Balticon 39 will feature continuous multi-track programming throughout the 4-day weekend--(last year we had 300+ hours of program and intend to do it again this year)--plus fixed functions such Art show, Dealers Room, Computer Gaming Room etc... Our goal is to reawaken the sense of wonder that originally brought you to SF/F. We have sought ideas from fan clubs and news-groups and conducted brain-storm sessions to generate fresh new topics and "Twisted" spins on old ideas. The excitement in our program committee people this year is dramatic and just a little scary, but in a good way. Down with boring panels--up with the new reformed Balticon panels!

Panel discussions with SF professionals (writers, artists, agents, etc.), informal discussions among devoted fans, skill demonstrations, readings and performances are included. Every cultural art form related to Science fiction and fantasy will be brought out dusted off and given a beautiful shine through our interactive program.


The Pocket Program for Balticon 39 is now online as a PDF. This is a very large file (about 700KB), but it contains the most up-to-date programming schedule information we have. Download it now and plan your own schedule for Balticon!


Balticon program participants with qualifications as authors, editors and publishers will explore varied themes in SF literature through panel debates, author readings and personal autograph session interaction. Everything from philosophical debates, story crafting tips, publishing advice, science speculation and historical perspectives will flow. Check out the program participant list under Guests below. Reviewers and Fan group officers will review and discuss work and its place in the genera to help you find new literature suited to your taste. Multiple literary program tracks make this the core of Balticon programming.

Writers Workshop:

The topic for this coming Balticon Writers' Workshop will be "Let's Build Character": How do you create a character? How do you make one memorable? Interesting? Likeable/Detestable? There are several good techniqes...let's explore them--


Co-sponsored by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society and The Lite Circle, Inc., a Baltimore-based nonprofit literary organization, poetry programming explores the arena of verse from inspiration and writing to submitting for publication and an overview of small press publishing. There will be a poetry workshop and a poetry reading featuring winners of the Balticon 39 SF Poetry contest as well as an open reading. To participate either e-mail or check the Poetry Track/Workshop box on the registration form.

Enter the Balticon 39 SF Poetry Contest!
  • Entries should address the themes of science fiction/fantasy/science.
  • 1st prize: $50; 2nd prize: $30; 3rd prize: $20.
  • Winners will receive a cash prize, convention membership and be invited to read their winning entries at Balticon 39. Winning entries will be published in the BSFAN, the Balticon souvenir book. Attendance at Balticon is NOT required to win.
  • Limit: 3 poems/person, maximum 32 lines each.
  • No entry fee.
  • Deadline: Mailed entries must be postmarked and e-mail entries received by April 15, 2005. Please include your name, address, phone & e-mail address and a brief bio with your entry.
  • Entries may be e-mailed to or mailed to "Balticon 39 Poetry Contest," c/o BSFS, PO Box 686, Baltimore, MD 21203 or c/o Lite, PO Box 26162, Baltimore, MD 21210.


An entire track of costume programming with items of interest to beginners and experienced alike. Confirmed are beading instruction; pattern alterations; creative costuming; a presentation workshop; learning how the Techs can help the costumers; using sewing machines to make reverse applique circles, sewing from the bobbin side, seminole piecing and other tricks of machine embellishment; and "Embroidery Machine How-To 101" with Marty Gear. We expect several other program items to coalesce before the convention. Learn how to create an exterior casing that reflects your soul or at least your sense of humor.


Learn and enjoy art techniques and tips demonstrated by many artists. Bring your sketch book for hands on sessions.

Join Halla's Balticon Sketch Club

Be a real center of attention! Don some interesting garb or come as you are. Bring your sketch book, practice drawing real live people and/or take a turn at modeling. Artists and models had so much fun at last year's sessions that we've added more to the schedule this year. Join us for one or for all.


Our famous science program continues with over 25 hours of the type of briefings normally reserved for industry, academic and government leaders. Give us your desired topic suggestions at We have one of Americas leading experts on space elevators and one of Americas leading experts on Launch Lasers on the Balticon Science program in the same year. These are "the" movers of the future. So no matter what happens you can someday say, "I was at Balticon when the breakthrough technology that opened the Space Frontier was presented" regardless of which tech turns out to be winner. You can say Michael Laine of Liftport had the look of a winner or Jordan Kare had that aura of genius. We have quantum mechanics and asteroid impacts and transhuman tech breakthroughs and dinosaur discoveries and nuclear power tech and Kepler Mission briefing and more...


Games, projects and stories for children ages 4-12 to inspire your kids to appreciate the convention experience. This is not daycare; parents retain full responsibility for children during this program. Kids will put on a Pirate Skit play and Lord of the Rings Skit play, have their own filk, learn to draw from an artist, hunt for treasure, learn makeup costume tips, learn their name in Hieroglyphics, hear Silly Interactive Stories, see juggling and bread making, build with legos and have great fun!


There will be panels, workshops, concerts and music Friday through Sunday. Check out the Internet newsgroup for more details, e-mail or check the filk box on the registration form.


We are still confirming folks and will be adding program participants right up to the con.

Abrams, Dr. Matthew (Science)
Ackley-McPhail, Danielle (Literary)
Aiken, Brad (Literary)
Antczak, Stephen L. (Literary)
Asaro, Catherine (Literary)
Ashmead, John (Science)
Ashton, Laura (Costuming)
Balder, Robert (Literary)
Barrientos, Brick (Literary)
Belfiore, Joseph (Science)
Bloch, Joseph (Science)
Boyd, Dr. Patricia (Science)
Brahen, Mattie (Literary)
Brejcha, F. Alexander (Literary)
brown, rich aka dr. gafia (Fandom)
Buehler, Robin M. (Literary)
Burke, Stephanie (Literary)
Cauldwell, Lillian (Literary)
Chambers, Jim (Literary)
Chase, Robert R. (Literary)
Chepaitis, Barbara (Literary)
Cipra, Carl (Literary)
Clough, Brenda W. (Literary)
Cole, Phillip (Science)
Connell, Adam (Literary)
Count Gore De Vol, performed by Dick Dyszel (Media, Fandom)
Cox, Dr. Caroline (Science)
Cox, Greg (Literary)
Cragg, Dan (Literary)
Crispin, Ann C. (Literary)
D'Alessio, Charlene Taylor (Art)
D'Ambrosio, Michael (Literary)
Dannenfelser, Barbara (Costuming)
Dannenfelser, Randy (Costuming)
de Guardiola, Susan Literary, Costuming
DeCandido, Keith R.A. (Literary)
DeSmedt, Bill (Literary)
Dick, Karen (Costuming)
Dick, Ricky (Costuming)
Edelman, Scott (Literary)
Ehrlich, Karl (Literary)
Filippone, Dr. Claudio (Science)
Filthy Pierre (Fandom)
Frederick, Dr. Carl (Science, Literary)
Fredman, Nan (Art, Literary)
Gannon, Charles E. (Literary)
Gilliland, Alexis A. (Literary, Fandom)
Gilliland, Charles D. (Literary, Fandom)
Gilman, Laura Anne (Literary)
Gordon, Christa aka Molly Morrison (Literary)
Graper, Brad aka General B'urad (Fandom)
Haag, Hal (Literary, Fandom)
Hemry, John G. (Literary)
Henderson, C.J. (Literary)
Herman, Eleanor (Literary)
Heyer, Inge (Science, Fandom)
Holtz, Jr., Thomas R. (Science)
Hooper, Heidi (Costuming, Literary)
Horesh, Georgia (Art)
Izenberg, Noam (Science)
Nichols, Shana (Literary)
Jeschonek, Robert T. (Literary)
Kaese, Kory (Literary, Gaming)
Katz, Dr. Robert I. (Science, Literary)
Kaye, Marvin (Literary)
Keener, Joel (Art)
Klukas, Johnna (Art)
Kofoed, Karl (Art, Literary)
Kondo, Dr. Yoji (Science)
Kotani, Eric (Literary)
Kovalcin, Diane (Costuming)
Kratman, Tom (Literary)
Kratz, David (Science)
Ladd, Mary Alice (Literary)
Laine, Michael (Science)
Lampi, Ruth (Art)
Lamplighter, L. Jagi (Literary)
Larson, Grig (Fandom, Technology)
Lee, Julianne (Literary)
Liebe, Tim (Literary)
Lisse, Dr. Carey (Science)
Love, Andrew E. (Science, Literary)
Lumley, Brian (Literary)
Lyman, Jeff (Literary)
Mayhew, Bill (Literary, Childrens)
McCoy, Robert Wayne (Literary)
McDermott, Will (Literary)
McNally, Clayton L. (Literary)
McPhail, Mike (Gaming, Literary)
Medina, Jeff (Science)
Mintz, Catherine (Literary)
Mitchell, Judy (Costuming)
Morgen, Shelby (Literary)
Morris, Tee (Literary)
Newby, Howard (Media, Gaming)
Okati, Willa (Literary)
Oliver, Robert aka Dzeytoun (Literary)
Owings, Jul (Literary, Fandom)
Owings, Mark (Literary, Fandom)
Pederson, Michael (Literary, Fandom)
Pierce, Tamora (Literary)
Prellwitz, Peter W. (Literary)
Reed, Edward (Literary)
Ridenour, Ray (Literary)
Rosenberg, Ted (Fandom, Literary)
Ruggiero, Tony (Literary)
Ruth, Nick (Literary)
Schroeder, Karl (Literary)
Schulman, Dr. Eric (Science)
Schwartz, Meredith (Literary)
Schweitzer, Darrell (Literary)
Shapero, Hannah M.G. (Art, Literary)
Sherman, David (Literary)
Sherman, Josepha (Literary)
Shwartz, Susan (Literary)
Silverman, Hildy (Literary, Fandom)
Smale, Alan P. (Literary)
Sneed, Vincent (Literary)
Sparhawk, Bud (Literary)
Stiles, Elaine (Fandom)
Stiles, Steve (Fandom)
Teas, Suzanne (Costuming)
Thomas, Marshall (Literary)
Urban, Irene (Costuming, Literary)
Warner, Brent (Science)
Watt-Evans, Lawrence (Literary)
Weaver, Dr. Kimberly (Science)
Weinstein, Diane (Literary, Fandom)
White, Joni aka Wishweaver (Literary)
White, Rich (Literary)
Williams, Sandra Camille Anthony (Literary)
Wilson, Den (Literary)
Wooster, Martin Morse (Literary)
World, J. Andrew (Literary)
Wright, Gregory (Fandom)
Wright, John C. (Literary)
Wright, Nora (Fandom)
Young, Anne-Marie aka Perivayne (Literary)

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