originals and prints. Her mixed media pieces use watercolor backgrounds and sculpted polymer clay to create three dimensional images that hang on a wall. Her favorite subjects are fantasy, flora, and fauna.  

She has been working in polymer clay for almost ten years now, since taking time off from college. She has been attending Balticon as an artist and volunteer since Balticon 46 in 2012. 

Sarah Sexton Official Web Site  – Etsy Shop

Email Sarah Sexton at

Aubrey Elise Snellings

Aubrey Snellings

Having grown up in Palm Springs, much of Aubrey’s work has a mid-century vibe with a splash of fantasy and sci-fi. She works in both mixed media,of wood and polymer clay, as well as digital art prints.

See more art here:
Aubrey Elise Snellings Etsy Shop
Aubrey Elise Snellings TeePublic Shop
Aubrey Elise Snellings Portfolio

Lisa Snellings

Lina Snellings

People often say that artist Lisa Snellings’ work defies classification. It utilizes a wide variety of materials and techniques, mixing two and three dimensions, kinetics, and writings. Over the years, stories based on her work have been written by the likes of Larry Niven, Neil Gaiman, Peter S. Beagle, and Gene Wolfe. Some of those works employed her two-inch-tall Poppets, which, on their own, are now collected all over the world.

Currently, Lisa is building a world around her art that includes stories, a board game, a Tarot deck and her creative processes and life as an artist.

Lisa Snellings on Patreon

Lisa Snellings Etsy Shop

C.E. Zacherl

C.E. Zacherl
Born in Baltimore and raised in Northern Virginia. C.E. is a self taught, award-winning artist who weds his love of weird fiction, gothic horror, and noir film into a wholly unique ink aesthetic.

Best known for his work in Mark Reinhagen’s ‘I am Zombie’, Dread Central’s ‘Monsterland’, and ‘Never by Night’.

C.E. currently serves as an active duty Coast Guardsman stationed in the weather rivers.

C.E. Zacherl Official Web Site

C.E. Zacherl on social media (FB/IG/Twitter): @CEZacherl

Please email if you have any questions.