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How do I get to be a program participant?

Who's Coming

Notice to those interested in being Balticon 48 program participants:

Invitations for Balticon 48 will be going out between September 2013 and March 2014. If you were invited and have not received the Participant Survey link by November 30, 2013, please drop a line to the Program Coordination team to request the link. Please be aware that failure to submit the survey may result in your invitation being withdrawn, since we will not know your availability. We will stop accepting survey submissions on March 15, 2014.

If you want to make sure you get an early invitation before the end of 2013 for Balticon 48 in 2014, please drop a note, including your full name and a brief bio, by the end of September to the Program Coordination team. Michael and Jonette will see that the right person sees your request.

If you want to get a jump on arranging your participation in the Literary and New Media program tracks, please drop a note, including your full name and a brief bio, by the end of September to Literary and New Media Coordinator Patrick Scafficdo. For Balticon 48, Patrick and Jonette will be working hard to make sure the New Media and Literary program tracks play well together!

The following is a list of program participants who have accepted our invitation to attend Balticon 48 and have COMPLETED the Balticon 48 PARTICIPANT SURVEY.

Click the links in the bios for info about program participants.

Ackley-McPhail, Danielle

Addams, Jhada R.

Adler-Golden, Lisa

Aire, D. H.

Al-Mohamed, Day

Alexander, Leigh

Alexander, Tristan

Al'Kaldazar, Jabal

Al-Mohamed, Day

Andrews, Scott H.

Asaro, Catherine A.

Ashmead, John

Ashton, Lisa

Atkinson, Thomas G.

Avery, Saray

Axelrod, Jared

Baiman, Sue

Bakutis, Eric

Balder, Rob

Ballantine, Philippa Jane

Banks, Jason

Barrientos, Brick

Beck, Alan F.

Berman-Gorvine, Martin

Besner, Victoria

Bilmes, Joshua

Birt, Danny

Black, Michael

Blackwell, J.R.

Bleakley, Sonya

Blumberg, Art

Bowen, Sue

Boyes, Walter H., Jr.

Brawley, David

Brio, Alessia

Brown, Charlie

Brown, Molly

Brown, N. R.

Bryant, Peter

Bryski, KT

Burke, Stephanie

Burns, Laura

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Cady, Mildred G.

Campbell, Jack

Cerf, Vinton

Chase, Christine

Chase, Robert R.

Chowdhury, Debi

Cipra, Carl

Clough, Brenda

Cmar, John

Cole, Myke

Coleman, Doc


Conner, Lesley

Cooley, Paul Elard

Cooper, Iver

Crist, Vonnie Winslow

Critzer, Rinn

Cunningham-Hill, Laurel

D'Alessio, Charlene Taylor

D'Ambrosio, Mike

Davis, Rebecca

Davroe, A. L.

de Guardiola, Susan

Dearborn, Donna

DeCandido, Keith R. A.

Diaz, Ming

Dodge, Tim

Doyle, Tom


Durham, James

Earl, Collin

Echeverria, Nora

Eirich, Gaia

Eirich, Leigh

Eirich, Peter

Ellis, Christiana

Esquela, Mary

Esquela, Sarah

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Fleischer, Eric "Dr. Gandalf", aka "Dr. G"

Fleischer, Halla

Fleming, Judi


Flynn, Billy

Frankenfield, Bill

French, John L.

Frey, Nancy C.

Gaige, Clint

Gaige, Darla

Gaige, Zoe

Gamblin, Allie

Gamblin, Brand

Gannon, Charles E.

Gaw, Monique

Gay, Dr. Pamela L.

Gideon, Thomas "cmdln"

Giguere, Veronica (V.)

Gossard, James L.

Granade, Stephen

Greenberger, Bob

Greenberger, Kate

Grier, Dr. Jennifer

Griswold-Ford, Val

Gross, Sonya "Patches"

Gugliucci, Nicole

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Hack, Daniel

Hack, Eta

Hammond, Elektra

Hanson, Michael H.

Hardenbrook, Eric V.

Haring, P.C.

Harmon, Kelly A.

Hartlove, Katie

Harvey, J. P.

Haug, Steve "Maugorn"

Hayden, Melissa

Hayden, Thomas

Hemry, John G.

Henderson, C. J.

Heyer, Inge

Herberth, Reesa

Hill, Barbara E.

Hill, Sharon A.

Hillman, Lee C.

Hodges, Larry

Holloman, Jeannette

Holmgren, Llyssa

Holtz, Dr. Thomas

Holyfield, P. G.

Horman, Thomas

Huchton, Starla

Hunt, Walter H.

Hymowitz, Eric

Hymowitz, Michelle

Jaxton, Paulette

Jordan, Paula S.

Kalirai, Jason

Kaplan, Amy L.

Kaplan, Debra

Katz, Robert I.

Kennedy, William H.

Kim, Comic Book Goddess

Kimmel, Daniel

King, T. Jackson

Knight, Jonah

Kolar, Rachel Elizabeth

Koscienski, Brian

Kovaks, A

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La Polla, John

Laibow-Koser, Marnen

Lampi, Ruth

Lamplighter, Jagi

Landis, Geoffrey

Landrum, Sharon

Larson, Grig "Punkie"

Lathrop, Prof. Daniel

Lawrence, Marcus

Leider, R. Allen

Lester, Chris

Lester, Gary L.

Levin, Neal

Liang, Jennifer

Lincoln, Bryan

Lisse, Casey

Livengood, ScienceTim

Loeschke, Paul

Love, Andy

Lowell, Nathan

Lubs, Steve

Luonma, Mike

Lurie, Perrianne

Lyman, Jeffrey

Lynch, Kristina

MacDicken, Mark

Martin, Gail Z.


May, Jessica

Mayhew, Bill

McClain, Jason

McPhail, Mike

Mojzes, Bernie

Moore, Michelle

Morris, Tee

Morse, Chris

Nelson, Nate

Nicole, Laura

Norris, Christine

Nove, Barry (see Aire, D.H.

Nuchtchas, Nutty

Nooj, Meg

O'Donnell, Hugh J.

Oszko, Lance

Otis, Kat

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Palmatier, Joshua


Pease, Marianne

Perkins, TJ

Petrini, Catherine M.

Pinsker, Rabbi Larry

Pinsker, Sarah

Pisano, Chris

Plotkin, Andrew

Pond, Scott

Povey, Jennifer R.

Prellwitz, Bethlynne

Prellwitz, Pete

Prellwitz, Samuel

Prellwitz, Benjamin Ward

Press, Bruce F.

Proctor, Lita

Rafferty, Michael

Rathbone, Brian

Reclusado, Larry

Reed, Nobilis


Ridenour, Ray

Riley, Betsy

Robison, Dave

Robinson, Ron

Roche, Donald Scott

Rosin, Zan

Ross, James Daniel

Rossi, Phil

Rudolph, Ann

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Sakers, Don

Salemi, Carol

Sanderson, Brandon

Sarfati, Kat

Sarfati, Lee

Sawyer, J. Daniel

Scaffido, Patrick

Schnyder, P.J.

Schoen, Lawrence M.

Schroeder, Larry

Schweitzer, Darrell C.

Melissa Scott

Shavitz, Bella

Sherman, Norm

Shuch, H. Paul (Dr. SETI®)

Shvartsman, Alex

Sigler, Scott

Silverman, Hildy

Sklar, David

Smith, Jay

Snelgrove, Chris

Snyder, Maria V.

Sonnier, Michelle D.

Sparhawk, Bud

Spice, Devo

Sprunk, Jon

Stanley, Jacalyn "Lady Ozma"

Stanley, Caramon

Stanley, Joram

Stephens, Janet

Stormbringer, Raven

Strock, Ian Randal

Stuppi, Christine

Swann, Linda

Szkotnicki, Kate

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Talbot, Thomas Brett

Taylor, Maura

Thacker, Amy

Thacker, Rebecca

Thorndike, Persis L.

Trask, Andrea

Trondheim, Ingeborg i

Turzillo, Mary

Underwood, Michael

Van Name, Mark L.

Van Verth, Jim

Vincie, Arthur

Walton, Jo

Ward, Jean Marie

Ward, Joy

Warner, Brent

Waters, Robert E.

Watt-Evans, Lawrence

Weinstein, Diane M.

Whiplash, Robbie

White, Alex

White, Joni

White, Steve

Williams, John Taylor

Wilson, D.C.

Wilson, Ethan

Wilson, Steven H.

Wisoker, Leona

Wittenberg, Batya

Wright, John C.

Zelkowitz, Marvin

Zendell, Alan

Zieger, Darren

If you would like to become a Balticon program participant, contact the department head in your area of interest or send your inquiry to our Programming mailbox. See the Contact Us page for some email links.

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What is expected of program participants?

If you have already received your Balticon 48 Participant Invitation, you can find information about submitting program suggestions here.

We ask Balticon program participants to:

You can look at the official Balticon Participant Membership Policy here if you want to, or the following includes the basic points.

Participate in a minimum of 5 program hours (4 hours if you have a dealers or artist alley table, are an Art Show exhibitor or are a Masquerade judge or contestant). Please note that we are a four-day convention and would like to keep our programming strong on Friday and Monday, so please be with us all four days if at all possible. Our goal is to have participants and attendees anxious to get in and get started Friday afternoon and putting off leaving until the last minute on Monday!;

To further clarify the above the program hours requirement:

If you will be at Balticon for only one day to deliver a presentation, we will provide you a one-day participant membership. You will, of course, be offered a chance to participate in other programming in addition to your presentation, but are not required to do so.

Let us know — no later than March 15th, please! — if there are technical requirements for your presentation such as a projection screen, DVD player, computer monitor, ELMO, or sound system;

Let us know — no later than April 15th, please! — if there are display requirements for your presentation such as a a white board with markers and eraser, or an easel pad and crayons or colored markers;

Show up a few minutes early where scheduled to appear, and be ready to start on time when the door closes;

End appearances at scheduled times to facilitate getting attendees and other participants into and out of the rooms with a minimum of chaos;

If you are moderating a panel, treat all panelists equally and try to give them all equal time to be heard;

Bear in mind that everyone (including all staff and BSFS officers) who works at Balticon is a volunteer and be kind — they are working hard to make this event a success for everyone!

What's in it for me?

As a Balticon Program participant, you:

Receive a membership to Balticon in exchange for your program participantion;

Can purchase a membership for one SO, life partner/companion for one half the lowest published membership rate for the Balticon to be attended.

Can purchase children's memberships for your eligible minor children at one half the lowest published children's membership membership rate for the Balticon to be attended, and for your children aged 13 to 25 who are students (student ID required for those over age 17) at one half the lowest published adult membership rate;

Are invited to rest, recoup, snack and meet other participants as well as our Guests of Honor in the Balticon Green Room;

Are invited to have us schedule a time for you (or someone you designate) to do a reading of your work;

Are invited to have us schedule a time for your autograph session shared with one or 2 other professionals;

Will have an opportunity to meet and greet other participants, Guests of Honor and Balticon attendees during "Friday Face Time" on Friday evening at "Meet the Artists" in the Art Show, "Meet the Guests" in Frankie and Vinnie's (the Con Suite) and "Meet the Scientists" in Salon A (the Science Program room);

Acquire fame, adoration and undying devotion from Balticon attendees;

And can filch homemade baked goodies from the Volunteer Desk.

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Participant Biographical Information

Index of Participant Biographical Information.
Biographical info is indexed alphabetically by Participant's last name.

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You can read or download the Balticon Participant Membership Policy here.

Please send us your program ideas, including a brief descriptive paragraph and preferred format (round table or panel discussion, presentation or demonstration, or workshop). For Balticon purposes:

You can use the online Program Ideas submission form or you can email your ideas to the program coordinators or to the appropriate Track Coordinator. Please specify whether you wouild like to be the moderator, presenter, host or panelist for the idea you're suggesting. We will see that your suggestions get to the right track coordinators. While we welcome program suggestions year round, those received after Feb. 28, 2014, will most likely be considered for a program slot at Balticon 49 in 2015. Any suggestions that are not used this year may be carried over to the following year's ideas list.

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