Art Show

Webgoblins are working away, getting this page ready. We will list information on exhibiting artists as it becomes available. Please check back soon!

Continuing the new system implemented last year, the Balticon Art Show, instead of charging a fee per print, is charging a flat hanging fee for Print Shop space, the same method for reserving space in the Art Show. The Artist can display all copies of a print right on the panel, the number of prints being limited only to the physical space reserved.

The updated Art Show Rules and Art Show/Print Shop Registration Form are now online as Word Documents and Portable Document Files (pdf). Click here for the Rules Doc and the Registration Doc or the Rules PDF and Registration PDF.

Deadline for registering is May 1, 2011.

We accept pre-registrations via mail or fax to:

PMB 61
COLUMBIA MD 21045-3044

Fax: 410-799-0545

Please check the Rules document for details.


Exhibiting artists who would like us to print a link to their website and/or up to 10 lines (1100 words) of biographical information on this page should provide that information by completing our Participant Survey. Please type “EXHIBITING ARTIST” under the “My Primary Area of Expertise/Interest” section of the survey. If you also plan to be a program participant, simply follow “EXHIBITING ARTIST” with the rest of your information.


If you missed the deadline but want to participate in the Art Show, we have a few panels and tables still available. If you wish to mail in your art, it MUST be postmarked no later than this Saturday, May 21, 2011. Friday May 20 would be better!

Please call the Art Show Director Nora Wright at the number in the Rules document to inquire about registering for the Art Show


The Balticon Art Show is looking for some folks who'd like to earn their Volunteer hours in the Art Show. If you know how to hang art, that's a plus, but we will provide training for that and the other tasks that are part of the Art Show operation. We need volunteers all weekend, but there are peak times early Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon especially.

If you're interested, please email artshow at balticon dot org AND volunteers at balticon dot org

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