Volunteer work at Balticon

Registration: This is THE most needed positions during the convention, especially Saturday and Sunday.
For many con attendees, we at Registration are the only Balticon Staff they directly interact with. We are the first face they see, and we set the tone for the weekend. This is a great way to meet everyone who walks through the door, to see all the costumes, and to say hi to everyone. Most people who work at Registration tend to come back and join us again in following years, and it’s a great place to hang out and get all your hours (it’s also one of the few places where the Berzerker Lair delivers meals). Many of us have small children, so it’s a place where you can volunteer with your kids around as well. All new volunteers start off with us at Check-in, although we have other positions available for those who’ve been working with us for a while.

Fridays and Saturday morning tend to be very busy, while Sunday and Monday are slower and give you more time to just hang out between transactions.

Check-in (2-6 Stations):

  • Work in shifts of 1-hr increments. Seated position, must be computer-literate, able to hear over background noise, and able to handle a stapler without injury to self or others.
  • Greet people as they arrive at the convention. Look up memberships in our database, update any contact information, and then either send them to the Cashier, or print out and assemble their pre-paid badge as appropriate.
  • Need to be comfortable at a computer, a decent typist, and able to converse comfortably with attendees. Note that the atrium we are located in is LOUD, so Registration Staff working at Check-in MUST be able to hear people speaking over loud background noise. This is a great position for someone who wants to greet members as they arrive and to help set a happy, friendly tone for the weekend.
Tech Crew: Tech is responsible for setting up, running and taking down the lighting, sound, and audio visual systems at the convention. No experience is needed but if you have experience, then the more involved you can be. Some physical activity may be required, but not demanded of the volunteers.
Logistics-Truck Crew: Volunteers who help LOAD and UNLOAD the Supply truck on Thursday before the con and Monday-Tuesday immediately after the con will receive free admission to this year’s Balticon. You must work on Thursday and Tuesday to receive this comped membership.

Thursday : Load up equipment at the Baltimore Science Fiction Society HQ located at 3310 E Baltimore St. (Highland Town for those who know the city.) Unload Truck at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel 300 block E. Pratt St. Transportation to the HQ and or the Hotel can be arranged. This will be 5 to 7 hours depending on people showing up. Dinner will be provided.

Monday : Load truck at hotel for return trip to BSFS HQ. Tuesday: Unload Truck at 3310 E. Baltimore St. You must participate on loading and unloading to get the free admission and to receive volunteer credit.

Art Show: Volunteers will assist in hanging art work, checking in artists and their works.

  • Provide door guard service to see that no unauthorized photographs are taken.
  • You may work at the sales table.
  • No experience necessary, training provided, and it is a great way to see the great art work up close and personal.
Science Programing: Volunteers are needed to videograph the various science presentations. Training provided, experience in camera work a bonus.
General Services: Volunteers serve as room monitors, counting attendance at presentations; take items from point A to B; (Such as lunches for the volunteers, or other small items) and door guards make sure people entering convention activities have a current Balticon badge.
Con Suite: Volunteers engage in food preparation and resupply of edible items to convention attendees. Food prep experience a bonus but as in other areas we can train.



TO VOLUNTEER: Print the release form and drop the signed form at the volunteer desk when you arrive at Balticon. If you are a minor, we must have the original copy with your parent or guardian’s signature dropped off at the volunteer desk.

Questions?: Contact Volunteers@balticon.org.

6 HOURS — PREFERRED SEATING AT ALL MAJOR EVENTS. Guest of Honor talks, Masquerade, etc.

Volunteers may also earn crash space for the night depending on area of volunteering and hours worked.
Paul O’Neil aka Volunteer Prime, Volunteer coordinator at: Volunteers@Balticon.org.