The Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Memorial Day Weekend May 27 - 30, 2005

Balticon 39 was a tremendous success. Click HERE for news about Balticon 40 to be held May 26-29, 2006. Year round SF activities can be found on our other web site,


Balticon Podcasts include interviews with noted authors and staff. Some sessions were also recorded. Listen to the Podcasts now!

Event Results for Balticon 39:

Young Writer's Contest:

First Place:

Adina Rubinoff - "Birth"

Second Place:

Rebecca Goldstein - "The Only One"

Third Place:

Rachel Lipsy - "The People of the Sea"

Balticon 39 Poetry Contest:

First Place:

Bruce Boston - "Why Your Robot Dog Has Been Recalcitrant"

Second Place:

Bunny Iskov - "When The Dead Do Not Depart"

Third Place:

Marge Simon - "South"

Honorable Mention:

Eleanor Perriss - "Childhood Laid to Rest"

Chris Kuehn - "In the Flow of Cosmic Bathwater"

Greg Beatty - "Relativity and Reason"

William H. Roetzheim - "Shadow Friends"


Workmanship Awards:

Mask Making: #12 "Plague"
Best Recycling: #10 "Shrek & Fiona"
Best in Class: #18 "Alucard from Helsing"

Best Wings: #7 "Ebony Jewelwing"
Best Fabric Dyeing: #19 "Big Damn Heroes"
Best in Class: #9 "Mad Mardigan"

Wig Sculpting: #20 "Root Canal Fairy"
Best in Class: #5 "Elrond & Celeborn"
Best Finish Work: #11 "Jo Grant" (from Dr. Who)
Beadwork on Impossible Fabric: #15 "Wildest Dreams"
Best in Class: #17 "Alucard from Castlerania"
Best in Show: #13 "The Gold Dress"

Young Fan:

#1 "Queen's Jester" - William Salisbury, Tim Salisbury - Best Dressed Young Fan
#2 "Elf Devil" - Daniel Hock - Most Athletic Young Fan
#3 "The Samurai Twins" - Caramon and Joram Stanley - Best in Class - Young Fan


#4 "Early Tudor Court Garb" - Joe Krull - Best Historical - Novice
#6 "Sam Roberts - Wolf Lord" - David Raffensberger
#8 "The Purple Jedi" - Shannon Isgrig
#10 "Shrek & Fiona: The Saga Begins" - Rio LaCour, Joe Russo
#12 "Plague" - Leslie Keffer-King
#14 "Burlap Princess" - Jordan Sears-Zeve - Most Original - Novice
#16 "The Sorceress" - Shelby Morgan, Stephanie Burke, Eve Vaughn, Camile Anthony
#18 "Alucard Helsing" - Cailin Nealon - Best in Class - Novice


#7 "Ebony Jewelwing" - Danielle Ackley-McPhail - Honorable Mention - Journeyman
#9 "Mad Mardigan" - JF Bibeau
#19 "Big Damn Heroes" - Annalee Flower Horne with Betsy Habel, Maura Lafferty, Ron Atkins, Agnes and Catherine Bell-Wetteroth, and John Schyler
#20 "Root Canal Fairy" - JoAnn Abbott - Judge's Appreciation & Best in Class - Journeyman


#5 "Elrond & Celeborn" - Megan Taylor, Robby Tokarcik - Best Adaptation - Master
#11 "Josephine 'Jo' Grant" - Mary Alice Ladd - Best Media Recreation
#13 "The Gold Dress" - Gaia Eirich - Best Historical Recreation - Master
#15 "Wildest Dreams" - Caitlin Dick - Excellence in Overall Execution - Master
#17 "Alucard" - Christiana Behringer - Best Anime - Master
#21 " Homeward Bound" - Ricky Dick - Best in Show

Special Award Announcement:

For his 25 years as "Master of Ceremonies" at Balticon, Marty Gear was presented with a blood-red plaque from the East Coast Costuming Guild in grateful recognition of so many years of selfless service.

Film Festival:

Winner Best Film Award Balticon 2005: Star Wars Revelations

Finalists (in order of balloting):
2 - A Can of Paint
3 - Metal Tears
4 - One D
5 - Paradox Soldier
6 - Ken's New Specs
7 - Dyke Squad
8 - Wasting Time
9 - A Reasonable Hypothesis
10 - Robot-USSIN
11 - The Liars
12 - Cross Contours

Thanks to everyone who entered this exremely close contest. We eagerly await your contributions to the 2006 Festival!

Hall Costume Contest:

This year we had a tie:

Amelia and Joe Purrie - "The Twilight Faerie"
James Bryant - "Robin of the Teen Titans"

In the spirit of "Chicago Ballotting", Honorable (?) Mention goes to Andi Rhoades - "Ula the Waterfaerie", for receiving the most votes in the same handwriting!

The drawing for the lucky voter went to A. G. Boggs.

Blood Drive:

The Heinlein Blood Drive was pretty successful in spite of missing their actual goal of 50 pints.

45 people showed up to donate blood.
32 pints were actually taken.
12 were first-time donors.

In the opinion of the staff, they had a wonderful time and are looking forward to coming back next year.

Gift Basket:

The raffle for the gift basket was won by M. Wolf of McLean, VA.

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