DVD's of Special Events (Masquerades, Plays, and other "Main Tent" Events) from past Balticon's are available and can be ordered using this form.


BSFS presents the Compton Crook AWard to the new SF atuhor judged to have written teh best SF novel for the previous year. This year the 2007 award will be presented Friday night during the Opening Ceremonies. After reviewing over 60 submissions, the four finalists for the 2007 award are:

The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch (Bantam)

Sojourn, by Jana G. Oliver (Dragon Moon)

His Majesty's Dragon, by Naomi Novik (Del Ray)

The Skewed Throne, by Joshua Palmatier (Daw)

You can find more information on the Compton Crook Award on the Baltimore Science Fiction Society website here.


Starting 8:30pm Friday Evening we are introducing the Guests of Honor and program participants. Something else special at the open is still under wraps.... don't miss it!


Our talented, creative, and slightly demented live theater folk are cooking up more good stuff for this year.

The Usual Suspects have been performing stage comedy in one form or another for almost twenty years. To some, that would seem a record; to others, a sentence. Names and faces have changed, but this loose-knit troupe has come back year after year to perform parodies of Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, and many more of our favorite shows and fandoms (and sometimes fandom itself.) How will they top themselves this year???


On Saturday night Balticon hosts one of the oldest masquerades on the East Coast. Marvel at the participants' crafting of fabric and other materials into imaginative and extraordinary costumes. Huge tech support to showcase your craft or your audience experience. The masquerade competition will be judged on the experience skills division system to give beginners a chance to go home winners. Masquerade rules will be available here soon, or check off the masquerade box on the registration form. Questions? E-mail to masq@balticon.org. Hall Costumes and first-timers are encouraged to get up on stage and share their work.

Hall Costumes:

Each year we look for the most colorful, unusual and imaginative hall costumes. Whether novice or expert, Balticon wants you to dress up. Pictures will be taken of entries and posted in a gallery at the con allowing the membership to vote for best hall costume.

SUNDAY NIGHT FILM FEST: You are a judge!

The Sunday Film Fest continues to grow as a major event that has attracted the attention of the industry. Star Wars Relevations was voted by you as Best Film Award Balticon 2005. The quality of entries we receive is truly inspiring, and we have already started to receive entries for this year's Film Festival. Don't miss it!


For more information on RIF please check Reading is Fundamental on the registration form or e-mail rif@balticon.org.


BSFS presents the Compton Crook Award to the new SF author judged to have written the best SF novel for the previous year. This year the 2007 award will be presented Friday night during the Opening Ceremonies.


We are planning traditional formal Guest of Honor presentations on multiple days as well as GOH participation scattered throughout the main program. GOHs will select the program panels they most wish to headline from the general program topics and these smaller sessions will be denoted in the formal program schedule when finalized.


Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff, our Filk Guest of Honor will perform a full concert in the Main Ballroom.

There will be panels, workshops, concerts and music Friday through Sunday. Bardic circle each night and open filk as well. Check out the Internet newsgroup rec.music.filk for more details, e-mail filk@balticon.org or check the filk box on the registration form.


Information coming soon!


And the saga continues….(again)

In our last episode, our intrepid adventurers became trapped on a floating hotel-casino. On the loose was a bio-predator constructed by a mad scientist who created it to eliminate all force sensitive beings, those responsible for his own painful past. Both the Emperor and Jedi Council felt a "disturbance" in the force and sent representatives to investigate this anomaly. The light and dark Jedi were instructed by their perspective leaders to work together to eliminate any potential threats.

Meanwhile, the new Senator for the Karin system, Count Listin, arrived at the hotel to marry the ex-wife of his predecessor. While the Count prepared for his joyful day, the head of his security team had other plans. She found the bio-predator, the same project that her father had been working on and, being her father's daughter, proceeded to assist in the demise of all Jedi to try to avenge the death of her mother. To help in the bio-predator's plans she positioned herself close to the Hotel's security chief and began to use his womanizing personality to her own advantage.

As time went on, things started to get worse and worse for our crew. Jedi were being taken out one by one; but slowly they were starting to gain the upper hand. As the creature was dying, our bio-predator loving security agent found its nest and a brood of un-hatched eggs. With its last bit of strength, it conveyed to her that she needed to survive and help her children learn and grow. Knowing the weapon that she had at her fingertips, she took the brood and got off of the station while the bio-predator distracted the hunting party.

Our crew was victorious, but at the cost of the hotel. Can we say "massive explosion?" On their journey back to civilization, the hotel's chief security officer received a "Dear John" communiqué from his "dish of the day." It was the security head for Count Listin, thanking everyone in helping her get off the hotel and allowing her to take her brood with her. She sent her love to the officer and blew him a kiss.

This enraged him and now… vengeance will be his. Hopefully.

Now, as the pursuit begins the questions will follow:
Will the off spring of the bio-predator grow to full lethality?
Will the Jedi order be wiped off the face of the universe?
Will the security officer be able to exact his revenge on the daughter?
Will the daughter be able to continue her father's work and find/ build a better predator?

Will you join the mayhem?

Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:
Costume, Character portrayal, Ingenuity and overall Wowing the GM's.
We welcome all players, new and seasoned. Tickets are $10.00 at the con, $7 pre-reg. This fee is to cover the cost of materials. Characters will be provided. Registration at the con will begin Friday night from 6pm until 10pm. Saturday starting at 10am. Opening ceremonies are at 12pm in the Garden Room and closing ceremonies with prize presenting at 12pm Monday in the Garden Room. Just like last year, first prize is a free pass purchased for you to Balticon 42!

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