Balticon on Discord

Virtual Balticon 54 has a Discord server, ‘BSFS Inc’, that allows Balticon attendees to interact via text chat and voice chat. Board games, tabletop roleplaying games, trivia and party games, television, film and anime watch parties, and similar events will also be organized over Discord, along with event spaces and parties run by other Mid-Atlantic conventions and fannish groups.

Using Discord

Discord is free to use.

  • Create a Discord account:
  • Get the free application or use Discord in a browser
  • Log in and click the + for Join server and enter BaltimoreSciFi as the server
  • Follow this invite link: to be given access to the server and follow the instructions on screen to log in or create an account
  • See the video, Intro to Discord for Balticon Attendees, for a more detailed walkthrough
  • For a directory of what is on the Discord server, look at the #discord-map channel under EVERYONE CHANNELS

BSFS Inc Discord Server Channel Summary

with #text and voice channels

Orientation and Help

#01-start-here (start here)

#info-desk (Info Desk, see the Pinned post at its top)

#help-new-to-discord (Discord help)

#help-zoom (Zoom help)

#volunteer-table (new volunteers)

Convention Activities

#consuite-1 (Open chat)

#virtual-bar (Adult chat)

Green Room (Presenters only)

#costumers (costuming & cosplay)

#watch-parties (watch streamed shows together)

#filkers (filk & music)

After-Panel Discussions

#science-skeptics (science)

#literary-reading-writing (literary)

#filk-music (filk & music)

#fan-interest (fan interest)

Dealers Room

#general-vendors-room (text)

#dealers-room-general (voice)

Artists Alley

#general-artists-alley (text & voice)

General Fan Tables

#general-fan-tables (other conventions, etc.)

Gaming Discussion

#game-room — general chat & post open games

Play games here:

Please sign-up for games in advance at Gaming Schedule.

#rpg-table-1 (role playing games)

#board-gaming-table-1 (board games)

#game-1 (video games)

#artemis-sbs-game (starship bridge simulators)

#jackbox-game-1 (party games)