Cosplay Special Guests – Jay and Leigh Targaryen

Targaryens - Romantic

Targaryens - pirate-like cosplay

Jay Targaryen

Jay Targaryen began cosplaying way back in 2000.  After attending their first convention at Otakon 1999, and seeing all the fans dressed up, it became Jay’s mission to join their ranks!  While coming a long way since the days of purple hairspray and hand-me-down denim jackets, the genuine love for cosplay hasn’t diminished at all.  Sticking mostly to the sidelines for many years, in 2008 Jay joined Leigh Targaryen for the first time on the stage at Balticon and took home a Best is Show masquerade award!  Since then, Jay and Leigh have been inseparable, winning many awards, costuming entire ballet shows together, and eventually getting married and working on their happily ever after.  When not in the limelight of cosplay, Jay also organizes and runs the cosplay department for Magfest, as well as judges, hosts and helps with multiple other cosplay contests on the east coast.

Leigh Targaryen

Leigh Targaryen entered the crazy and wonderful world of cosplay in 2005.  Her first attempts at costumes were all hand sewn for fear of the dreaded sewing machine.  Despite that, she won two major awards in the beginner category of the Masquerade and Hall Contests of Katsucon in 2006.  Since then she has self-taught herself to use a machine and has branched into other aspects of costume creation.  In addition to Leigh’s costuming ability, she is an accomplished dancer of many styles, which she uses to her advantage in Masquerade and Dance Off.  She joined forces with Jay Targaryen in 2008 and together they have won many costuming and performance awards.  They have also created over 500 costumes throughout the years for various dance companies and performances.  They are now a happily married couple, partly in thanks of the Hawaii trip they won from the 2012 AUSA masquerade.

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