Dealer Room and Artist Alley

In our Dealer Room, you can find assorted science fiction and fantasy objects: books, games, videos, anime, costumes, jewelry, and more for sale.

Our Artist Alley is home to original artwork and crafts of all kinds, and the artists who create them.



Dealer Room Vendors List

Arc Manor

Arcane Pastimes

D.H. Aire

David Gerrold

David Harten Watson

Devil Dog Studios

Editorial Freelancers Association

eSpec Books

Fantastic Books


Flying Koala Publishers

Greek Gods Giggling, LLC

Henderson’s Books

KeyLime Creations

Larry Smith Booksellers

Mahali Pengine Ent/Ancient Illumination

Nate Hoffelder, web designer

Old Earth Books


Patrick Thomas, author

Pendragon Cove Press

Rance D. Denton, author

Sign of the Unicorn

Sugar Daddy’s Fudge and Candy

Tales of Charles Island

The Hornie Lady – Custom Costume Horns

The Mind’s Eye Book Store

Tigereyes Press

Tivshe Publishing and Ryan D Gebhart

Undiscovered Treasures

Walt’s Cards

Info For Dealers and Artists

Vendor Table/Space Request


Interested in being a dealer at Balticon? Space is limited. Applications for space have been mailed out to past dealers. If you have not been a dealer previously and would like to attend in 2022, download the Balticon 56 Dealer Packet for information on table size and cost. Please apply before March 31. You may mail the form and payment to Balticon or you may apply for a 6 by 6 foot table area using the online Dealer Registration form.

For more information, email


Balticon’s Artist Alley is a place for artists to meet the public and interact with their fans. It is a place to demonstrate your artistic techniques and sell your original art: both originals and prints. Tables are curated so that we can offer fans a wide range of talented artists’ offerings.

Artist Alley is located in an open public space, and cannot be secured. Artists are responsible for their art and other possessions, and must remove everything from their space, or secure it in some way when they leave each day. Balticon is not responsible for items lost or stolen from Artist Alley. If you wish to exhibit your art but don’t want to be present the entire time, please consider registering for the Art Show. If you have art that you’d like to exhibit in the Art Show, and you want to participate in Artist Alley, please consider registering for both. Applications are still being accepted.

To register for an Artist Alley table:

  • Create a new account in the Vendor Portal*.
  • Update your profile with a URL where we can preview your art, as well as a description of your art.
  • Request your Artist Alley table.
  • When your registration has been accepted, make your payment online.

* The Vendor Portal is our online site for artists and vendors to register for the Artist Alley and Dealer Room. Through it, you can manage your personal information and make the payment for your registration.

For more information, email