Balticon 38 will feature continuous multi-track programming throughout the 4-day weekend--(last year we had 300+ hours of program and intend to do it again this year)--plus fixed functions such Art show, Dealers Room, Computer Gaming Room etc... Our goal is to reawaken the sense of wonder that originally brought you to SF/F. We have sought ideas from fan clubs and news-groups and conducted brain-storm sessions to generate fresh new topics and "Twisted" spins on old ideas. The excitement in our program committee people this year is dramatic and just a little scary, but in a good way. Down with boring panels--up with the new reformed Balticon panels!

Panel discussions with SF professionals (writers, artists, agents, etc.), informal discussions among devoted fans, skill demonstrations, readings and performances are included. Every cultural art form related to Science fiction and fantasy will be brought out dusted off and given a beautiful shine through our interactive program. Plus, special Lois McMaster Bujold events will be held.


The Pocket Program for Balticon 38 is now online as a PDF. For those persons who are unable to view PDFs, the schedule is also available in HTML form by day, by room, as a grid like the pocket program, or by program participant.


Features philosophical debates, story crafting tips and ideas, author readings, book signings and outrageous speculation by every science fiction author we can lure to the convention. Poetry, academic, literary and media are integrated into this huge multi-track full weekend program.

Call for Papers!

Once again, there will be a presentation of papers on science fiction, fantasy & horror in books, film & television. Deadline for entries: January 31, 2004. Papers accepted will be published in the BSFAN souvenir book.

Writers Workshop:

The Balticon 38 Writers' Workshop theme is, "What's So Funny About That?" Each participant will send in, at least three weeks before the con, a humorous scene, idea, story (very short--about 600 words), or give the name and author of a humorous story (any media, books, short stories, TV, film, etc.) from SF or F (the hope is that everyone will have read or be familiar with all submissions). We will NOT be critiquing stories...rather, we will be discussing how to put humor into SF or F.

Young Writer's Contest!

This contest is for young Maryland writers (age 14-18) of SF and Fantasy, sponsored by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society. Share your stories and compete for fame and cash prizes. The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2004. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Saturday. Check the Young Writer's information box on the registration form for more information or e-mail: Contest rules will be available on the web site.


Once again hosted by The Lite Circle, Inc., a Baltimore-based nonprofit literary organization, poetry programming explores the arena of verse from inspiration and writing to submitting for publication and an overview of small press publishing. There will be a poetry workshop and a poetry reading featuring winners of the Balticon 38 SF Poetry contest as well as an open reading. To participate either e-mail or check the Poetry Track/Workshop box on the registration form.

Enter the Balticon 38 SF Poetry Contest!
  • Entries should address the themes of science fiction/fantasy/science.
  • 1st prize: $50; 2nd prize: $30; 3rd prize: $20.
  • Winners will receive a cash prize, convention membership and be invited to read their winning entries at Balticon 38. Winning entries will be published in the BSFAN and in Lite.
  • Limit: 3 poems/person, 32 lines each.
  • No entry fee.
  • Deadline: Mailed entries must be postmarked and e-mail entries received by April 15, 2004. Please include your name, address, phone & e-mail address and a brief bio with your entry.
  • Entries may be e-mailed to or mailed to "Balticon 38 Poetry Contest," c/o BSFS, PO Box 686, Baltimore, MD 21203 or c/o Lite, PO Box 26162, Baltimore, MD 21210.


An entire track of costume programming with items of interest to beginners and experienced alike. Confirmed are beading instruction; pattern alterations; creative costuming; a presentation workshop; learning how the Techs can help the costumers; using sewing machines to make reverse applique circles, sewing from the bobbin side, seminole piecing and other tricks of machine embellishment; and "Embroidery Machine How-To 101" with Marty Gear. We expect several other program items to coalesce before the convention. Learn how to create an exterior casing that reflects your soul or at least your sense of humor.


Learn and enjoy art techniques and tips demonstrated by many artists. Bring your sketch book for hands on sessions. One panel will feature the author and book cover artist talking about their collaboration to make the book match its cover.

Join Halla's Balticon Sketch Club

Be a real center of attention! Don some interesting garb or come as you are. Bring your sketch book, practice drawing real live people and/or take a turn at modeling. Artists and models had so much fun at last year's sessions that we've added more to the schedule this year. Join us for one or for all.


Our famous science program continues with 28 hours of the type of briefings normally reserved for industry, academic and government leaders. A new topic will be the Science behind Harry Potter's Magic presented by Prof. George Plitnik. Another is a special debate on digital rights by industry experts. We have confirmed briefings on general relativity, solar power panels, interplanetary spaceships, Pluto mission, time & quantum mechanics, Mars, GPS, volcanoes, earth science satellites, massive multi-player gaming, cryogenics demo, extra solar planets and more. This year, bring your original science poems, limericks & songs to share Friday evening and Monday morning. For information and suggestions, email science


Games, projects and stories for children ages 4-12 to inspire your kids to appreciate the convention experience. This is not daycare; parents retain full responsibility for children during this program. Kids will put on a play, have their own filk, and learn to draw from an artist, hunt for treasure and have fun!


There will be panels, workshops, concerts and music Friday through Sunday. Check out the Internet newsgroup for more details, e-mail or check the filk box on the registration form.


We are still confirming folks and will be adding program participants right up to the con. We are averaging one participant confirmed each day so please remember this list is accurate only as of 5-17-04. List last name first by alpha;

Alama, Pauline J. - author
Alexander, Heather - musician
Asaro, Catherine - author
Ashmead, John - scientist
Ashton, Lisa - costumer
Baker, Faith - costumer
Balder, Robert T. - cartoonist
Bedwell-Grime, Stephanie - author
Bellofatto Jr., Joseph L. - artist
Brahen, Mattie - author
Bray, Patricia - author
Bruesselbach, Janet - artist
Bryant, Marvin
Bujold, Lois McMaster - author
Burke, Stephanie - author
Carrigg, Stephanie - costumer
Carson, Dana - BSFS
Cauldwell, Lillian - author
Cipra, Carl - moderator
Clough, Brenda W. - author
Chalker, Jack - author
Chase, Robert R. - author
Chepaitis, Barbara - author
Connell, Adam - author
Cox, Greg - author
Crist, Vonnie Winslow - author
Crutcher, Jerry - scientist
Dannenfelser, Barb - costumer
Dannenfelser, Randy - costumer, MC
DeCandido, Keith R.A. - author
de Guardiola, Susan - Regency Dance Caller
Diaz, Ming - costumer
Dick, Ricky and Karen - costumers
Dyer, Eric - independent film maker
Edelman, Ilana - Student Scientist - science fair winner
Edelman, Scott - author-editor
Ehrlich, Karl - scientist
Feld, Harold - digital rights expert
Fischer, Paul - BSFS - Network Security
Fleischer, Eric "Dr. Gandalf" - BSFS - video producer
Fleischer, Helen "Halla" - Artist - BSFS
Frane, Ric - artist
Frane, Wendy - artist
Frankenfield, Bill - Makeup and Prosthetics
Frederick, Carl - author-scientist-bagpiper
Fredman, Nan - artist
Gannon, Charles - author, scientist
Gear, Marty - costumer
Gilliland, Charles D.
Gilman, Laura Anne - author-editor
Godwin, Mike - digital rights expert
Graham, Ryan - Independent Film Maker
Graham, Mitchell - author
Graper, Brad - Klingon Fan actor
Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers Guild
Haag, Hal - BSFS - founder BWSMOF
Hammond, Dianne - makeup artist
Hart, Dr. Helen - scientist
Hemry, John G. - author
Henderson, C. J. - author
Heyer, Inge - scientist
Holtz, Dr. Thomas R. Jr. - scientist
Huckenpohler, J. G. - calligrapher
Hunt, Walter H. - author
Izenberg, Noam - scientist
Johanson, MaryAnn - author-film critic
Kaese, Kory - game designer
Kling, Jim - scientist
Knight, E.E. - author
Kondo, Yoji [Eric Kotani] - author-scientist
Katz, Robert I. - author
Kovalcin, Diane - costumer
Kratman, Tom - author
Kratz, Dave - scientist
Lampi, Ruth - artist
Lamplighter, L. Jagi - author
Landrum, Sharon - costumer
Larson, Grig - author
Leacock, Dina A. - author
Lee, Ardian J. - author
Lerner, Edward M. - author
Lesnik, Ann - costumer
Lilley, Ernest - author
Lindskold, Jane - author
Livengood, Tim - scientist
Love, Andrew E. - scientist
Lurie, Perrianne - BSFS
Mannes esq, Mike
Mascetti, Maggie - costumer
Mayhew, Bill - storyteller
McNally, Clayton L. - author
Ackley-McPhail, Danielle - author
McPhail, Mike
Mickelm, Sarah - author
Mitchell, Judy (Tree) - costumer
Morgen, Shelby - author
Morris, Tee - author
Newton, Earl - independent film maker
Old, Wendie - author
Ookla the Mok - musical group
Owings, Jul - BSFS
Owings, Mark - author-bibliographer
Pederson, Michael D. - editor-publisher
Pederson, Cate - editor
Perkins, Kevin - film promotion agent
Plitnik, Dr. George - scientist
Redfield, Mark - theatrical reading classic SF
Terry, Bob - scientist
Thomas, Marshall G. - author
Ridenour, Ray - author-artist
Riechers, Lt Col Chuck (USAF, Retired) - computer scientist
Rosenberg, Seth - BSFS
Rosenberg, Ted - BSFS - legal expert
Ruggiero, Tony - author
Sakers, Don - author
Salemi, Carol - costumer
Shapero, Hannah M. G. - artist
Schweitzer, Darrell - author
Seeley, Dave - artist
Sherman, David - author
Sherman, Josepha - author
Shwartz, Susan - author
Sick Pups N.J. Costumers Guild
Sneed, Vincent - Comic Book Author
Sparhawk, Bud - author
Stephens, Ann - costumer
Stiles, Elaine - editor
Stiles, Steve - cartoonist
Warner, Brent - scientist
Tees, Suzanne - Makeup and Prosthetics
Tolker, Susan - costumer
Weinstein, Lee - author
Wheatley, Mark - cartoonist
Whitley, Eva - BSFS
Wooster, Martin Morse - author
World, Andrew J. - author
Wright, John C. - author
Zimmerman, Robert - author space history


We have recruited members of the Maryland Wizards Magic Club to teach and demonstrate prestidigitation arts at Balticon boosting our con-magic with stage-magic.

All materials copyright © 2003 Baltimore Science Fiction Society, Inc., unless otherwise noted.