Balticon on Discord

The Discord server, ‘BSFS & Balticon’ is active year-round for conversation, role playing games, and anime watch parties! During Balticon it allows people to interact via text chat and voice chat. It provides some place to take conversations after an event ends, talk to people who run other conventions, to sync up with fans for online games, or just to hang out and chat. As a community server it’s open to anyone, even if you can’t join us at the con feel free to drop by and say hi!

Using Discord

Discord is free to use.

  • Create a Discord account:
  • Get the free application or use Discord in a browser
  • Log in and click the + for Join server and enter BaltimoreSciFi as the server
  • Follow this invite link: to be given access to the server and follow the instructions on screen to log in or create an account
  • For a directory of what is on the Discord server, look at the #discord-map channel under EVERYONE CHANNELS

BSFS & Balticon Discord Server Channel Summary

with #text and voice channels

Orientation and Help

#welcome (start here) – you’ll need to accept the code of conduct by clicking the blue check under the first post

#roles-and-ribbons – go here if there are specific areas you’re interested in seeing, to identify your pronouns and to pick any other roles you think sound fun.

#help-desk (for any help you need)

Convention Activities

#virtual-con-suite (Conversations for all audiences)

#virtual-bar-18-plus (Conversations appropriate for the convention bar)

And lots of others!

Welcome! Explore and Have Fun!