Balticon 57 Art Show / Print Shop Rules

All artwork must have a science fiction, fantasy, or fannish theme and be the original product of the artist(s).


Resale of works by previous buyers is not permitted. Art sales do not include reproduction rights.

All work entered must remain on display until after the Sunday auction begins, unless it is available for Quicksale. Quicksale piece buyers are asked to leave them in the Art Show until late Saturday. Unsold pieces must be checked out by 5pm Sunday. We do not have space to store packing materials or portfolios in the Art Show.

The following media are acceptable for the Main Art Show:

  • Paintings: acrylics, watercolor, oil
  • Drawings: chalk, ink, crayon, pencil, dye
  • Jewelry: all forms
  • Sculpture: wood, stone, metal, clay, acrylics, glass, fabric
  • Weaving and Textile: all hand forms and non-commercially produced
  • Ceramics: hand and thrown ware; self‐created molded items limited to runs of 100, marked item# / run#
  • Decorative Crafts: leather, metal, wood, glass, stone, plastic
  • Fine Art Photography and Computer Generated Art:
    They must fit within the following guidelines and be labeled.
    • Unique Image – Data Files Erased / Negative Destroyed, or Data / Negative Archived, or
    • Limited Edition Print – Data Files Erased / Negative Destroyed, or Data / Negative Archived
  • True Limited Editions / Multiple Original Category (With a print run of 250 or less):
    All hand-pulled prints, serigraphs, photographs, silk‐screens, etchings, lithographs, woodblocks must have the following clearly visible information written or printed on the print itself.
    • Artist’s signature
    • Title of the piece, Date
    • Print# / Run#

The Main Art Show will not accept:

  • commercial multi‐lithographic copies, unlimited photoprints or photocopies of any kind, hand-colored or remarked prints
  • commercial ceramic molds, painted commercially cast pieces, kits of any kind

The Print Shop will accept:

  • commercial multi‐lithographic copies, unlimited photoprints or photocopies, hand-colored or remarked prints

Items using patterns or designs by others must credit the second party.

Items that violate copyrights or which are judged to have libelous content in regard to known persons or well‐known characters will not be permitted. All decisions by the Art Show Directors on the eligibility of artwork are final. Please ask if you have questions.


Balticon uses a space-based hanging fee system. Space is available on Panels and Tables.

Tables are 6 feet long by 18 inches deep. An artist may reserve a whole Table or part of a Table. The smallest increment of Table space that can be reserved is called a Space. For Tables, a Space is a quarter of a Table: 18″ by 18″.

Panels are 6 feet wide by 4 feet high. Art Show Panels and Print Shop Panels are the same size. An artist may reserve a whole Panel, or part of a Panel. The smallest increment of Panel space that can be reserved is called a Space. For panels, a Space is one-third of a Panel; divided vertically: 24 inches wide by 4 feet high.

The smallest increment of space that can be reserved is one Space = 1/4 table or 1/3 panel. For example, an artist may reserve 2 Spaces of a Panel, which will be 2/3 of a Panel. To reserve a half Table, reserve 2 Table Spaces.

Diagram showing art show table and panel space. Text in the graphic is also in the web page text.

To permit a variety of artists to exhibit at the Balticon Art Show, there is a limitation on the amount of space each artist may reserve:

  • Attending Artists can register for a maximum of 9 Spaces, which can be a combination of tables, art show, and print shop panels.
  • Mail-in Artists can register for a maximum of 4 Spaces, which can be a combination of tables, art show, and print shop panels.

Art Show Hanging Fees

Panel Space

Dimensions (width by height)SpacesFee
1/3 (2’x 4’)1$11
2/3 (4’x 4’)2$17
Full (6’x4 ’)3$22

Table Space

Dimensions (width by depth)SpacesFee
1/4 (18″ x 18″)1$7
1/2 (3’ x 18″)2$10
3/4 (4.5’ x 18″)3$14
Full (6’ x 18”)4$17

The Mail‐in handling fee is $8.

Other Important Information

Agents/Carriers: The artist must fill out and sign the Agent/Carrier section of the control sheet, or provide Agent/Carrier with a letter from the artist authorizing the Agent/Carrier to represent her/him/them at Balticon 56.

Disclaimer: While we fully intend these to be the rules that actually govern the Balticon Art Show, the Art Show Directors reserve the right to make changes or interpretations if unforeseen circumstances arise.

Art Show Space Is Very Limited: Exceptions to usual space allocation must be arranged with the Art Show Directors no later than 4 weeks before the Con.

All payments to Artists will be made by check. All checks will be mailed within 60 days after Balticon or the Artist will be contacted concerning their unreconciled paperwork.

Mail‐in art being returned will be shipped within 10 days after the Con.

Please pre-register, before May 1, 2023. We will send the necessary paperwork to those who pre‐register by the cut-off date. Registrations received after that date will receive confirmation by email or phone if space is still available.

For more information and the online registration link, see the Main Art Show page.

Special requests, problems or inquiries, please contact:

Nora Echeverria: 240-375-5023 (10am-11pm EDT) or