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Balticon 45
P.O. Box 686
Baltimore, MD 21203-0686

Balticon Departments

Anime Room and Anime Programming: Kevin Callanan
BSFan Advertising: Patti Kinlock
Anime Room overnight: Robert Chase
Art Programming: Halla Fleischer
Art Show: Nora
Artist Alley: Tristan Alexander, Liz Lewis, Onizumi
BSFAN: Patti Kinlock
Bobby Gear Memorial Charity Auction for BSFS Books for Kids at Balticon: Kelly Shannon Pierce
Children's Programming: Miriam Winder-Kelly
Costuming Programming Marty Gear and Lisa Ashton
Con Suite: Leigh Eirich
Dealer's Room: Larry Sands
Fan Tables: Liz Lewis
Filk Programming: Gary Ehrlich
Film Festival: Jonette Butler, Lance Oszko
Game Programming: Kory Kaese, Glen Mclaughlin
Game Room: Donna Dearborn
Guest of Honor Liaisons: Guy Dan Fowlkes
Green Room: Perrianne Lurie
Hall Costume Awards: Brian Butler
Hotel: Ann Marie Rudolph
Information Desk: Ray Galacci
Jack L. Chalker Young Writer's Contest: Marty Gear, Miriam Winder-Kelly
LARP: Miriam Steiner
Literary Programming: Jonette Butler
Logistics: Brian Butler
Masquerade: Marty Gear
New Media Programming: Paul Fischer
Operations: Greg Wright
Party: Liz Lewis
Podcast: Paul Fischer
Poetry Workshop: Patti Kinlock
Publicity: Jonette Butler
Programming: Michael Rafferty
Rocket Mail:
Science Programming: Miriam Winder-Kelly
Special Needs: Paul O'Neill, Ellen Montgomery
Sponsorships: This job is available!!!
Tech: Eric Gasior
Video Room: Thomas Horman
Volunteers: Brian Butler, Rodger Burns
Webmaster: Nora Wright, Eric Hymowitz, Jonette Butler
Writer's Workshop: Steve Lubs

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