Balticon on Twitch

Virtual Balticon 54 will be broadcasting popular panels and presentations to the Twitch streaming service to make these items available to more attendees. While attendees viewing on a Twitch stream will not be able to pose questions directly to participants via Q&A, this will provide a convenient way to get access to panel content once Zoom registrations are full.

How to use Twitch

  • Twitch video can be viewed through the Twitch app and (as a guest) at through most major web browsers.
  • An account and login are needed to post text comments as the streaming is ongoing; guest accounts can watch without a login.
  • Find the BSFS Twitch account here:



 1:00AM Underwater Mapping of the Bikini Atoll, 73 years after the Nuclear Tests
 2:00AM Whose Spore Is It, Anyway? A Brief History of Biodefense
 3:00AM A Bird in the Hand: 100 Years of Bird Banding and Citizen Science in North America
 4:00AM Dinosaurs, the Update (90 minutes)
 6:00AM I Survived a Volcano Eruption
 7:00AM Pandemics: Real Life vs Fiction
 8:00AM The Evolution of Indigenous Narratives in Video Games
  9:00AM How Much Worldbuilding Is Too Much?
10:00AM Fleshing Out Your Cast
11:00AM The Three Laws and Beyond
12:00PM Reference Like an Artist
  1:00PM SSF Short Film Festival rerun