Science at Balticon

Balticon takes the term “Science” in its title of being a science fiction and fantasy convention very seriously. Balticon runs a complete track of over 30 hours of science programming featuring world class scientists. The schedule is still under development, but we are please to offer the following talks. (More to follow):

Note: This list is very tentative and subject to change. More talks will be added over the next few months.

Michelle Seibert Appel, “Data ethics and crunching”

John Ashmead, “Time Dispersion & Quantum Mechanics”

Jim Beall, “From Corvus to Keyhole: Shipyards—Past, Present, and Science Fiction” Shipyards in history (including Rome, Venice, and WWII), present day, and SF treatments

Dr. Bibiana Bielekova, NIH, “MS Research”

Dr. Dina Bower Title- TBD (Exobiology or life on other planets)

Suzanne Buck, “Big Cats rescue continued”

Eric Cline, George Washington University, “1177 BC The Year Civilization Collapsed”

Suzanne Craig, NASA, “Oceanographic monitoring from Space”

Marlen D. Eve, Ph.D. Deputy Administrator Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems USDA Agricultural Research Service, “The impacts of changing climate and variable weather on U.S. agriculture and research efforts to help ensure adaptation and sustainable production.”

Jennifer A. Grier, “Planetary Impacts: Harbingers of Creation and Destruction”

Robert Hazan, Carnegie Institution, “Chances of finding microbial life in our solar system”

Ryan Haupt with color commentary (kibbutzing) by Dr. Thomas Holtz, “Prehistoric Mammals!”

Inge Heyer, “Mars, with updates from all the latest missions”

“Dinosaurs, the Update” Dr. Thomas Holtz, U of MD, CP

Dr. Thomas Holtz, University of Maryland, “Aquatic Dinosaurs, Triassic Krakens, and Miniature Fossil Princesses: Evaluating Fringe and Pseudoscience Ideas in Paleontology”

Noam Izenberg, “Exoplanets”

“Digital Disaster Recovery” Leslie Johnston, Director of Digital Preservation, US National Archives

Carey Lisse, “Newly explored far out Ultima Thule, and the latest updates for the Oumuamua Interstellar Traveler Story”

Ira P May, Federal Assessment and Remediation Division, Md Dept of Environment, “Toxic Waste Remediation (and science fiction)”

Dr. Tim Miller JHU-APL, “NASA DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission”

Dr. Karen Purcell, “The Veterinary and Medical Care of Shapeshifters”

Sam Scheiner, National Science Foundation

Meg Swaney, Egyptian Art and Archaeology, Johns Hopkins University, “Mummy facial reconstructions”

Ronald Taylor, Dr. Jennifer Waller, Anna Kashina, PhD, John Skyler, PhD, “Synthetic Biology”

Dr. James Thorne, “Thorne’s Solution of the Lambert Problem (time-explicit power series solution for initial orbit determination); continuous-thrust trajectory optimization”

James West, inventor and mentor, Title- TBD