Balticon 36 Hotel Reservation Information

Friday May 24th thru May 27th 2002

The Wyndham Baltimore (formerly OMNI) Inner Harbor Hotel
101 West Fayette St
Baltimore, MD 21201
410-752-1100 or 800-996-3426 (and then press 1 after answer)
Use the 410-752-1100 number if the 800 number tells you the hotel is full, they are more accurate.

On-line Hotel Registration will be closing at any time. We are asking for an extension of this service, but at best that extension will be a few days. You may still link to and try our group code of "05463bn" but it will quit offering rooms on that group code soon because the hotel wishes to avoid double booking by both in-house-reservations and the web site. When the web site quits offering rooms you should call the hotel directly because rooms may still be available. We are told (5-17-02) that there are still rooms, but Saturday night is filling fast. If you can get a room it should be billed at the group rate right up till the start of the con. If you are told to pay another rate e-mail to have this resolved till 5-22-02 or leave your name, room number and a note about the rate as a message at con operations for Dale Arnold after that date.

Directions, Travel and Parking

Note on Room Types:

The Room rate is $119.00 + 12.5% Hotel and 5% Sales Tax for Single, Double, Triple, or Quad OCCUPANCY (i.e. 1, 2, 3, or 4 people in the room) which has nothing to do with the number or types of beds available in the room.

The room types available are: King (72"x80"), Queen (60"x80"), Double (48"x78"), and Double/Double (2 Double beds). Non-Smoking Floors are 11 thru 18 in the North Tower, and 11 thru 21 in the South Tower. If you use the web site or 800 number they may decline to reserve King and Queen beds automatically, if they do ask to have the bed request added to the comments box on the reservation or call the hotel directly. The Hotel manages the limited number of King and Queen beds carefully due to limited number by not releasing them to the national service.

Special Handicap Access rooms are Numbered 25 and 31 (i.e. 1625, 1731, etc.) on floors 16 and up in the South Tower.

If you want to be on the party floor tell the hotel and then send an e-mail to so we can make sure they get your party floor properly blocked.

The Hotel will accept requests for room type at the time of reservation, however they cannot guarantee their availability. Make your reservation early. Cancellations must be received 72 hours in advance.

The Hotel has a three day cancelation policy so if fate prevents you from attending Balticon, call at least 3 days prior to your arrival date to cancel and you won't be charged for the first night.

Please print this form and get it in the mail today or to guarantee your reservation with a Credit Card you can call 410-385-6700 or 800-996-3426 (and then press 1 after answer). Remember, the hotel does not charge your credit card until the first night of your reservation.

It has been our experience that calling 410-385-6700 results in a more efficient reservation process. In the event of any problem with the reservation system please e-mail our hotel liaison at and tell him which telephone number you used and what was said by the hotel representative. In the past this has helped to resolve reservation system failures to the advantage of all Balticon members.

The Hotel will not be charging an Energy Surcharge this year for people in the Balticon Room Block so make sure you tell them you are with Balticon when making your reservation to avoid this charge.

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