Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Balticon 44.

You can download the Volunteer Timesheet and the Volunteer Release forms and fill them out ahead of time if you like. Just scan and email the release form to volunteers@balticon.org, or drop it off at the volunteer desk when you arrive. Print and hang onto the Timesheet - you will use it to keep track of your hours.

There's lots of things you can do to earn that spiffy teal ribbon!

Strong back? We can give you all the lifting and toting you want!

Tech savvy? Know theatre tech? Our tech crew wants you! Comuputer/Web savvy? Our new media department wants you!

Limited mobility? We need "door minders" at the art show and vendors' rooms.

Suzie/Sammy Homemaker? You could be doing food prep or arranging and replenishing snacks and keeping things clean and tidy in the con suite or making up sandwiches for the volunteer/staff lunches.

Like to keep moving? We need folks to do attendance counts in the program rooms. We need runners to take messages back and forth to ops and move supplies to and from the children's program room and Green Room.

Sales oriented? We need cashiers at the con sales desk and in the art show.

Night Owl? We need overnight help in the Con Suite, Anime Room, Art Show and Convention Command Center.

And there's plenty more not listed here! You can make a decision now and we can fix you up a schedule pre-con, or you can come to the volunteer desk at con and get started there.

Volunteer perks increase with hours invested, from free home-made cookies (I bake 'em myself and there are folks who volunteer just to have access to the cookies!) as soon as you log your first hour to preferred event seating at 8 hours, spiffy Berzerker T-shirt at 10 hours, and complementary membership to next years con at 20 hours. Volunteer hours during truck loading/unloading and set-up on Thursday and Friday and break down and truck loading/unloading on Monday and Tuesday count double and you can earn up to 12 hours working at the 2X rate. (Not that you can't work 20 hours just doing set up and break down -- many of us do. We encourage you to work as much as you want! However, you can only get 12 hours credit towards B45 comp at the 2X rate.)

For information about earning membership for the current year, meals for staff and volunteers and limited crash space availability, contact volunteers AT balticon DOT org.

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