Fan Tables are available to fan groups, clubs, and organizations within the local community to showcase their group or event during the convention. Fan Tables are a great opportunity to promote, recruit new members, raise awareness, and do community outreach.
Fan Table Hours:

Friday 2:00 pm  7:00 pm (not required)
Saturday  10:00 am 7:00 pm
Sunday   10:00 am 7:00 pm
Monday   10:00 am 2:00 pm


Request a Fan Table:
Fan Tables are assigned for the entirety of the event. Fan Tables are assigned on a first come, first served basis with a preference to events that commit to participating for the entire weekend. Please let the fan tables coordinator know if you cannot staff the table for the entire weekend. Groups/Events that do not staff their assigned table for the majority of the agreed upon time may be restricted from future fan table reservations.  

Selling items is restricted at Fan Tables to things like tee-shirts that promote your event or pre-sale of tickets to your event but must not be the focus of your participation. You may be asked to restrict or entirely stop selling merchandise at the discretion of Balticon. Swag (candy, buttons, other stuff) is permitted to be given away for free. Tables may be used for longer than the listed hours at the discretion of your staff.

Use this form to request a Fan Table for your group, event, or organization. Table requests should be made by May 1st of the convention year.

Each fan table may request (2) badges assigned to the event/group that request a table. The badges are for access to the convention space to staff your table during the required/agreed upon hours and can be passed between your table staff if different people volunteer on different days. Preference for comp badges is given to events that offer a trade of badges and table at your event.

The contact person will be able to pick up the fan table badges from pre-registration. If your event needs to have someone else pick up the badges please contact the fan table coordinator. People with regular attendee or other badges may also staff your table.

If you have any questions about Fan Tables, please contact (