The Balticon Art Show showcases two- and three- dimensional art across the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. Paintings, prints, sculpture and unique jewelry will be on display and for sale via silent auction and Quicksale purchase.


The Art Show opens to the general Balticon membership at 5 pm on Friday, and runs until 5 pm Sunday. Members may purchase artwork in two ways: Auction or Quicksale.

For auction, bidding starts as a silent auction where members are encouraged to place written bids on artwork starting at the listed minimum bid (or higher). Bidding is open until 1 pm Sunday. Any art that receives three or more bids automatically goes to our Sunday voice auction at 2pm. Pieces that receive fewer than three bids are “sold” to the highest bid on the bid sheet, and can be paid for and collected after 3pm Sunday.

For Quicksale, members may purchase art that does not have any bids on it without going to auction at the listed quick sale price. Quicksale purchases must be paid for immediately, however artwork must remain on display until 6 pm Saturday. Please ask an Art Show volunteer for assistance when making a Quicksale purchase. Do not touch or remove artwork from its display.

In both cases, use your badge number as your bidder number when placing bids.

YOUR BID IS A CONTRACT. By filling out a bid sheet you agree to pay the amount listed on the bid sheet.

No food, drink, or bulky bags are allowed in the Art Show. You may check your bag when you enter the Art Show.
Absolutely NO PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed in the Art Show.

Please email artshow if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. See you at Balticon!


If you are an artist and would like to participate in Balticon and want to have your art for sale at the convention, return here in mid-February 2019. We are working on the signup process and will post it here shortly.