Visit one of the biggest and best regional art shows on the East Coast featuring SF and fantasy original art and prints. Most of the works and prints are available for sale. Artists must pre-register to be included in the art show. For special requests, send a request to artshow@balticon.org or write: Balticon Art Show PMB 61, 8775 Cloudleap Court, Columbia, MD 21045.

Art Show Rules and Registration Form are available as downloadable MS Word documents.

Continuing this year, The Joe Mayhew Phan Artist award will be presented for the best fan artwork on display during the convention. New exhibitors are encouraged because we love to showcase brilliant fresh talent.

Artists are just beginning to confirm participation. We have confirmation of the following artists exhibiting as of 5-07-05:

Bob Eggleton Art GOH   www.bobeggleton.com
Tristan Alexander   www.vampyre-nmp.com
Lisa Ashton
Robert Ashton
Judith Carol Bemis
James Basilone
Alexander Bradley  www.alexbradley.com
Ed Cawlo
Earlynn Collier
Charlene Taylor D'Alessio
Donna M. Dube  www.donnamdube.com
Phyllis Fitzpatrick
Helen "Halla" Fleischer  http://home.covad.net/drgandalf/halla
Ric Frane  www.ricfrane.com
Denice E. Girardeau
Dori Grasso
Victoria Harding
Christian Holmes  www.mythwood.com
Heidi Hooper  www.heidihooper.com
Georgia Horesh  www.stormwolfstudios.com
Elizabeth Janes
Desiree Kern
Johnna Y. Klukas  www.jykboxes.com
Karl Kofoed  http://users.rcn.com/kkofoed
Ruth Lampi  www.thefivewits.net
Kathryn T. Landis
Meredith Martini  www.lotrfanart.net/gonzai-gallery
Theresa Mather  www.rockfeatherscissors.com
Diane M. Mathieson
Kurt Miller  www.kmistudio.com
Wendy Mitchell
Mai Q. Nguyen  www.moifa.com
Karil Nowak
Margaret Organ-Kean  www.organ-kean.com
Nicole Pellegrini  http://www.spacial-anomaly.com/nicpell/
L. W. Perkins  www.lwperkins.com
Marianne L. Plumridge-Eggleton  www.marianneplumridge.com
Marylin Pride
Raymond H. Ridenour
Mark Rogers  www.merogers.com
Roberta Rogow
Hannah M. G. Shapero  www.pyracantha.com
Abranda Sisson  www.muddvision.com
Lisa Snellings-Clark  www.lisasnellings.com
Steve Stiles  www.stevestiles.com
Connie Walker
Bridget E. Wilde  www.bewildered-art.com
J. Andrew World  www.jandrewworld.com
Jennifer Zyren


Features 4500 square-foot of tables with everything a Fan might want, from hard-to-find books to ancient weapons, costumes, collectibles, models and more. This year, the room will be open late Sunday and until 2 pm Monday. Dealers in SF and Fantasy related merchandise can inquire about availability by writing: Balticon 38 Dealers Room, c/o P.O. Box 70013, Baltimore, MD. 21237 or by e-mail to dealers@bsfs.org.


New games and SF related software and demos of new computer hardware provide an opportunity for you to see what's cutting edge. Oh, and play the games and try them out full blast.

Balticon Computer Gaming equipment courtesy of Baltimore Gaming Alliance, a LAN Party Fan group. www.baltimoregamers.com


Presenting multiple tournaments and role-playing games in our expanded gaming room using the large Pratt Room with lots of tables just like last year. Some games will feature prizes, some will be for the honor of the win.


A high-resolution screen with home theater surround sound will be open 24 hours and present a dazzling array of the latest SF and Fantasy anime. Plus anime panels, events and guests.


See the hottest new SF movies selected from some of the brightest movie/video studios in the world. Share a screening with friends. We are working on video premieres. Video producers with works they wish to share should e-mail details to video@balticon.org.


Traditional con-suite with soda and snack foods in a congenial atmosphere designed to promote casual conversation.


Share your opinions and tell others about any groups or clubs you represent or know. Fan organizations are encouraged to contact program@bsfs.org with program ideas or fantable@bsfs.org if they are interested in having a fan club table. There are a limited number of tables. We will also accept con or club flyers to distribute at Balticon. Organizations wishing to trade ads should email bsfan@balticon.org by Feb. 15, 2005.

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