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The Hunt Valley Inn

Balticon 49 will be held at the Hunt Valley Inn, 245 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031

Balticon's group rate for 2015 is $137 plus taxes, which comes out to a bit more than $156/night.

We have expanded our room block considerably for Friday and Saturday nights at the Hunt Valley Inn for 2015. Please only reserve the room that you will need. If you find you need to cancel your reservation, try to do that by mid-April at the latest, so that it goes back into our block and someoone else can reserve at the convention rate. If you must cancel after this timeframe, please contact hotel at Balticon dot org before cancelling so we can try to transfer it to another member at the con rate.

For on-line hotel reservations at the Balticon group rate, please use this link:

Click on the gray "Reservations" button on the left, and enter your dates (Balticon runs May 22 - May 25 in 2015).

Or, if you prefer, you can call the Wyndham national reservations number at 866-764-8359 to make your reservation, referencing "Balticon" to get the group rate.

If you need special accommodations, or have any questions or problems, please email Hotel AT balticon DOT org.


Directions from Baltimore-Washington International Airport:

Take I-195 West from BWI for 4 miles, to I-95. Follow From Points South below.

From Points South:

Take I-95 North until you reach I-695. Take the left-lane exit North towards Towson onto I-695. From I-695, take I-83 North towards York, PA. and then follow I-83 North.

From Points North via I-95:

Take I-95 South to I-695. Take the I-695 exit West towards Towson, for about 17 miles. From I-695, take the I-83 exit North towards York, PA. Then follow I-83 North directions below.

I-83 North:

Five miles North of the I-695/I-83 interchange is exit 20A, Shawan Road East. Take this exit and stay in the right lane as you exit the ramp. The hotel entrance is at the bottom of the ramp on the right.

From Points North via I-83:

Take I-83 South and get off at exit 20A, Shawan Road East, and get as far right as possible. After going under the highway, you must immediately cut across the ramp on the right to take a right turn into the hotel entrance. Or, continue to the light, take a right turn, and another right turn into the parking lot of the office building on the right. Go around the office building, and you can get to the hotel through the parking lots.


There is free parking surrounding the hotel, and huge parking lots on the east side of the hotel. Remember to lock your cars and hide valuables: even though we are outside the urban area, please take precautions typical of a suburban shopping mall parking lot.

Public Transportation:

Light Rail runs between the Hunt Valley Mall (across and up the street from our hotel) in the north, and BWI in the south. Trains run until at least 11 pm on weekdays, 7 pm on Sundays and holidays, but if you travel during non-peak times you may have to transfer trains to get to Hunt Valley.

There are two stations you can use. The Hunt Valley station is at the intersection of Shawan Road and York Road, which is about 3 blocks from the hotel. You can walk to the hotel by crossing Shawan Road, a four lane highway (please use crosswalks), and walking 3 blocks west on Shawan Road. See for more info.

The hotel may reinstate the shuttle service to the Light Rail for us: we do not know for sure yet. If they do run the van it will be on a periodic basis so you will not have to call the hotel. Please check back here closer to the convention for any updates. Your other alternative is to call Jimmy's Cab Company at 410-296-7200.

AMTRAK: You will arrive at Penn Station in downtown Baltimore - avoid the middle of night because there is no Light Rail service (check schedules). You can reach AMTRAK at 800-523-8720 or 800-872-7245. Then take the Light Rail north to the hotel or find a taxi.

Greyhound: You will arrive in downtown Baltimore at 2110 Hains St. You can take the 27 bus to travel 0.9 mi. to the Camden Yards station, or walk 0.5 mi. to the Hamburg Street Light Rail station and take it to the hotel. Check schedules to make sure you can make connections.

BWI Airport: Check the Light Rail schedule before reserving your flight, to make sure that the it is still running when you arrive. BWI also has Shuttle Services based at the Airport, which will be pricey because the hotel is a good distance away. The hotel does not offer shuttle service to the airport. Airport General Information: 800-435-9294 or 410-859-7100 or 410-859-7111.

All materials copyright © 2010 Baltimore Science Fiction Society, Inc., unless otherwise noted.