BSFS and Balticon Accessibility Policy

BSFS and Balticon are committed to being an inclusive event and will seek to provide accommodation for people with disabilities. Please let us know if you need specialized equipment or services using the email address as soon as possible, preferably at least 6 weeks before the convention; the earlier we are approached the more likely we will be able to provide assistance.

If you have questions, or need help during the convention, please visit our Accessibility Table on the 5th floor of the hotel across from registration; we will do our best to try to help make the convention and all events enjoyable for all attendees.  Please come to accessibility with any other needs that might make your time at Balticon more enjoyable.

Please do not block halls and aisles or gather outside room doors to talk during panels.

Not all disabilities are visible, and it is inappropriate to ask why someone needs accommodations.  We may not, and will not, ask unnecessary questions about the nature of a disability.

Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Maryland state law are welcome at Balticon.  Please respect that these are working animals and do not pet or otherwise distract service animals unless the owner invites you to.

There is wheelchair/scooter parking marked with blue tape in panels and main tent events and seats have been reserved for those who need them for mobility or hard of hearing/deafness or blindness and their companions.  Non-disabled people may sit there if at the start of the panel they are still open but may be asked to move if the seats are needed by late arrivers and other seating in the room is available.

You may record a panel unless Balticon or the participants request that they not be recorded; you may not share any recordings without signed permission of everyone on the panel.

We will have a quiet room for anyone who needs to get away from the crowds due to being overwhelmed or having migraines.

We have a limited number of wheelchairs we can lend out during the convention.  If you know you need an electric wheelchair or scooter, please contact one of the companies listed below:

Wheelchair and scooter rental services:


(BSFS provides these company names as a service to those needing it, but has no contractual connection to any of them. Evaluate their prices, terms, and conditions carefully.)