NEW Costume Construction Challenge (C3

This competition is for anyone who wants the challenge of making a costume in 24 hours with free random supplies provided by the convention. This challenge is open to costumers and cosplayers of all ages. 

Contestants will check in at the C3 room between 6:00 and 10:00 pm on Friday night. During this time, contestants will have access to bins of fabric, cardboard, and other random bits collected for the challenge. During this designated time, contestants will also have access to needles, thread, tape, glue, scissors, and hot glue guns. Contestants will have until 10:00 pm to choose their supplies and use the provided tools. After 10:00 pm, all the tools and remaining supplies will be packed up. You may continue to work on your costume.

You have the option of registering your costume for the Masquerade. You may choose to present a skit or walk on with other C3 contestants in a fashion show format. If you are presenting in the fashion show format, check in is at 7:00 pm Saturday in the Masquerade Green Room. If you are presenting a skit, please see the general Masquerade guidelines, including tech rehearsal and Green Room check in.

In the fashion show format, contestants will have the opportunity to walk across the stage in a preset path. There is no tech rehearsal. Music and lighting for C3 will be picked by the Masquerade Director and Stage Manager. 


For costumes presented in the fashion show format, the judges will award ribbons after the fashion show and before the rest of the Masquerade. For costumes registered in the general Masquerade, please see the Masquerade rules for judging.

Green Room

For costumes presented in the fashion show format, the Masquerade Green Room will be open for you to check in between 7:00 and 8:00 pm Saturday. You will sign in, get your entry number, and make any last-minute repairs. For costumes registered in the general Masquerade, please see the Masquerade rules for the Green Room.

NOTE: The Green Room is not to be used for making your costumes. There will be a group of experienced “Den Parents” to assist you with any problems and to keep an eye on your belongings. Please eat before you arrive at the Green Room. There will be a live video feed of the Masquerade in the Green Room.

Photos & Video

There is NO flash photography or videography of contestants during the show. There will be a dedicated fan photo area for posed pictures of the contestants. A multi-camera video of the complete Masquerade will be done by the convention with DVDs for sale after it is edited. Professional photos will be taken during green room hours. Contact information for professional photos and DVD will be provided at the Masquerade Registration table. Professional photos will be available on Sunday for purchase.