Starting 7pm ish Friday Evening we are introducing the Guests of Honor and program participants. Something else special at the open is still under wraps.... don't miss it!


Our talented, creative, and slightly demented live theater folk are cooking up more good stuff for this year. We have a Harry Potter parody play and a stand up comedy troupe performance and a movie crew demonstrating fight scenes while showing the clips that resulted and more:

The Usual Suspects have been performing stage comedy in one form or another for almost twenty years. To some, that would seem a record; to others, a sentence. Names and faces have changed, but this loose-knit troupe has come back year after year to perform parodies of Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, and many more of our favorite shows and fandoms (and sometimes fandom itself.) This time out they'll be tackling the world of our favorite young wizard in Harry Potter and the Giant Robot from Planet Krazny.


On Saturday night Balticon hosts one of the oldest masquerades on the East Coast. Marvel at the participants' crafting of fabric and other materials into imaginative and extraordinary costumes. Huge tech support to showcase your craft or your audience experience. The masquerade competition will be judged on the experience skills division system to give beginners a chance to go home winners. Masquerade rules will be available here soon, or check off the masquerade box on the registration form. Questions? E-mail to masq@balticon.org. Hall Costumes and first-timers are encouraged to get up on stage and share their work.

Hall Costumes:

Each year we look for the most colorful, unusual and imaginative hall costumes. Whether novice or expert, Balticon wants you to dress up. Pictures will be taken of entries and posted in a gallery at the con allowing the membership to vote for best hall costume.

SUNDAY NIGHT FILM FEST: You are a judge!

Last year the Sunday Film Fest went full blast into a major event rivaling the Masquerade in attendance and scope. Again this year Hopeful film makers have submitted their work in the hope you will vote for them as "Best Film Award Balticon 2005." They want a plaque and the honor of the win and you have control. Entries have been pre-judged so only the finalists go before you the jury. Think of this like the masquerade only with films rather than costumes and you vote for the winner! Burad the Klingon General will again host this event. The quality of entries this year is a step up from the stuff we ran last year and people were overjoyed by the quality last year.

The Finalists in no particular order are: Metal Tears, based on a Mike Resnick story--a real tear puller; Paradox Soldier, time travel philosophy puzzler; Robot-USSIN, surreal encounter with artistic fervor; A Reasonable Hypothesis, metaphysical quandary about clone copies; Dyke Squad, comedy with Red Dwarf and alternate orientation elements; Cross Contours, abstract animation; Revelations, the best effects Star Wars fan film I have ever seen; Ken's New Specs, animated sentient vegetable horror story dark comedy; The Liars, live action and animation fantasy silent movie; A Can of Paint, based on a Van Vogt story; One D, comedy cartoon in creative semi one-dimensional style; and Wasting Time, time travel comedy of moronic errors.

Not in competition after the balloting we will run a feature length that almost made it onto the ballot, but was just too long, called "PlanetFall: A Fist Full of Credits" a spaghetti western set in space with great CGI. Come learn what door prizes we have this year. All this on a huge 12ft by 12ft screen in the main Ballroom!

Live Creature Feature with the Count Gore de Vol

Creature Feature ad Yes, the Count Gore de Vol has been off the air from his old Saturday night TV Horror Host Show on local Channel 20 for 18 years, but to this day he runs original Creature Feature shows every week with broadband on the web at http://www.countgore.com/.

On Friday Night at 11:30 in the Main Ballroom the Count will recreate his show live on stage for all his fans. Films will be those submitted to the Balticon Sunday Night Film Festival, but were forced out by the huge increase in number and quality of films submitted this year. There were a few that we just could not fit Sunday, but were too good for showing in a small room. Showing will be Rocket Colossus: Brooklyn Gorilla, a low fi scifi epic; All Night Coffee Shop, a goth gets more than she wished for or does she; Astro Disaster, comedy of hubris and regrets and stupidity; Taratus, reality or dream or cosmic justice--sometimes hard to tell.

Come watch the Count do his comedy Vampire schtick and relive your youthful rebellion of staying up late with him on Saturday nights. Just remember this is scheduled for Friday night at Balticon because of the Masquerade on Saturday night. Now all we have to do is figure out how to hang a rubber chicken on a rope off the hotel ceiling. (don't ask, but you will see)


For the 9th year in a row a charity auction for the benefit of Reading is Fundamental will be held during the halftime break of the Masquerade on Saturday night. There will be SF collectibles, memorabilia and other exotic items put on the block. If you have something to donate to the auction bring it to the con. RIF is a terrific organization working nationwide to teach kids to read by getting them hooked on reading at an early age and distributes free books to many children who cannot afford a book of their own. For more information on RIF please check Reading is Fundamental on the registration form or e-mail rif@balticon.org.


BSFS presents the Compton Crook Award to the new SF author judged to have written the best SF novel for the previous year. This year the 2004 award will be presented immediately prior to the Masquerade.


We are planning traditional formal Guest of Honor presentations on multiple days as well as GOH participation scattered throughout the main program. GOHs will select the program panels they most wish to headline from the general program topics and these smaller sessions will be denoted in the formal program schedule when finalized.


Jordin Kare, out Filk Guest of Honor will perform a Full concert in the Main Ballroom.

There will be panels, workshops, concerts and music Friday through Sunday. Bardic circle each night and open filk as well. Check out the Internet newsgroup rec.music.filk for more details, e-mail filk@balticon.org or check the filk box on the registration form.

The Chromatics

The Chromatics are a vocal band that delights audiences with a combination of outrageous originals, crazy covers, melodic insights into modern life, and original science songs. They have taken their astronomically-correct a cappella songs, a project called AstroCappella, from Palm Springs, to Orlando, from Las Vegas to New York, and their CD has flown in space! The Chromatics have presented their repertoire at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, the Atlantic Region Harmony Sweepstakes, and public festivals. This year they bring their unique high-energy stylings to Balticon 39.

Ego Likeness

On Friday night Ego Likeness will perform with the combined efforts of musicians D. Lynch and S. Archer, and defies easy categorization. As a pair they have explored many different avenues of music, from spoken word, instrumental work, dance music and dark electronica. Steve Archer and Donna Lynch began Ego Likeness in 1999 as an industrial/ trip-hop project. One year and many band members later, the duo recorded "Dragonfly". This full length, independent release explored new territory, breaking away from the dirty, trip-hop sound of their first demo, "Songs From A Dead City". Archer and Lynch gave "Dragonfly" a smoother, electronic sound while maintaining the same dark feel of their early work. Since that time, Ego Likeness has gone from a two-person show to a five person live band.


We have recruited members of the Maryland Wizards Magic Club for the second year to teach and demonstrate prestidigitation arts during a workshop at Balticon. Boosting your con-magic with stage-magic!


Balticon will be holding a Regency Ball at 7 PM Sunday evening, compliments of Susan de Guardiola and The Elegant Arts Society. Learn to dance as they did in Jane Austen's day, with a lively mix of historically accurate country dances, quadrilles, and waltzes (minus the complicated footwork). Beginners are welcome, and costumes of any style are encouraged.

Vyral takes the stage for our Late Sunday Night dance. From their website:

"We are the unorthodox. Forged from the alloy of modern metal, gothic, and industrial. We are a multi-media experience, melding story with song, screams with synth, light and darkness. We are Baltimore's foremost electronic scourge. We are Vyral."

Experience the scourge on Sunday night.


Lost... now survival is the key. But to survive you must try to trust and that is earned. This year's LARP will test your mind and test your trust. Come join the fun and maybe make some new enemies...(ahem) I mean friends. The LARP will run starting on Saturday and go until Monday morning. Fee for participation will be $10 to cover the cost of materials. Come for the fun... stay for the adventure.

If you have any questions about the LARP, please e-mail larp@balticon.org Registration for the LARP will begin Friday evening and will continue through the convention.


The Heinlein Society will be sponsoring a blood drive Sunday by the Red Cross to help alleviate shortages associated with holiday Weekends. Another way for fans to show community spirit

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