Starting 8:30pm Friday Evening we are introducing the Guests of Honor and program participants. Something else special at the open is still under wraps.... don't miss it!


Our talented, creative, and slightly demented live theater folk are cooking up more good stuff for this year.

The Usual Suspects have been performing stage comedy in one form or another for almost twenty years. To some, that would seem a record; to others, a sentence. Names and faces have changed, but this loose-knit troupe has come back year after year to perform parodies of Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, and many more of our favorite shows and fandoms (and sometimes fandom itself.) How will they top themselves this year???


On Saturday night Balticon hosts one of the oldest masquerades on the East Coast. Marvel at the participants' crafting of fabric and other materials into imaginative and extraordinary costumes. Huge tech support to showcase your craft or your audience experience. The masquerade competition will be judged on the experience skills division system to give beginners a chance to go home winners. Masquerade rules will be available here soon, or check off the masquerade box on the registration form. Questions? E-mail to masq@balticon.org. Hall Costumes and first-timers are encouraged to get up on stage and share their work.

Hall Costumes:

Each year we look for the most colorful, unusual and imaginative hall costumes. Whether novice or expert, Balticon wants you to dress up. Pictures will be taken of entries and posted in a gallery at the con allowing the membership to vote for best hall costume.



Sunday night at 7:30: Join the Imperial Klingon Battle Fleet for a Celebration of the Struggle of Life with fine food from across the galaxy, rousing songs as they were meant to be sung, Weapons Demonstrations, inspirational Klingon Poetry, and sharp Klingon Humor!

You MUST register in advance for this Special Event! Check the Klingon Feast web site for more details and registration form.

SUNDAY NIGHT FILM FEST: You are a judge!

The Sunday Film Fest continues to grow as a major event that has attracted the attention of the industry. Star Wars Relevations was voted by you as Best Film Award Balticon 2005. The quality of entries we receive is truly inspiring, and we have already started to receive entries for this year's Film Festival. Don't miss it!


For more information on RIF please check Reading is Fundamental on the registration form or e-mail rif@balticon.org.


BSFS presents the Compton Crook Award to the new SF author judged to have written the best SF novel for the previous year. This year the 2006 award will be presented immediately prior to the Masquerade.


We are planning traditional formal Guest of Honor presentations on multiple days as well as GOH participation scattered throughout the main program. GOHs will select the program panels they most wish to headline from the general program topics and these smaller sessions will be denoted in the formal program schedule when finalized.


Lorraine a' Malena, our Music Guest of Honor will perform a full concert in the Main Ballroom at 8pm Sunday night

Peter S. Beagle will be performing a full concert in the Main Ballroom at 4pm Sunday afternoon.

There will be panels, workshops, concerts and music Friday through Sunday. Bardic circle each night and open filk as well. Check out the Internet newsgroup rec.music.filk for more details, e-mail filk@balticon.org or check the filk box on the registration form.

Ego Likeness

We are pleased to welcome back Ego Likeness on Friday night! The combined efforts of musicians D. Lynch and S. Archer defies easy categorization. As a pair they have explored many different avenues of music, from spoken word, instrumental work, dance music and dark electronica. Steve Archer and Donna Lynch began Ego Likeness in 1999 as an industrial/ trip-hop project. One year and many band members later, the duo recorded "Dragonfly". This full length, independent release explored new territory, breaking away from the dirty, trip-hop sound of their first demo, "Songs From A Dead City". Archer and Lynch gave "Dragonfly" a smoother, electronic sound while maintaining the same dark feel of their early work. Since that time, Ego Likeness has gone from a two-person show to a five person live band.


Medieval Dance
Saturday Afternoon @ 5:30 PM in the Tack Room
Patches and friends will be providing instruction and practice of Medieval dance as a fun and educational break from just sitting in panels all day. You'll have a good time, maybe learn a thing or two about Medieval times, and get a little exercise. Period dress is not required, but is always encouraged!

Regency Dance
Sunday Night @ 7 PM in the Tack Room
The lovely and talented Susan de Guariola will once again be hosting the Regency Dance on Sunday night, ably assisted by her elegant ladies in waiting Irene Urban, Meredith Schwartz and Mary Alice Ladd, with live music provided by Helen Powell. Period dress is not required, but is always encouraged!

Late Sunday Night Dance
Sunday Night @ 10 PM in the Tack Room

DJ Bat of CyberDen will be pumping out the jams, complete with lights and video for your delectation. So save some energy for Sunday night, and bring it to the dance floor where DJ Bat will keep your feet moving and your blood pumping into the wee hours!


Our story comes full circle; loose ends will be tied up and old rivalries will be resolved. Someone will winů and losing is not an option. An outside enemy will make unlikely allies, only until the threat passes. Will the cortosis make it into the hands of the Emperor? Or will the Jedi Council be able to recover the valuable ore and keep the balance in check? Don't miss this fourth and possibly the final chapter in our continuing saga.

The LARP will run starting on Saturday and go until Monday morning. Registration will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fee for participation will be $10 to cover the cost of materials. Pre-registration at $7.00 is available until April 30, 2006. First time players are ALWAYS welcome and will get full support, and not just from the GMs. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the LARP, so come in costume or dazzle us with your great role-playing ability.

What would you like to see as a LARP for the 2007 Balticon Season?

  1. Star Wars: Again! We, as players, love it and the stories are great!
  2. Deadlands: Wild West with magic. It's been a while but people liked it.
  3. Werewolf: Not the GM's favorite but do-able
  4. Other: Suggest something and if there is enough interest, then we will try to do it.

Vampire is out of the question, it has been done to DEATH (excuse the pun), and Star Trek is not an option (we don't want to get sued!). Please email larp@balticon.org with your choice. You have until the end of April 2006 to cast your vote. (questionnaires will be available at the con in for those who don't get a chance to vote beforehand). We will make the final decision and announce the results at the end of our LARP at Balticon 40. Thanks for your vote!

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