Balticon has a long history of allowing open-room parties for event promotion and socialization. These parties have always been a great opportunity for different groups to network and let off a little bit of steam after a long day at the con. Balticon does pay the cleaning fee for the first ten (10) rooms, one per party, but if more party rooms are requested, the registrant would be responsible for the cleaning fee. The Balticon hotel liaison and/or party coordinator do a tour of the party rooms prior to the convention and catalog any damage(s) they find. Any damage caused by the party to the room outside of what the hotel considers standard wear and tear is the financial responsibility of the party host. Due to Baltimore corkage laws, no alcohol is permitted to be distributed in open party rooms. Parties may not charge an admission fee. Food and non-alcoholic drink may be served. Parties caught breaking these rules may be shut down or banned from future party assignments. 

Obviously Parties can be a bit noisy… Party rooms are in a segregated “noisy” area of the hotel and are limited in number. Parties may be asked to lower volumes though if other hotel guests are disturbed outside of the noisy area. There are also a limited number of adjoining rooms in the party block which are available first come first served by request. 

Open Room Parties must be hosted by someone with a paid Balticon badge.

Request a Party Room:
Party rooms are assigned for the entirety of the event on a first come, first served basis. 
To request a party room, first make a hotel reservation for the room, and then fill out the Party Request form. You will need your hotel reservation number(s) to reserve a space in the party block. Our party coordinator and hotel liaison will reply with a conformation that you are in the party block and, if requested, you will also be informed if an adjoining room is possible. We recommend that you make your reservation as early as possible as sometimes the hotel sells out, and no rooms are reserved from the convention block for parties. If we have surpassed the first 10 parties, or if your party takes more than one room, you will be informed of cleaning fees, etc. 

Balticon also has limited rental space for larger events like book launch parties, etc. Please contact the hotel liaison ( for more information. 

Use this form to request an Open Room Party. Party requests should be made as early as possible  and before May 1st of the convention year.

If you have any questions about Open Room Parties, please contact (