The Balticon Masquerade will be held in the Main Ballroom beginning at 9:00 PM on Saturday.

Sign-up for the Masquerade will be at a Masquerade Table in the registration area (Fifth floor atrium). On-line sign-up is closed. You may still register at the con.
Masquerade Registration Hours:
Friday   4pm-7pm
Saturday 10am-2pm

Refer to the Masquerade Rules page for detailed information. Everyone appearing on stage must go through a tech rehearsal. You will sign up for a rehearsal time when you register.

A Masquerade Green Room will be open for the contestants starting at 6:00 PM Saturday. This is where you will sign in, get your appearance number, store props, be judged for workmanship (optional but encouraged!), and to make very last minute repairs should that prove necessary. NOTE: The Green Room is not to be used for making your costumes.There will be a group of experienced “Den Moms/Dads” to assist you with any problems and to keep an eye on your “stuff” if you need a last-minute potty visit. Please eat before you arrive at the Green Room. There will be live video feed of the Masquerade in the Green Room.

There is NO flash photography or videography of contestants while they are on stage. A flash photography opportunity will occur during half-time and there will be a dedicated fan photo area for posed pictures of the contestants.A multi-camera video of the complete Masquerade will be done by the convention with DVDs for sale after it is edited. Contact information for the DVD will be provided at the Masquerade Registration table.
The Masquerade will be run on International Costumers’ Guild guidelines. There are three skill divisions designed to protect less experienced contestants from being forced into competition against more experienced competitors before they are ready.“Novices” are adult contestants who have not won “Best Novice” or “Best in Show” at any Balticon, Anime North, or Costume Con.
“Journeymen” are adult contestants who have not won “Best Journeyman” or “Best in Show” at any Balticon, Anime North, or Costume Con. Professional costumers may not enter as either “Novice” or “Journeyman”.

“Master” is an open division that anyone may enter. Novices who have won numerous major awards are strongly encouraged to enter as Journeymen, and Journeymen who have won numerous major awards are strongly encouraged to enter as Masters.

“Junior/Youth” contestants are under 13, go on stage alone or in the arms of an adult, and will appear first. “Junior/Youth” entries should be placed in the division appropriate to the actual maker of the costume.

All division entries are at the discretion of the Masquerade Director. All competition entries are eligible for Best in Show.

The only live microphone on stage belongs to the MC, who will not share. If you have something for them to read, please turn it in when you register (18-point double-spaced printouts encouraged).

If you have something to say, or music to play, you must have it pre-recorded and turn it in when you register. Speaking from stage may be grounds for disqualification. If you have any questions or concerns, the Masquerade Registration and tech staff can help.