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The Maryland Regional
Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Balticon 48    Memorial Day Weekend     May 23-26, 2014

We are happy to accept your mail-in registration. You can print this Balticon 48 Mail-In Registration Form and complete it by hand, or use the handy PDF fill-in form to complete it on your computer, then print and mail with your payment.

Guest of Honor:            Brandon Sanderson

Artist Guest of Honor:      Halo Jankowski      

      Bard/Music Guest of Honor:      Kenneth Anders

2013 Compton Crook Award Winner:            Myke Cole

      2014 Compton Crook Award Winner:      TBA

2014 Heinlein Award Recipients:      Geoffrey A. Landis      Geoffrey Landis

Ghost of Honor:             Robert Jordan
 (1948 – 2007)

       Fan Ghost of Honor:  Marty Gear       

A Four Day, 24-hours-a-day Extravaganza!

Over 300 Hours of Multi-Track Programming featuring authors, publishers, editors, artists, scientists, musicians and other creative SF luminaries. Join over a thousand SF fans for the area's largest and longest running convention of its kind! Visit our huge art show, dealer's room, concerts, dances, gaming room, computer room and video room. Everything Science Fiction and Fantasy in one huge package.

There will be sign language interpreters at all major events and on call as needed.

Download the Balticon 48 flyer!


Most areas of the convention will close by 2:00 am each night with the exception of the Anime (Salon E) and Video Rooms (Salon F and overnight in the Belmont Room), and the Con-suite (Frankie & Vinnie's). These will be open 23 hours a day, allowing one hour down time for housekeeping.

Hours of Operation
Location Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
Art Show
    (Hunt Ballroom)
5 pm - 9 pm 10 am -9 pm 10 am - 1 pm 10 am - 1 pm
    (Garden Room)
Sunday 2 pm -- Sales open Sunday 2:15 pm
Balticon Operations
    Hunt Ballroom Foyer
Friday 2 pm - Monday 5 pm -- Round the clock
Lost & found, security issues, late night registration, to locate a specific Balticon staff person, etc.
Con Suite
    (Frankie & Vinnie's)
Friday 4 pm through Monday 2 pm -- Round the clock
Dealers Room
    (MD Ballroom/Foyer)
4 pm - 8 pm 10 am - 6 pm 10:30 am - 5 pm 10 am - 2 pm
Hal Haag Memorial Game Room
    (Tack Rm)
5 pm - 2 am 9 am - 2 am 9 am - 2 am 9 am - 5 pm
Open Filk 10:00 pm - 4 am
Salon C-D
10:30 pm - 4 am
Garden Room
10:00 pm - 3 am
Salon C-D
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Garden Room
    (Valley Ballroom Foyer)
2 pm - 11 pm 8:45 am - 10 pm 8:45 am - 7 pm 10 am - 2 pm

See the "Who's Coming" page for more information.

A list of potential program ideas will be available soon.

Send your program ideas to the program coordinators. Please include a brief descriptive paragraph, format (panel, roundtable, presentation, workshop) and whether you wouild like to be the presenter, moderator or a panelist for the item. The program coordinators will see that your suggestions get to the right program track coordinators. We welcome program suggestions year round. While those received after Feb. 15, 2014, are not as likely to find a program slot in the 2014 Balticon, they will certainly be included in the ideas considered for the next few years.


Membership rates are:

Pre-registration is currently available by mail only
Download the Mail-In Registration Form. You can open this form in Acrobat Reader and complete it on your computer, then print it and mail with your payment. Please DO NOT EMAIL forms containing credit card information.

Online Registration is COMING SOON! Check back in October.

For more information about Balticon Registration, please go to the REGISTRATION PAGE.

If you have further questions, please email registration@balticon.org

Balticon Podcasts! There will be Podcasting during Balticon 48, if you need some information before arriving at the con, or if you want to listen to our recent podcast interviews, check out our web site: www.balticonpodcast.org .


The Balticon 48 hotel is the Hunt Valley Inn (a Wyndham affiliate), 245 Shawan R oad, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031 USA. (Phone: 410-785-7000)

More information and a link to Reservations can be found on the HOTEL page.

If you have further questions please email: hotel@balticon.org.

Maryland law prohibits indoor public smoking. The only place smoking is allowed on hotel grounds is a designated smoking area outside of the hotel front entrance.

Any alcoholic beverages served in public spaces at the hotel must be served by hotel employees.


Costume Weapons:

Costume weapons must be inspected and peace bonded. Taking costume weapons outside the hotel will create conflict; please do not take anything that looks like a weapon outside the hotel.


If you require special services for ADA or other access from the convention, please contact us at adainfo@balticon.org (preferably before May 10, 2014) and we will attempt to accommodate your needs. It is helpful if we know of your need for a Sign Language Interpreter as early as possible.

All materials copyright © 2013-2014 Baltimore Science Fiction Society, Inc., unless otherwise noted.