Enjoy board games, RPGs, or video games? Then you’re in the right place!  All gaming will take place in the Watertable rooms beyond the hotel’s Watertable restaurant on the fifth floor.

Game Room Hours

Friday6pm – 2am
Saturday10am – 2am
Sunday10am – 2am
Monday10am – 4pm

Role Playing Games

There will be several tables for RPGs. Contact

Tabletop Games (Watertable B)

We will have a wide selection of board games to play and over 30 scheduled games to join. You can also bring your own games and sit down at a table. Our staff will be familiar with most of the available games. In addition to our scheduled game demos, we can usually teach or demo almost any of our games if you’d like.

For more information or to volunteer, contact

Video Games

Check back for information on video games at Balticon.