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In 2023, the Balticon Sunday Short Science Fiction Film Festival (BSSSFFF) will take place on Sunday evening at 7:00pm. We will thrill festival attendees with independently produced short films from around the region and across the globe. BSSSFFF features live action and animated films in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror from some of the best independent filmmakers this side of the Crab Nebula.

Awards will be given in both the Live Action and Animation category based upon audience preferences. Some of the history of this film festival can be found on the BSFS website.

2023 Winners

Congratulations to this year’s winners:

First Place: Phonorama – Alex Rey (Spain)

Second Place: APP – Jon Herrero (Spain)

Third Place: Teo – Eduardo Bunster (Chile)

Honorable Mention: Como Cada Jueves (Like Every Thursday) – J. M. Asensio (Spain)

Films Scheduled for Sunday, May 28, 7pm

Session 1 - 7pm

1Fluye – Robert Rabanal Ramirez (Spain)6:38
2Zombie Meteor – Alfonso Fulgencio, Jose Luis Farias (Spain)14:10
3World of  Humans – Maria Medinilla, Roger Grau (Catalan)15:54
4Nomofobia – Javier Lopez Velasco (Spain)7:33
5Deshaucio express (Express eviction) – Jorje Rio Esteban (Spain)16:44
6Fin del Mundo – David Moncada Varela (Colombia)6:34
7Unpeculiar y Desdichado Nacimiento (A Peculiar and Unfortunate Birth) – Javier Sanchez (Spain)7:13
8Phonorama – Alex Rey (Spain)12:40
9Primacy – Jos Man (Spain)19:41

Session 2 - 9:30pm

10 Viper’s Nest – Molly Brown, Howard Gardner (UK) 7:12
11 Teo – Eduardo Bunster (Chile) 18:04
12 Coleccionismo (Collecting) – Marcos Gualda (Spain) 14:20
13 What the Hell! – Suzie Jane Pastor (France) 12:08
14 Stardeep Transporter – Pedro Izquierdo (Spain) 11:00
15 Las Cosas Bien (Doing Things Right) – Christian Garnez (Spain) 10:00
16 Como Cada Jueves (Like Every Thursday) – J. M. Asensio (Spain) 9:37
17 Alcanzar El Vortice (Reach the Vortex) – Pedro Poveda (Spain) 5:50
18 La Partida Infinita (The Neverending Game) – Nacho Nava, Jose Colmenarejo (Spain) 12:41
19 Unextinct – Riccardo Carletti (Italy) 6:29
20 APP – Jon Herrero (Spain) 14:58

Submission of Films for 2024

The date for submitting films for 2023 has passed. If you would like to submit a film for 2024, complete the application form (PDF) and submit beginning November 1, 2023.  Films are due by March 31, 2024 digitally by cloud storage, by flash drive or DVD by postal mail.

If you wish, you can submit your film via festhome or FilmFreeway by clicking the icon below:

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For further information contact the film director at