Starting 8pm-ish Friday evening we are introducing the Guests of Honor and program participants and then rolling right into a comedy skit and then the Ookla the Mok concert. After the concert, we will screen in the main ballroom in 12x12 ft glory, the legendary Balticon 36 hilarious play "Ring, One Each: Force Nine from Rivendel" Something else special at the open, but we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise?


Live Science Fiction and Fantasy plays, skits and performances each day. We have a radio play from Prometheus Radio Theater. We have another full up staged play parody of "The Return of the King." We have live fight demos and dramatic readings of SF classics and other stuff in development

Live Theater Events at Balticon 38


A parody of the Lord of The Rings movies presented on stage where we see multiple visions of how the movies may have turned out if handled by different creators in "Ring, One Each : Alternities."

The Radio Play

The continuing story of "The Arbiter Chronicles," done in the style of a traditional radio play. Previous chapters have been performed at local conventions, with several episodes available for purchase. WARNING: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS MATURE THEMES.


Panic Struck Productions will show footage from their fan-made movie, with detailed dialogue regarding the special effects and a Jedi fighting demonstration.


Improvisational comedy with a SF fannish bent.


On Saturday night Balticon hosts one of the oldest masquerades on the East Coast. Marvel at the participants' crafting of fabric and other materials into imaginative and extraordinary costumes. Huge tech support to showcase your craft or your audience experience. The masquerade competition will be judged on the experience skills division system to give beginners a chance to go home winners. Masquerade rules will be available here soon, or check off the masquerade box on the registration form. Questions? E-mail to masq@balticon.org. Hall Costumes and first-timers are encouraged to get up on stage and share their work.

Hall Costumes:

Each year we look for the most colorful, unusual and imaginative hall costumes. Whether novice or expert, Balticon wants you to dress up. Pictures will be taken of entries and posted in a gallery at the con allowing the membership to vote for best hall costume. A special prize will be given for the best hall costume recreation inspired by Lois McMaster Bujold's work.

SUNDAY NIGHT FILM FEST: You are a judge!

Hopeful film makers have submitted their work in the hope you will vote for them as "Best Film Award Balticon 2004" They want a plaque and a leg up on their career and you have control. Entries have been pre-judged so only the finalists go before you the jury. Think of this like the masquerade only with films rather than costumes and you vote for the winner! Burad the Klingon General will host this event and after the submitted entries we will have a special showing of a major studio film to cap things off. All this on a 12ft by 12ft screen!


For the 8th year in a row a charity auction for the benefit of Reading is Fundamental will be held during the halftime break of the Masquerade on Saturday night. There will be SF collectibles, memorabilia and other exotic items put on the block. If you have something to donate to the auction bring it to the con. RIF is a terrific organization working nationwide to teach kids to read by getting them hooked on reading at an early age and distributes free books to many children who cannot afford a book of their own. For more information on RIF please check Reading is Fundamental on the registration form or e-mail rif@balticon.org.

This year we are excited to have a signed, numbered lithograph (120/375) of the cast of "Star Trek - The Next Generation", done by renowned caricaturist Al Hirschfeld. Brent Spiner, who played "Data" on the show, originally bought about half of the run to give as Christmas presents to the cast and crew of the show, the remainder of which (including this one), were sold to the public. While Hirschfeld created drawings of the casts of several Star Treks, including the original "Star Trek", "Deep Space Nine", and "Voyager", "The Next Generation" was by far the most popular. Similar lithos of the other Start Trek casts are available from Margo Feiden Galleries, priced from $1,200 to $1,500, but the "Next Gen" has sold out. This print measures 21" x 27", is hand signed by Al Hirschfeld, and has never been matted or framed. We will be offering this print at the RIF auction for a minimum bid of $700. All proceeds will go to RIF to purchase books. In the event that we do not receive the minimum bid, the print will be sold on eBay with a $1000 reserve.


Prior to the Masquerade BSFS will present the Compton Crook Award to the new SF author judged to have written the best SF novel in 2003. Last years recipient Patricia Bray will pass the award as is tradition.


Our Guests of Honor, Lois McMaster Bujold, Dave Seeley and Heather Alexander will each have hour long sessions in our main ballroom, where they will talk about their body of work and upcoming projects, discuss future endeavors and, in at least one case, sing.


OOKLA THE MOK: Friday Concert

The filk rock music group Ookla the Mok will appear at Balticon 38 for a Friday night concert. Imported all the way from the mystical kingdom of Boston this marks the bands first appearance at Balticon. Catch this spirited session by the winners of the 2000 Pegasus Best Performers award. Check out the official web site and download a sample MP3 at http://www.otmfan.com/index.htm

There will be panels, workshops, concerts and music Friday through Sunday. Bardic circle each night and open filk as well. Check out the Internet newsgroup rec.music.filk for more details, e-mail filk@balticon.org or check the filk box on the registration form.


We have recruited members of the Maryland Wizards Magic Club to teach and demonstrate prestidigitation arts at Balticon boosting our con-magic with stage-magic.


Balticon will be holding a Regency Ball at 7 PM Sunday evening. Learn to dance as they did in Jane Austen's day, with a lively mix of historically accurate country dances, quadrilles, and waltzes (minus the complicated footwork). Beginners are welcome, and costumes of any style are encouraged. Organized and taught by Susan de Guardiola of the Elegant Arts Society, with help from hostesses Irene Urban and Mary Alice Ladd.

Just like last year our master DJ Andrew will spin tunes pitched for the 20-ish crowd at the late Sunday Dance. Andrew knows the cutting edge sound because he is 20-ish himself and runs dances at numerous other fan events. The response to last years dance was very positive and we intend to build on this fresh tradition. Strobe lights and glow sticks oh my.


Trust is out of the question. Murder is inevitable. In this continuing game of hide and seek with some of the most valuable material in the Star Wars Universe, anything is possible. Join in this ever evolving story of the Star Wars Live Action Role Playing game "Cortosis Crisis." Character submissions are accepted if you have one you would like to play in addition to the characters that will be provided. Pre-registration is $5.00 and registration at Balticon is $10.00 to cover the materials used. Any questions e-mail Andy and Miriam at: larp@balticon.org


The Heinlein Society will be sponsoring a blood drive Sunday by the Red Cross to help alleviate shortages associated with holiday Weekends. Another way for fans to show community spirit

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