Second Life

Balticon in Second Life

Balticon 54 will be hosting a social space inside Second Life for convention attendees. The convention space, Balticon Station, will be a virtual con suite where you can meet and hang out with other fans. We also plan to sponsor Second Life convention activities, events, and to provide links to sci-fi and fantasy themed locations throughout Second Life.

Balticon Station will be open starting in early May. We will be posting schedules and more detailed plans here as they evolve, so check back for further information, including contact information and a landmark for the convention space.

Second Life Balticon Station image
Balticon Station Fountain Court

Call for Volunteers

For those of you who are already Second Life residents, we are recruiting SL Hosts to answer question and help new residents learn how to navigate Second Life. If you are interested, IM Jamie Marlin or Taylor Schroeder in-world or send email to The in-world group for convention attendees and staff is “Balticon 54”.

About Second Life

Second Life is a huge, diverse, and extremely eclectic virtual world that was inspired by the Metaverse as described in Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash. Second Life is largely user-created virtual world with an incredible variety of science-fiction, fantasy, and role-playing content for convention attendees to explore.   

See artists participating in the Virtual Balticon 54 Art Show

Videos from Balticon 54 Second Life Youtube Channel

Visiting Second Life

Second Life is completely free to visit. The official Second Life viewer (the program required to log into the Second Life “grid”) is available at the Linden Lab web site There are Second Life viewers available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. You will need to download and install the viewer (free) and establish a (free) basic account, which will give you the ability to do just about everything in Second Life except own property. You will NOT be required to provide any personal information and, in fact, the vast majority of Second Life residents prefer to remain completely anonymous.

Once you have set up your Second Life account, log into Second Life. The first time you log in, it will ask you to select a starter avatar and give you a short tutorial on how to move, fly, and chat in Second Life. After you finish the tutorial, click the following link: Station/207/129/22 to open a teleport window and teleport to Balticon Station. Alternatively, use the search window (Ctrl+F) to search for Balticon and click “Teleport”. Balticon Station is open now so feel free to come and hang out early, before the convention. We look forward to seeing you!