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Panels & Workshops

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You can view or download the Teen and Young Fans Program list to see the panels, presentations, and workshops for ages 13 to 18 and 18 to 25.

Note that these documents do not include the Anime Room, Video Room, Autograph Table, or Author Readings schedules.

Panels and Workshops by Program Track

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The Anime Program schedule is below. See the Exhibits and Functions page for the 2013 Anime Room Schedule.

Anime Program Schedule for Friday, May 24, 2013

  9:00  PM 101.  Anime 101 Salon D
  Lee Sarfati (M), Grig Larson, Christine Chase, Jason Banks (50 minutes)
 Anime 101 Intro to Anime: A discussion of Anime and Otaku culture for parents, new fans, and uninitiated.
  10:30  PM 102.  Anime 101 Salon D  Round-Eye Gaijin! Lee Sarfati (M), Grig Larson, Christine Chase, Jason Banks (50 minutes)   Examining the Japanese take on Western civilization and ideas, as expressed in popular sci-fi/ fantasy manga and anime. Extra points awarded for gratuitous Hetalia references.

Anime Program Schedule for Saturday, May 25, 2013

4:00  PM 103.  Anime and New Western TV Parlor 1026
  Grig Larson (M), Jason Banks, Robert Chase, Kathreja Sarfati (50 minutes)
  Can Anime withstand the onslaught of western shows, ie. Doctor Who, Breaking bad, Dexter, MadMen, Blacklist, Game of thrones, etc. -- does it have the subject matter to hold up? Will it or is it subjugated to the realm of "for children and immature nerds", whereas western television has started to grow up -- and grow up fast?

  11:00  PM 104.  Anime After Dark: Adult Themes in Anime Derby
  Kathreja Sarfati (M), Lee Sarfati, Jason Banks, Christine Chase (50 minutes)
  A free-wheeling discussion of anime, anime themes, and other anime and manga subjects for adults.

Anime Program Schedule for Sunday, May 26, 2013

  11:00  AM 105.  Intellectual Property Law and Fanworks Parlor 3041
  Robert Chase (M) (50 minutes)
  This was a well-received talk given by Robert R Chase at Anime USA this past year, and a subject of which all fans engaged in fanworks should have some knowledge.

  3:00  PM 106.  Positive Role Models in Manga and Anime Parlor 1026
  Christine Chase (M), PJ Schnyder, Kathreja Sarfati (50 minutes)
  The Bad Role Models are easy to identify -- but what anime characters are considered positive role models for adults or children? What story lines and or character arcs have become personal inspiration? Come share!

Anime Program Schedule for Monday, May 27, 2013

10:00 AM 107.  I Like Anime, So How Do I Share It With Friends? Salon D
  PJ Schnyder (M), Jason Banks, Christine Chase, Lee Sarfati (50 minutes)
  How to introduce folks to anime, and how to help them identify and avoid some of the weirder subject matter.

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Art Program Schedule for Friday, May 24, 2013

  9:00 PM 201.  Meet the Artists, Part 1: Halo Jankowski Art Show
  Art Show Villainous Nora Echeverria (M), Halo Jankowski (1 hours)
  Artist Guest of Honor Halo will be in the Art Show to meet fans and discuss his work exhibited there.

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Art Program Schedule for Saturday, May 25, 2013

  9:00 AM 213.  Paper Art Workshop Salon C
  Presenter: Nancy Janda (50 minutes)
  Students will receive all materials, including a stone to wrap, and instructions in creating a wire "cage" to hold their item. This works for odd-shaped stones or objects as well as regular cabochons, and there will be an assortment to choose from. Limited to 12 students. You can sign at the info desk to reserve your seat.

10:00  AM 202.  Paper Art Workshop Salon C   Presenter:  Ruth Lampi (50 minutes)   Paper art overview and hands on workshop. Book alteration and 3-D sculpture from the flat page.

12:00  Noon 217.  TMeet the Artists 2: Ellen Montgomery, Vonnie Winslow Crist Hunt Ballroom (Art Show)
(1 hour)   Moderator:  Nora Echeverria (1 hour)   Individual exhibiting artists will be available to meet fans and discuss their work at various times in the art show. The Meet the Artists schedule will be posted on the Art Show doors and in the Rocket Mail.

1:00  PM 218.  Meet the Artists 3: Laurel Cunningham-Hill, Joni White Hunt Ballroom (Art Show)
(1 hour)   Moderator:  Nora Echeverria (1 hour)   Individual exhibiting artists will be available to meet fans and discuss their work at various times in the art show. The Meet the Artists schedule will be posted on the Art Show doors and in the Rocket Mail.

  2:00  PM 219.  Meet the Artists 3: Tristan Alexander Hunt Ballroom (Art Show)
(1 hour)   Moderator:  Nora Echeverria (1 hour)   Individual exhibiting artists will be available to meet fans and discuss their work at various times in the art show. The Meet the Artists schedule will be posted on the Art Show doors and in the Rocket Mail.

  3:00  PM A-15.  Fantasy Art Drawing Workshop Salon C   Presenter:  Charlene Taylor D'Alessio (1 hour, 50 minutes)   This is a hands-on participation workshop. Attendees will be drawing Fantasy subject matter from a variety of small Fantasy props (provided) with a variety of drawing materials (provided).
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Art Program Schedule for Sunday, May 26, 2013

  9:00  AM A-4.  Artistic Collaboration Salon C
  Moderator:  TBD  Panelists:  TBD (50 minutes)
  Panelists discuss what it is like to collaborate with authors and other artists on a project, including some advice on pitfalls to watch out for!

10:00 AM A-10.  Reboot A Creative Career Salon C
  Moderator:  TBD;  Panelists:  Helen E. H. Madden, Rick Sternbach (50 minutes)
  All writers and artists suffer from burnout at some point in their career. What do you do when you no longer feel like making stories or drawing pictures? Take a break? Quit entirely? Move onto something new? What brings back the creative fire when you feel like a pile of dead ashes? (On a related topic — how do you keep working when you've had a catastrophe in your life?)

11:00  AM A-9.  Broad Pen Calligraphy Workshop II Salon C
  Presenter:  Brent Warner   (1 hour, 20 minutes)
  Part II of the calligraphy workshop expands the characters covered, using a chisel-edge felt-tip marker. You should have completed last year's or this year's intro to calligraphy workshop before attending part 2.

12:30  PM A-15.  Brown Bag Lunch with Art GoH Rick Sternbach Salon C
  Bring your lunch to Salon C for an informal lunch chat with Art Guest of Honor Rick Sternbach.

(50 minutes)
  2:00  PM A-16.  Art Auction Garden Room
  Auctioneer:  Eric "Dr. Gandalf"Fleischer (1 hour, 30 minutes)
  Items that received 3 or more bids in the silent auction are moved to this voice auction. Come and buy some art! Once all the art is sold, Dr. Gandalf will continue with the Bobby Gear Auction for BSFS Books for Kids.

  5:00 PM A-7.  Iron Artists Salon C
  Moderator:  Ray Ridenour;  Panelists:  Rick Sternbach, Alan Beck (50 minutes)
  We'll take three suggestions from the audience(Like Bagpipes,Exorcist,and Kitten.) The artists then have 45 minutes to produce a piece incorporating the 3 "ingredients". The audience cheers them on, then votes and picks the best one. All pieces are sold at the Bobby Gear Memorial Auction to raise money for BSFS Books for Kids.

  7:00 PM A-17.  The Designs of Star Trek Salon A
  Presenter:  Rick Sternback (50 minutes)
  Rick Sternbach reveals the processes that shaped the designs of starships, hand props, set graphics, and astronomical phenomena in the 24th century for the Star Trek franchise. Fifteen years on the job at Paramount Pictures, starting with Star Trek: The Motion Picture, saw the creation of a vast array of vehicles and equipment used on The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.

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Art Program, Monday, May 27, 2013

  9:00  AM A-6.  Personal Artistic Journeys Salon C
  Panelists:   Judi Fleming, Rick Sternbach (50 minutes)
  Artist Heidi Hooper guides participants in creating their very own piece of dryer lint art. If you have some colorful dryer lint, please bring it with you! If there is not enough lint brought in by participants, Heidi will present her onscreen demo.

10:00  AM Art Show Monday Workshops
A-13.  Dryer Lint Art Workshop
(Hunt Ballroom)
  Facilitator:  Artist Heidi Hooper (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  Artist Heidi Hooper guides participants in creating their very own piece of dryer lint art. If you have some colorful dryer lint, please bring it with you! If there is not enough lint brought in by participants, Heidi will present her onscreen demo.

11:00  AM A-3.  Tools for Artists Salon C
  Panelists:   Helen E. H. Madden, Betsy Riley (50 minutes)
  What are the preferred tools of artists, both traditional and digital? How do artists use both digital and traditional tools together? Do you have to buy top-of-the-line, costly tools to make art, or can you do more with less (lower costing tools)? What are the most unexpected tools artists have used? What tools have changed the way artists work?


Children's Program Schedule for Friday, May 24, 2013

   6:00  PM CH-1.  The Art of Wing Making Chase Room

Presenters:  Leigh Alexander & Jay Buechler
Children will get a chance to create and decorate their very own pair of wings. Techniques include cellophane, paper, and tulle covered wings. Some parental assistance will be required.

   7:00  PM CH-2.  Kamikaze Kostuming Chase Room
(2 hours)

Make a Hall or Masquerade Costume with guidance from experienced Costumer Persus Thorndike. We bring the stuff, you bring your imagination and create amazing costumes in TWO hours!

Children's Program Schedule for Saturday, May 25, 2013

 10:00  AM CH-3.  Space Age PDA Jewelry Chase

These wonders store info for visual retrieval. They are wide bracelets that can contain and protect text and blank paper on the outside, inside, or both. They are held closed with beads, buttons, or ribbon.

 11:00  AM CH-4.  Pirates Past Noon Luncheon Chase

Argh! Ye all, come grab some nutritious grub as well as some piratatey treats. Ye shall help us dig for buried treasures, make crafts, but be wary or ye may be asked to walk the plank!

 12:00 Noon CH-5.  Dance in Outer Space Chase

Moderators Leigh Alexander & Jay Buechler
Children will get to experiment moving in different ways as they explore the mysteries of the unknown world of Outer Space.

  1:00  PM CH-6.  Magic Show Chase

Magician Matt Neufeld specializes in children's birthday parties (particularly ages 7 to 12). He also performs for family and community events, offering stage and parlor style magic. He works in the Baltimore and Washington metro areas, Frederick and Washington Counties (Maryland).

   2:00  PM CH-7.  Story Telling Chase

Storyteller Bill Mayhew has been telling stories for as long as he can remember and to the public for more than thirty years, all over the place, to audiences from kindergarten to senior citizens. He likes to tell funny stories; some are grim, some are sweet, and some are scary, but all are fun and most will make your little on laugh!

   3:00  PM CH-8.  Write Like an Eqyptian Chase Room

Moderator:  Brent Warner;
Learn the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet, so you can write your name (or anything else you want to) like an Ancient Egyptian! You won't have to learn the hundreds of glyphs that the Ancient Egyptians used to write their language — you'll only have to learn the handful of letters they used to write the funny names of foreigners who visited Ancient Egypt.
By the way — those names that the Egyptians thought were funny: that means all the names we use today! So come learn how to write your name like an Egyptian!

   4:00  PM CH-9.  Solar System Ballet Chase

Moderator:  Inge Heyer
First we get to know the bodies in our Solar System, then we act out their motions. Everybody will have a chance to be a planet, moon or comet. Older kids and adults are welcome of course, but the presentation is aimed at the elementary school students.

   5:00  PM CH-10.  Steampunk Filk Concert Chase

Presenters:  Mark MacDicken
What kind of songs would kids enjoy singing in the Age of Steam? Join in with Mark MacDicken as he strums and sings silly songs from the 19th Century, including Victorian Music Hall (G-rated, of course!), American folk songs, and maybe a few from more recent times that are just good, clean, geeky fun!

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Children's Sunday, May 26, 2013

 10:00  AM CH-11.  Balloon Bounce Space/Face Painting Chase

Ming Diaz Come invites you to play in a balloon, confetti filled Balloon Bounce Space while you wait to get your face painted by the Amazing Ming Diaz. (Don't worry if you're late. Ming will continue painting faces all day long Sat and Sun!)

 11:00  AM CH-12.  Make a Duck (Duct) Tape Wallet Chase

Presenters:  Sue Bowen
These are one of the best wallets for fooling a thief. They are inexpensive, store flat, and conform to the body. They can also become sticky and so be difficult to remove from pockets.

 12:00 Noon CH-13.  Dine with Dinosaurs Chase

Presenters:  Eta Hack, Pallas Bane
We'll stop to eat our food, when we're in the mood because are the DINOSUARS! Join us for a yummy lunchtime snack and dinosaur fun and games!

   1:00  PM CH-14.  Fossils & Rocks:  Clues of the Ancient Past Chase

Presenter:  Tom Holtz
What are fossils and rocks? How do they form? How can we use them to figure out what life was like in the prehistoric past? A hands-on examination of rocks and fossils using real specimens and some plastic casts. Particularly suited for later elementary school ages upwards.

   2:00  PM CH-15.  Flabberghast the Wizard Magic Show Chase

"Flabbergast" is the name of this time-traveling wizard who amuses children and adults alike with his puzzling feats of prestidigitation and legerdemain! Is he breaking the rules of wizardry, (not to mention physics,) by performing "real magic" for muggles (non-magical folk), or is it really just "illusion"? You decide! — PREPARE to be FLABBERGHASTED!

   3:00  PM CH-16.  Dance Like an Egyptian Chase

Presenter:  Valerie Durham
Using visual inspiration from ancient Egyptian artwork as well as the stories of Ra, Isis, Hathor and Osiris, we'll dance like pyramids, mummies, pharaohs and crocodiles of the Nile.

   4:00  PM CH-17.  Poptop Chainmail Chase Room

Presenters:  Thomas Atkinson
You know those little aluminum tabs from soda cans? Thomas Atkinson, master costumer, will teach you how to turn them into chain mail that's light and attractive.

   5:00  PM CH-18.  Tall Tails Chase

Presenters:  Tim Livengood

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Monday, May 27, 2013

 10:00  AM CH-19.  Legos Challenge Con Suite

With Prizes! Lego, Lego everywhere! What will you create!?

 12:00 Noon CH-20.  Story Telling (Con Suite)

Moderator:  Don Sakers
Enjoy the fun, lively, and often silly storytellings of Mr. Don. Be ready to laugh, giggle and just have a grand old time!

   1:00  PM CH-21.  Kid's Filk with Danny Birt (Con Suite)


Costuming Program Schedule for Friday, May 24, 2013

  3:00  PM C-2A.  Steampunk Mini Hat Workshop, Section A Salon D
  Facilitators: Lisa Ashton, Nancy Frey, Gaia Eirich, Electra Hammond, Ron Robinson, Kate Szkotnicki, Jeanette Holloman 1 hour, 50 minutes)
  (This Workshop is being presented TWICE)
A reprise of 2012's little hat workshop. Do you love and adore those decorated little hats that are all the rage? Learn how easy it is to take a plain hat and adorn it to your whim. Materials fee $10 hat and embellishment kit sold for $10, and hot glue to adhere the decorations. You will leave the workshop with a small, decorated hat!

  5:00  PM C-13.  Mask Making Workshop Salon D
  Moderator:  Betsy Marks Delaney;  Facilitators:  Marianne Pease, Sarah Sexton, Raven Stormbringer (1 hour, 20 minutes)
  Using different mask making techniques, materials, and methods (i.e. buckram, cardboard, fabric, papier-mache, hot glue, polymer clay, shaping, painting, articulated masks, carving and painting foam, wiring, foam clay) participants will create original masks.

  6:00  PM C-1.  Beyond Fabric to Hardware: Riveting, Glues, Boning, Sculpting & Foam Salon C
  Moderator:  Stephanie Burke;  Panelists:  Gaia Eirich, Ming Diaz, Raven Stormbringer (50 minutes)
  Discussion about both foundational uses (structure under soft materials) and using hardware such as grommets and rivets as joining methods, and decorative uses.

   7:00  PM C-19.  Kamikaze Costuming Chase Room
  Moderator:  Persis Thorndike (2 hours)
  Help Persis and the Kamikaze Kidz put together some awesome costumes!

  9:00  PM C-18.  Make and Take Macrame Workshop (Ages 13-25) Parlor 3041
  Moderator:  Lisa Ashton;  Facilitators:  Lisa Adler-Golden, Nancy Frey, Eta Hack, Ron Robinson (1 hours 50 minutes)
  Learn several basic knotting techniques and complete a macramé bracelet with beads and clasp. Kits will be provided. (Also listed as TYF-4)

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Costuming Program Schedule for Saturday, May 25, 2013

  3:00  PM C-2B.  Steampunk Mini Hat Workshop, Section B Salon D
  Fcilitator:  Lisa Adler-Golden, Bill Kennedy, Marianne Pease, Ron Robinson, Jacalyn Stanley, Jeanette Holloman, Nancy Frey (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  (This Workshop is being presented TWICE)
A reprise of 2012's little hat workshop. Do you love and adore those decorated little hats that are all the rage? Learn how easy it is to take a plain hat and adorn it to your whim. Materials fee $10 hat and embellishment kit sold for $10, and hot glue to adhere the decorations. You will leave the workshop with a small, decorated hat!

10:00  AM SE-13.  Costume Friendly Tech Valley Ballroom
  Moderator:  Eric Gasior  Panelists:  The Tech Crew (1 hour)
  How to use Tech to show off your costume. Come let the Tech Team show you how to make the most of what they can do.

11:00  AM C-3.  Low Tech Stage Magic — the Art of Diversion Salon D
  Moderators:  Gaia Eirich, Ming Diaz (50 minutes)
  Many wonderful presentations have utilized "low-tech" magic: disappearing flowers, silk scarves, telescoping trees, etc. We'll have demonstration of some possible applications and explanations of how they work.

12:00  Noon C-16.  Learn to do Makeup Prosthetics from a Pro! Salon D
  Moderators:  Raven Stormbringer (Bill Frankenfield, (maybe)JoAnn Abbot (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  A demo/workshop to teach basic makeup prosthetics: how to work with them, prepare the skin, place and adhere them, make up the edges and blending, and how to safely remove them for re-use.

12:00  Noon C-14.  Polymer Clay Beads & Cabochons Workshop (Ages 13-25) Parlor 3041
  Presenters::   Lisa Adler-Golden, Lisa Aston, Eta Hack (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  We'll have small kits made up. Small, medium and large beads will be created, and molding technique for cabochons taught. Possibly the finished products will be baked overnight and can be picked up the following day. (Also listed as TYF-8)

  2:00  PM C-4.  Big Silly Things on Your Head:  What Headpieces & Wigs Do Salon D
  Moderator:  Betsy Marks Delaney;  Panelists:  Nancy Frey, Jeanette Holloman, Leslie Johnston, Kate Szkotnicki (50 minutes)
  To complete the look of any character, attention to the hair and head is critical. Both headpieces and wigs make you larger and more visible on stage, and can be the convincing detail.

  3:00  PM C-5.  Tool Time:  What's Out There &How to Use It: Salon D
  Moderator:  Carol Salemi;  Panelists:  Bill Kennedy, Leslie Johnston, Betsy Marks Delaney, Kate Szkotnicki (50 minutes)
  From pattern and organizing programs for your computer, to sewing gadgets and much larger equipment like a drill press or sander, what tools do costumers consider essential and return to? Pick your 3 favorite tools!

  3:30  PM C-21a. Masquerade Childrens Rehearsal Valley Ballroom
(30 minutes)

   4:00  PM C-21b. Masquerade Rehearsal Valley Ballroom
(3 hours)

(5 Hours)

   8:00  PM C-23. Masquerade Entry(See also SE-8) Valley Ballroom
(2 hours, 50 minutes)

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Costuming Program Schedule for Sunday, May 26, 2013

11:00  AM C-6.  Faux Paw's:  Creating Furs, Gems and Other Looks for Less Salon D
  Moderator:  Carol Salemi  Panelists:  Betsy Marks Delaney, Gaia Eirich (50 minutes)
  Many of us would LOVE to use real fur and gems, but alas! we cannot afford or even find them. How to create the look of the REAL with cheap materials.

12:00 Noon C-7.  Making Sense of Patterns & Sewing References Salon D
  Moderator:  Karen Schnaubelt;;  Panelists:  Susan de Guardiola, Jeanette Holloman, Marianne Pease, Kate Szkotnicki (50 minutes)
  Many folks these days are never actually taught to read and use a traditional pattern or to understand various sewing and construction terms. Here's how to make sense of it all and understand the steps.

  1:00  PM C-15.  One Way to Make an Alien — Versatile Stretch Fabrics Salon D
  Presenters:  Lisa Ashton, Raven Stormbringer (50 minutes)
  Talking about Spandex and other stretch fabrics as related to construction of aliens, i.e. body suits, large claws or feet or body parts for stuffing, how to sew and work with these fabrics by hand or by machine.

  2:00  PM C-8.  Painting on Fabric: Airbrush to Squeeze Paint & Beyond! Salon D
  Moderator:  Stephanie Burke;  Panelists:  Gaia Eirich, Carol Salemi (50 minutes
  One way to alter or customize fabric or other material is to paint it. There's more than one way to paint a cat! (if that's your idea of a good time). Panelists will discuss or demo techniques, depending on what final look is desired, covering airbrush, spray paint, stenciling, shadowing, highlighting, squeeze painting, brush painting, hot glue as paint, watercolor, outlines and resists, as well as types and brands of paints.

  3:00  PM C-9.  Masquerade Show and Tell Salon D
  Moderator:  Marty Gear and Betsy Marks Delaney (50 minutes)
  Come ye all Masquerade entrants, and show/discuss the wonders of your costume, specific techniques and innovations, solving construction problems. Give us a chance to ooh! And aah! At your genius!

  4:30  PM C-10.  GCFCG Semi-Annual Auction Salon D
  Moderator:  Marty Gear and Betsy Marks Delaney (1 hour, 20 minutes)
  Come and bid for FABULOUS fabrics, trim, buttons and other packages during the Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers Guild semi-annual Auction!

  6:00  PM C-17.  Horn Making Workshop (Ages 13-25) Salon D
  Presenters:   Ming Diaz, Gaia Eirich, Eta Hack, Betsy Marks Delaney (1 hour, 20 minutes)
  Using different techniques, materials, and methods (i.e. buckram, cardboard, fabric, papier-maché, hot glue, polymer clay, shaping, painting, articulated masks, carving and painting foam, wiring, foam clay) participants will create original, wearable horns. (Also listed as TYF-7)

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Costuming Program Schedule for Monday, May 27, 2013

10:00  AM C-11.  Distressing Fabric: Adding Age or Trauma to Your Costume (not Yourself! Salon D
  Moderator:  Bill Kennedy;;Panelists:  Gaia Eirich, Carol Salemi (50 minutes)
  Aging, wear, and distressing techniques for fabric and finished clothing and props.

11:00  AM C-11.  Armor, Corsets and Structure as Fashion Salon D
  Moderator:   Lisa Adler-Golden;Panelists:  Jeanette Holloman, Stephanie Burke, Becca Davis (50 minutes)
  Although armor and corsets may not seem related, they have common ground. Learn about how to use boning and structural elements, as well as designing and building both real and faux armor.

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Friday D-1.  Dancing in the Gears! Steam Punk Ball Valley Ballroom
10:00 PM Dance Mistress:  Susan de Guardiola (2 hours)
  Attention all aeronauts, aethernauts, lady and gentleman adventurers, mad scientists, inventors, and other Steampunks and neo-Victorians! Join us for a time-traveling formal evening at the Steampunk Ball! Become part of the living clockwork of Victorian and Victorian-inspired set dances and spin madly with your partner to romantic waltzes and lively polkas. No previous experience is needed; all dances will be taught by dance mistress Susan de Guardiola. Music will be an eclectic mix of modern and nineteenth century. Steampunk, neo-Victorian, or Victorian costume encouraged and admired but not required. Airships and time machines should be parked outside the ballroom. No sabers, ray guns, or clanks permitted on the dance floor. (Also listed as SE-2. under Special Events)

Friday D-2.  Midnight Dance Party Valley Ballroom
11:59 PM DJ/Moderator:  Talis Thorndike (2 hours)
  FOR TEENS/YOUNG FANS ONLY (AGES 13 TO 25). Dance to the music of DJ Talis Thorndike. (Also listed as item SE 3. in Special Events Program and as item TYF-1. in Teen and Young Fans Program.)

Saturday D-3.  Medieval Dance Garden Room
3:30 PM Dance Misress:  Patches (1 hour, 30 minutes)
  Come learn a bunch of easy and fun medieval dances, taught by Patches. Music provided by Maugorn and friends. (Also listed as S-22 in Special Events)

Saturday D-5.  Dance — Live Band — Machines of Living Death Valley Ballroom
11:30 PM Robbie Whiplash (1 hour, 30 minutes)
  Dance to the music of Robbie Whiplash and Machines of Living Death

Sunday D-4.  Swing Dance Garden Room
9:30 PM Dance Master:  Iver Cooper (1 hour, 30 minutes)
  Put your dancing shoes on and step to a 20th century beat. For those new to swing dancing, Iver Cooper will use half the floor to teach basic steps for the first half, then the whole floor opens up for open dancing.

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Fan Program Program Schedule for Friday, May 24, 2013

  6:00  PM F-21.  Bringing Up Geeklings: Parenting the Fen of Tomorrow Salon D
  Moderator:  Robert R. Chase;Panelists:  Lisa Adler-Golden, Stephanie Burke, Ruth Lampi, David Silverman (50 minutes)
  Balticon veteran program participants and attendees give newcomers tips on how to get the most from their Balticon experience.

  6:00  PM F-21.  Bringing Up Geeklings: Parenting the Fen of Tomorrow Salon D
  Moderator:   ; Panelists:   (50 minutes)
  Tired of having to defend your right to make your child memorize Star Trek lines? Worried your geeklet is turning out just like all the other kids? Discuss the finer points of Geek Parenting with our panel of experts.

10:00  PM F-1.  Family? Belmont Room
  Moderator:   ; Panelists:   (50 minutes)
  An alternative lifestyle lecturer has said there are three kinds of family:
  1. the one you're born or adopted into,
  2. the 'extended' one that includes the relatives of relatives and spouses, and
  3. the one you choose, which may include friends, lovers, relatives, etc.
Do we add a fourth kind of family now to reflect our online social media family? Many of them are people we never meet face to face, yet feel close and connected to. Panelists discuss the changing concepts of family and familial relationships.

10:00  PM F-11.  Drawing Down the Moon Tennis Courts
  Moderator:   ; Panelists:   (50 minutes)
  Join us for a traditional Dianic Full Moon empowerment ritual on the lawn beside the tennis courts.

11:30  PM F-16.  Other Sexualities Pimlico Room
  Moderator:   ; Panelists:   ; (1 hour, 20 minutes)
  Exploring the concepts of sexual outlets beyond the plain vanilla and the paired binary, as depicted in Science Fiction (panelists may even bring examples to read) and in the real world. What will our sex lives look like in the future?

11:59  PM F-20.  Storytelling for Adults Chase Room
  Bill Mayhew spins tales for the grown-ups. (50 minutes)

11:59  PM F-7.  Open Readings — Friday Pimlico Room
  Unmoderated (50 minutes)
  Have you written or read a piece of fan fiction you want to share with others? Drop in, read it to others and get some feedback.

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Fan Program Schedule for Saturday, May 25, 2013

  9:00  AM F-2.  Martial Arts Demos Tennis Courts
  Presenters:   Steve and Deja Biernesser (50 minutes)
  Some of the expert martial artists in fandom show us how it's done and explain how their chosen form differs from other disciplines. Wear comfy clothes and come outdoors. Steve and Deja will lead you through some great stretches to help get your day started. This event will be held on the grounds adjacent to the tennis courts. IN THE EVENT OF BAD WEATHER, THIS EVENT WILL BE IN SALON B.

  9:00  AM F-12.  Words of Wisdom for Newbies Pimlico Room
  Moderator:   ;  Panelists:   ; (50 minutes)
  Balticon veteran program participants and attendees give newcomers tips on how to get the most from their Balticon experience.

10:000  AM F-8.  How To Get The Future We All Want (And Avoid The Futures We Don't Want) Salon A
  Moderator:   ;  Panelists:  Joe Haldeman, Rick Sternbach (50 minutes)
  We need to get American space colonization going NOW, so we need to get the politicians to Start Noticing US, right NOW! Panelists discuss how to accomplish this.

10:000  AM F-19.  Zombies:  Monsters with Meaning Derby Room
  Presenter:  Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg (50 minutes)
  An exploration of the zombie as a modern pop culture icon, from its first cinematic appearance in 1932 to the present. Why are we drawn to these dark carnival mirror reflections of us, and what do zombies have to say about our society and what we most fear? With the help of some of the most successful examples of the zombie in media through the decades, Dr. Blumberg opens the door to the crypt and invites us to have a look inside.

12:00 Noon F-3.  Making a Con Friendly for Fans With Special Needs Salon B
  Moderator:  Paul O'Neill; Panelists:  Day Al-Mohamed (50 minutes)
  A panel for people of special needs, where people can talk about attending cons with their needs and how to make the Con more friendlier for them.

  8:00  PM F-5.  SF & F Trivia Salon A
  Moderator:  Brick Barrientos (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  Brick Barrientos once again brings us a Balticon tradition; see how much you really know about the field.

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Fan Program Schedule for Sunday, May 26, 2013

12:00 Noon F-6.  Liars Panel Garden Room
  Moderator:  Mark L. Van Name;  Panelists:  Gay Haldeman, Mur Lafferty, T. C. McCarthy (1 hour, 20 minutes)
  Each panelist, including the moderator, answers all the questions. All answers must be the truth--except three. No one other than the answering panelist knows if the answers are true or lies. After each one, anyone in the audience can challenge the answering panelist. Multiple people can challenge; the more, the better. After there are no more challengers, the panelist tells whether the answer was truth or a lie. If it was true, every challenger puts a dollar in a bucket that runners pass. If it was a lie, the panelist puts $10 in the bucket. All proceeds go to support the literacy program, BSFS Books for Kids.

12:00 Noon F-13.  A Cthulhu Out of the Hat — Writing Prompts for the Deranged Salon B
  Moderator:  Molly Brown;Panelists:  KT Pinto (50 minutes)
  Panelists and audience write science fiction stories based on the items pulled out of a hat. Panelists will read their stories at the end, audience members will share their resulting stories in Parlor 1041 at 11:00 PM. We had so much fun last year we're doing this again!

  1:00  PM F-18.  Introduction to the SCA Parlor 3041
  Presenter:  Lady Ingeborg i Trondheim (50 minutes)
 An introduction to the Society for Creative Anachronisms, with plenty of time for Q & A. Learn about the community of folks who play all those historical characters at the Renaissance Festivals.!

  4:00  PM F-17.  Xenoarchaeology Road Show Salon B
  Moderator:  Mark L. Van Name;  Panelists:  Joe Haldeman, T. C. McCarthy, Mur Lafferty (50 minutes)
  What will future archaeologists make of common 20th century household objects? Our panelists take their best guesses.

  5:00  PM F-10.  Designing Believable Airships Belmont Room
  Presenter:  Iver Cooper (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  Ever wonder if the story or novel you're reading has it right with all those airship descriptions and maneuvers? This presentation is your chance to find out!

  7:00  PM F-9.  Gender Identity and Sexuality in Fandom Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Trisha J. Wooldridge;  Panelists:  Tili Solokov, Lauren Schiller, Becca Davis (50 minutes)
  Fandom seems to easily open a safe space for marginalized sub-groups. No fuss, no bother, we just accept folks as they are. Why is that? And if fandom can do it, why can't society as a whole manage it? A roundtable discussion.

  7:00  PM F-21.  Viking Culture, Mythology and the creation of "Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok" Belmont Room
  Presenter:  Ada Palmer (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  Ada Palmer and members of Sassafrass discuss the Viking and Norse culture and mythology that are at the core of "Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok." They will also discuss the creation and development of the story and the music.

11:00  PM F-14.  Readings From The Cthulhu Hat Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Molly Brown;Panelists:   (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  The Deranged Bestow Their Works on the Rest: Run while you can! The audience members from the Noon Panel will be sharing their stories with all available victims. No guarantees of survival if Cthulhu is actually summoned.

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Fan Program Schedule for Monday, May 27, 2013

10:00  AM F-15.  The Worst Moderation Ever! (And How to Avoid It) Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  ;  Panelists:   (50 minutes)
  Without mentioning names, panelists trade stories about their worst ever experiences both from the audience viewpoint and the panelist viewpoint. Then they'll discuss how the disaster could be avoided on future panels.

  2:00  PM F-4.  Remembering) Chase Room
  Moderator:  All are welcome to this open forum. (50 minutes)
  Participants and fans share their memories of authors, editors, artists, talent and fans who have moved on to the Great Convention (aka the Big Con) since Balticon 46 — folks like Gerry Anderson, Ray Bradbury, Harry Harrison, Richard Lynch, Basil Copper, Paul Williams, David B. Silva, Rick Hautala, James Herbert, Richard E. Geis, Jan Howard Finder, Daniel Pearlman, Ann Jordan, Steven Utley, Kevin O. O'Donnell, Jr., David Grove, Alan Joseph Hunter, Janet Berliner, Jane Francis Gunn, Josepha Sherman, Ken Hunt, Adam Niswander, Gore Vidal, Suzanne Allés Blom, Jay Jay Klein, K. D. Wentworth, Stuart Freeborn, Willam Windom, Joe Kubert, Mary Tamm, Caroline John, Maurice Sendak, Joel Goldsmith, Jonathan Frid, Moebius, Ray Cusick, Neil Armstrong, Adam Niswander.

  4:00  PM F-26.  Improving Balticon Chase Room
  Moderator:  Balticon Chair Patti Kinlock (50 minutes)
  Come and help us learn how to do this smoother, bigger, better! (Oh yeah, and how about easier?!!!)

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Friday FTV-1.  Balticon Video Program Sneak Previews Belmont Room
  6:00 PM Presenter:  Thomas the Red (50 minutes
  Thomas Horman brings clips and teasers and highlights of the Baticon 47 video program, including the brand-new overnight screenings in the Belmont Room!

Friday FTV-2.  International Film Trailers Parlor 3041
  7:00 PM Presenter:  Lance Oszko (50 minutes)
  Lance Oszko offers trailers for film, television and internet productions from around the world and from alternate realities.

Saturday FTV-3.  The Great Character Actors of Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Movies Parlor 3041
  8:00 PM Presenter:  Theodore Krulik (50 minutes)
  Who are the great recognizable character actors that we love? Panelists and audience members will give names and describe brief backgrounds of these lesser-known actors.

Sunday FTV-4. The Hobbit: Smaug, Progress Reports Garden Room
  6:00 PM Presenter:  Lance Oszko (50 minutes)
  Progress reports from Peter Jackson on the filming of second installment of The Hobbit, Smaug, including the latest trailer(s) and Peter Jackson discussing and analyzing various elements of the production.

  Sunday FTV-6.  Is Winter Coming or What? McCormick Suite
  9:00 AM Moderator:  Perrianne Lurie (2 hours)
  HBO's Game of Thrones is well into it's third season. What do we like about it? What do we dislike? How does it compare to George R.R. Martin's "A Song Of Ice And Fire" books? NO SPOILERS unless everyone in the room agrees.

Monday FTV-7.  Film Festival Winners and Coming Attractions Garden Room
10:00 AM Presenter:  Lance Oszko (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  If you missed the Sunday Night Short Film Festival, this is your chance to come and see the Directors Choice and Audience Choice Live Action and Animated Film Winners. The screening of the winners will be followed by Coming Attractions - Lance Oszko spends hours trolling the internet and talking to film distributors to find entertaining trailers to share with us for soon-to-be-released and never-to-be-released independent and commercial films from around the world.


If you are involved in the independent filmmaking industry, we would love to have you share your knowledge, talent, and experiences at Balticon. Please email the Filmmaking Program Coordinator if you are interested in being a Filmmaking Program participant and/or have ideas for Filmmaking Program panels.

Filmmaking Program Schedule for Friday, May 24, 2013

  9:00  PM FM-4.  Filmmaking Workshop Chase Room
  Presenter:  Paul Skulsky (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  An up close and personal overview of short film creation. The class will actually create a short film based on one of the winning poems from the poetry contest!

  9:00  PM FM-2.  Friday Night Film Premier — Shotgun Mythos Garden Room
  Presenters:  Clint Gaige, Marcus Lawrence, Robbie Poetzman, Nate Nelson (1 hour, 20 minutes)
  Director Clint Gaige and crew present the east coast premier of "Shotgun Mythos" (www.shotgunmythos.com), a gritty marriage of sci-fi and crime-noir. Drawing on Biblical references, Classical mythology and Celtic folklore, Shotgun Mythos introduces us to a world where the fairy tales are real and never intended for children. A brief Q&A follows.
Then stay for the Ninjas Vs Monsters encore at 10:30! See FM-12 for details.


SCREENING at BALTICON 47 in 2013!!

10:30  PM FM-12.  Friday Night Film Encore — Ninjas Vs Monsters Garden Room
  Presenters:  Daniel Ross and Justin Timpane (Runtime 90 minutes)
  The Ninjas and their friends find themselves pitted against the most evil and memorable monsters of them all: Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Werewolf, and MORE! Loaded with martial arts action, bloody horror, gun play, magic, comedy, pop-culture references, and a tightly woven twist-filled plot.
The Ninjas Vs gang gave us a sneak preview of the rough cut of Ninjas Vs Monsters last year. This year tHey are here to show us the final cut of the third installment in their Ninjas vs trilogy and to talk about their current and upcoming projects!

11:59  PM FM-1.  Friday Night Science Films Salon A
(1 hour) Lance Oszko has hand-picked some terrific short science films.

Filmmaking Program Schedule for Saturday, May 25, 2013

  2:00  PM FM-5.  Short vs Feature films Garden Room
  Moderator:  Charlie Brown  Panelists : James Gossard, James Durham, Joe McClean, Rick Leider (50 minutes)
  What are some of the deciding factors in choosing short instead of feature length? How do you weigh them? How do you make the most of a limited budget? What makes a short film appeal to viewers? What do you look for from a short film?

  3:00  PM FM-7.  The ABC's of Creating a Web Series Parlor 3041
  Presenter:  Clint Gaige with help from cast and crew of Shotgun Mythos: Marcus Lawrence, Robbie Poetzman, Jay Tilley and Nate Nelson (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  Writer/Director Clint Gaige, with assistance from the cast and crew of Shotgun Mythos takes us through the process of creating a web series.

Filmmaking Program Schedule for Sunday, May 26, 2013

  9:00  AM FM-3.  Sunday Morning Film Premier — 95ers: Echoes Garden Room
  Presenter:  James Durham (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  The Maryland Premier of the Indie Film 95ers: Echoes An FBI agent with time-bending powers must fight sinister forces from the future to save her loved ones from being erased from existence. Q&A with the film's co-writer, James Durham (a frequent Balticon participant) follows.

  2:00  PM FM-10.  Guerrilla Indie Filmmaking on a Budget Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Charlie Brown;  Panelists:  James Durham, Clint Gaige, Joe McClean (50 minutes)
  A "how-to" roundtable discussion with independent filmmakers.

  4:00  PM FM-9.  Sunday Film Premier II —: Life Tracker Garden Room
  Presenters:nbsp; Joe McClean (1 hour, 50 minutes))
  Writer/director Joe McClean brings us the Maryland premier of Life Tracker (www.lifetrackermovie.com) , which follows a group of friends dealing with the ramifications of a new genetic technology that can predict a human's biological future, and how having that knowledge wrecks havoc on their friendships. It stars Matt Dallas ('Kyke' from the Sci-Fi show Kyke XY), Rebecca Marshall (Saw 3D: The Final Chapter), and Barry Finnegan (How to Make a David Lynch Film). The executive producer is NBA great Baron Davis.

  Master of Ceremonies:  Jay Tilley (3+ hours)
  If you have a film to submit to the Balticon 47 Sunday Night Short Film Festival you can download the submission application form located in the left side bar. Submission instructions are included in the forms.

Doors open at 7:45 PM for seating. See the Film Festival Schedule for more details. Be sure to stick around for the intermission for the door prize drawing!

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Gaming Program Schedule for Friday, May 24, 2013

  4:30  PM G-1.  Gaming and Your Health Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Perrianne Lurie;  Panelists:  Donna Dearborn (50 minutes)
  5:30  PM G-2.  Introduction to Miniature Games Parlor 1041
  Moderator:   Robert Waters;   Panelists: ;  Victor Hutcherson, Joe Dorfner (1 hour, 20 minutes)
  7:00  PM G-3.  Victorian Pastimes — Gambling Games Parlor 1041
  Moderator:   Mildred Cady (50 minutes)

Gaming Program Schedule for Saturday, May 25, 2013

11:00  AM G-4.  Intro to RPG Parlor 1041
  Moderator:   Victor Hutcherson;  Panelists: ;  Joe Dorfner, Kevin Simpson (1 hour, 50 minutes)

We'll introduce you to role-playing games, including:

  1:00  PM G-5.  Portable/Pocket Games Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Donna Dearborn;  Panelists:;  Eric Hymowitz, Alex Shvartsman, Krystina Lynch (50 minutes)
  All about games for entertainment anywhere!
  2:00  PM G-6.  Strategies Revealed Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Michelle Hymowitz;   ;Panelists: ;  Perrianne Lurie, Krystina Lynch (50 minutes)
  Come ask the experts how to win your favorite games!
  3:00  PM G-7.  Worldbuidling in RPGs Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Neal Levin;  Panelists: ;  Robert Waters, Michael Ventrella, Mike McPhail, L. Jagi Lamplighter (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  5:00  PM G-8.  Victorian Pastimes:  Parlor Games Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Mildred Cady (50 minutes)

Gaming Program Schedule for Sunday, May 26, 2013

11:00 AM G-9.  Zombie Games Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Krystina Lynch;  Panelists:   Victor Hutcherson (50 minutes)>
12 Noon G-10.  Intro to RPG Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Victor Hutcherson;  Panelists: ;  Joe Dorfner (1 hour, 20 minutes)
  An introduction to role-playing games in The Savage Worlds.
  1:30  PM G-11.  What makes a solid "train" game? Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Pete Eirich;  Panelists:   Michelle Hymowitz (50 minutes)
  2:30  PM G-12.  You Have Gaming in My Fiction Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Neal Levin;   Panelists:   Mike McPhail, Alex Shvartsman, Michael Ventrella, Jagi Lamplighter (1 hour, 20 minutes)
  All about how to write media tie-in fiction for games.
  4:00  PM G-13.  Have Dice Will Travel Parlor 1041
  Moderator:   Joe Dorfner;   Panelists   Mike McPhail, Kevin Simpson (50 minutes)
  How RPG's change your outlook on the rest of the world.

Gaming Program Schedule for Monday, May 27, 2013

11:00  AM G-14.  Good Adult Themes in Gaming Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Neal Levin; Panelists: Alex Schvartsman, Jagi Lamplighter, Kevin Simpson, Kristina Lynch (50 minutes)
12:00 Noon G-15.  Making Better NPCs Parlor 1041
  Moderator:  Neal Levin; Panelists: Victor Hutcherson, Michael Ventrella, Mike McPhail, Jagi Lamplighter (1 hour, 50 minutes)

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Monday, May 28, 2013

Come and kibitz with our authors and special guests. The sign up sheets for Monday morning Kaffeeklatsches are at our Information Desk, located outside the Dealer's Room at the top of the escalator. Each group has limited seating, so sign up right right away!

  9:00  AM K-3. Kaffeeklatsche with Allen Steele McCormick Suite
(50 minutes)
10:00  AM K-2. Kaffeeklatsche with T. C. McCarthy McCormick Suite
(50 minutes)
11:00  AM K-4. Kaffeeklatsche with Nnedi Okorafor McCormick Suite
(50 minutes)

12:00 Noon K-1. Kaffeeklatsche with Joe and Gay Haldeman McCormick Suite
(50 minutes)

  1:00  PM K-5. Kaffeeklatsche with 2013 CCA author McC ormick Suite
(50 minutes)

2:00  PM K-6. Kaffeeklatsche and Singalong with Ada Palmer McCormick Suite
(50 minutes)
  Come have a cuppa and some conversation and song with Music Guest of Honor Ada Palmer (and maybe some of the members of Sassafrass).

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Friday, May 24, 2013

   5:00  PM Until 10:00 PM  LARP Registration (@ bottom of escalators)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

   9:00  AM LARP Registration (@ bottom of escalators)

 10:00  AM LARP Opening Ceremonies (Salon D)

Monday, May 27, 2013

 10:00  AM LARP Closing Ceremonies (Salon D)

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Friday M-1.  Fannish Musicals and Song Cycles Salon C/D
  7:00  PM Moderator:  Gary Erhlich;  Panelists:  Kira Heston; Merav Hoffman, W. Randy Hoffman, Ada Palmer (50 minutes)
  There is a long history of musicals (usually parodies of existing shows) and song cycles both in filk and in fandom at large. Our panelists review their favorites and discuss the challenges in parodying an entire musical or developing a song cycle.
Friday Concert:  Sarah Pinsker Salon C/D
  9:00  PM    (30 minutes)
Friday Concert:  Ariel Cinii Salon C/D
  9:30  PM    (30 minutes)
Friday Open Filk Salon C/D
10:00  PM    (4 hours)
Saturday Concert:  Maugorn Garden Room
  7:00  PM    (50 minutes)
Saturday Concert:  Danny Birt Garden Room
  8:00  PM    (50 minutes)
Saturday Concert:  Ditched by Kate Garden Room
  9:30  PM    (1 hour)
Saturday Open Filk Garden Room
10:30  PM (4 hours)
Sunday SE-10.  Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok Valley Ballroom
  2:00  PM Performed by:  Ada Palmer with Sassafrass (2 hours)
  Sassafrass performs on stage, for the first time, their Norse Mythology story song-cycle, staged as a play with costumes and characters. Their completed set of Norse myth songs is woven together into a narrative tracing the rise and fall of the Norse cosmos, focused on the death of Baldur and the strife between Odin and Loki which leads to Ragnarok. The play will be narrated and the stories presented by cast members representing the two major authors of our surviving Icelandic myth primary sources: Snorri Sturlson, author of the Prose Edda, and the Seeress who narrates the Völuspá or Seeress’s Prophecy, one of the core sections of the anonymous Poetic Edda.
Sunday M-2.  Acapella/Vocal Harmony Workshop Salon C/D
  7:00  PM Moderators:  Emily Lewis, Ada Palmer (50 minutes)
Sunday Concert:  Partners in K'Rhyme Salon C/D
  8:00  PM (50 minutes)
Sunday Concert:  Merav Hoffman Salon C/D
  9:00  PM (50 minutes)
Sunday Open Filk Salon C/D
10:30  PM (4 hours))
Monday M-3.  Dead Dog Jam/Filk Garden Room
  3:30  PM
  One last chance to get your musical licks in before you hit the road! The mike is open -- y'all come on!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Monday, May 27, 2013

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Friday, May 24, 2013

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Monday, May 27, 2013

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Friday, May 24, 2013

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Monday, May 27, 2013

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Our Video Coordinator Thomas the Red stays up nights finding all manner of genre films for you to enjoy. The Video Room, located in Salon F, is open from 3:00 pm on Friday the end of the last movie which starts at 1 pm on Monday. Please click here to open the Functions page and see the Video Schedule.

This year we're trying something new. Thomas will be running themed movie screenings in overnight in the Belmont Room, so we'll have a schedule for that as well!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Saturay, May 26, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

 1:00  PM Poetry Workshop (Belmont Room)

Explore the arena of verse from inspiration and writing to submitting for publication and mall press publishing. Open mic&annual poetry contest winners' awards reading follows.Moderator Patti Kinlock

Poetry Contest

Enter the Annual Balticon Poetry Contest! Here's your chance to win cash prizes, a convention membership, and have your work published in the BSFAN, the souvenir book of Balticon. Entries should address the themes of science fiction/fantasy/horror/science. Limit: 3 poems/person, maximum 50 lines each. Email/postmark deadline: April 1. No entry fee. Complete information is available on the Baltimore Science Fiction Society Poetry Workshop page.

   9:00  AM Writers' Workshop Facilitated by Steve Lubs (Belmont Room)

You Have to Have Character

We will critique character development in people's writing. We ask that all participants bring a sample of their writing that describes, develops, illustrates or otherwise presents a character. There will be discussion on how to create a character, both in fiction and non-fiction.

All participants are asked to bring a sample of their writing that describes, develops, illustrates or otherwise presents a character. There will be discussion on how to create a character, both in fiction and non-fiction. No guarantee we'll use every one (depends on how many people show up), but we'll do the best we can.

Registration required before Balticon - write to writersworkshop AT bsfs DOT org. Workshop is 3 hours at Balticon. For more information see the Writers' Workshop page on the Baltimore Science Fiction Society's website.

All materials copyright © 2010 Baltimore Science Fiction Society, Inc., unless otherwise noted.