Artist Alley

Balticon’s Artist Alley is a place for artists to meet the public and interact with their fans. It is a place to demonstrate your artistic techniques and sell your original art: both originals and prints. Tables are curated so that we can offer fans a wide range of talented artists’ offerings.

Artist Alley is located in open public space, and cannot be secured. Artists are responsible for their art and other possessions, and must remove everything from their space when they leave each day. Balticon is not responsible for items lost or stolen from Artist Alley. If you wish to exhibit your art but don’t want to be present the entire time, please consider registering for the Art Show. If you have art that you’d like to exhibit in the Art Show, and you want to participate in Artist Alley, please consider registering for both.

Artist Alley spaces are numbered and artists will be assigned a space by number prior to the opening of the convention. If you wish to change your space assignment please contact Artist Alley Director Tristan Alexander at as soon as possible, and Tristan will help make changes if possible.

Click here for the Balticon 49 Artist Alley Forms. You can open and complete this document in Adobe Reader, then print and mail per the directions on the form.

Balticon Registration usually opens on Friday at 3 pm, you will be able to pick up your badge after that time. The Artist Alley Director is usually onsite before 5pm on Friday, but if you need more immediate help, the Art Show Staff can help out.


Artist Alley tables are in red. As of February 20, registrants include:

1 and 2) Tristan Alexander, Vampyre: Night Mist Productions
3) Topaz Campbell, Skyfire Fox Arts 11) Robert Quill
4) April Mei Pink 12) Sarah Sexton
5) Alexander Mui, SouthPark Taoist 13) Matthew Klein, Chain and Fancy
6) Lyndsay McClain, Crafts by Lyndsay 14) Alexander Catinella, A Stark Imbalance
7) DL Wainright/Cassandra Minter 15) Jhada Addams
8) Stephanie Burge 16) Artist Guest of Honor Ruth Sanderson
9) Kfir Mendel, CaveGeek 17)

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