Hall Costumes

Hall costumes and cosplay are encouraged at Balticon. Hall costumes are worn throughout the normal activities of Balticon, i.e., worn in the hotel hallways rather than on the Masquerade stage.


For Balticon 54, the hall costume awards will be given in a different manner than previous years. Hall costume judges will be roaming the convention and awarding ribbons on the spot.

Please note that costumes that are entered in the Masquerade are not eligible for hall costume awards. Hand-made costumes are encouraged, but costumes uniquely assembled from purchased items will be considered.


There will be a hall costume photography station. You can sign a photography release if you want to allow Balticon to use your photo for publicity (on the web site, etc.) The photography release form will be posted online later. It can be downloaded and filled out in advance, or at the con.

If you have any questions, email hallcostumes@balticon.org