Balticon Schedule

Subject to change at any time

Last minute program changes are always possible, however this schedule is the final version going to the pocket program typesetter. Authors or program participants will be added to panels at last minute as available--in some cases. This schedule is in no particular order so download and read at your convenience to avoid missing the good stuff.

BALTICON Registration Desk in Promenade:

Saturday 10am-10:00pm

Memberships can be bought when registration desk is closed in Con OPs/Information 24 hours a day.

Main Tent and Special Events International A-B-C+:

Autograph Signings, in front of Liberty Ballroom; check posted schedule

Friday9:00pmFANimal Crackers: The Play
10:30+International A.--Dance
Saturday 1pm-2pmMagic Show
2:30pm-3:30pmFilk GOH concert
3:45pm-4pmAward presentations
4pm - 5pmWriter GOH speech.
5:15pm-6:15pmIndependent film maker panel.
9:00pmMasquerade (video overflow in Menchen room)
10:00pm+Reading is FUNdamental (RIF) Charity Auction (Masquerade half time)
after MasqueradeDance
SundayIn Carroll Room at 1:00pm Art Auction

Con-Suite in Hopkins Room

Friday5pm-2:00amas conversation only area till 4:00am
Saturday10am-2:00am as conversation only area till 4:00am

Dealers Room in Liberty Ballroom


Art Show in International D and E:


Computer Room in Calhoun


Main Literary and Other Schedule in multiple rooms


Carroll Room

4 PM -- Intro to Cons and Fandom -- Elaine Stiles(M), Ray Ridenour, Fran Freedman, Joe Mayhew.
5 PM -- Fantasy on TV: Buffy, Brimstone, Charmed, The Raven -- Count Gore De Vol (M), Rob Gates, Patrick Thomas.
6 PM -- LARP -- Participants gather for Balticon's live action RPG.
7 PM -- Y2K: Who Will Have Problems and Why -- Mike Mannes (M), Brent P. Newhall, Terry Kepner.
8 PM -- Honor Harrington's Universe -- David Weber, GoH; Carl L. Cipra (M), Charles Gilliland, Robert E. Sacks.
9 PM -- B-5 Universe: What's Next? -- Perrianne Lurie (BSFS) leads a discussion of the future of what many fans regard as the best SF program on TV!
10:30pm-1:00am-- Bagpipe Concert -- an indoor display of an instrument which used to be a weapon of war.

Jefferson Room

4 PM -- The Internal Combustion Engine: Is It As Dangerous as Al Gore Says It Is? -- Roger MacBride Allen (M), Catherine Asaro, Hal Clement, Dave Kratz.
5 PM -- The Millennium PhilCon Hour -- plans for this future WorldCon presented by members of their Committee!
6 PM -- Poetry in Modern Literature -- Patty Kinlock and Baltimore's Lite Poetry Circle explore this issue.
7 PM -- Writing: the Best Disasters To Put Into Your Stories -- Katie Waitman (LYCW), Louise Titchener (M), Roger MacBride Allen, Kate Elliott.
8 PM -- Lite Circle Books: Lower than the Angels -- Patty Kinlock and The Lite Poetry Circle flog their new book!
9 PM -- Are Big Publishers Slouching Toward Extinction? -- Charles C. Ryan (Aboriginal SF), Louise Titchener.
10 PM -- Writing Horror 150 Years After Poe -- Bob Beideman, Ray Ridenour (M), Diane Weinstein, Darrell Schweitzer, Fran Freedman.
11 PM -- The Last Gasp of DS9 -- Discussion of this popular TV series, leader TBA.

Adams Room

4 PM -- Horror for Children: Goosebumps and Beyond -- Robert R. Chase, Wendie Old (M), Bill Mayhew, Lola Wells Woods.
5 PM -- Capitalists in SF: Heroes or Villains? -- Dr. Robert Furey (M), Alexis Gilliland, Jagi Lamplighter, Martin Morse Wooster, John Wright, Earl Pearce.
6 PM -- Space Above & Beyond -- Meet the Space Ready Reserve! -- Kate "Doc" Duncan and fellow members tell us about the club and TV series.
7 PM -- What SF & F Gets into Our Schools? -- Hal Clement (M), Dr. Robert Furey, Inge Heyer, Marian Rosenberg(BSFS).
8 PM -- Buying and Selling Real Estate in 4-D -- Hal Clement, Ted Rosenberg (M), Mike Mannes, John Wright.
9 PM -- Tharsis Radio Productions Presents -- Miriam Banash & Co. tell us about their SF series for radio!
10 PM -- TV: Do you REALLY Believe the Ratings? -- Count Gore De Vol (M), Dr. Robert Furey, Peter Knapp, Martin Morse Wooster, Blessing Bird, Bob Thompsom(BSFS).
11 PM -- Are There Really Men in Black? -- N. Taylor Blanchard, Eric Kotani, Muriel Hykes (M), Blessing Bird, Ray Ridenour.

Washington Room

8 PM -- Reading: Jan Whiteley, 1 hr.
9 PM -- Reading: Darrell Schweitzer, 1 hr.
10 PM -- WSFA Party -- Have fun with the Washington SF Ass'n!

Autograph Sessions -- Outside Liberty Ballroom:

8 PM -- William H. Keith, Jr.
9 PM -- Nancy Kress


Carroll Room

10 AM -- The Alternate Energy Panel -- Charles Sheffield, Catherine Asaro, Dave Kratz (M).
11 AM -- The Influence of TV on SF -- Nancy Kress, Roger MzcBride Allen, Jagi Lamplighter (M), Charles Gilliland, Dr. Robert Furey.
Noon -- P.C. in Fantasy -- Nina Boal, N. Taylor Blanchard, Kate Elliott, Rob Gates (M), Rock Savage, Marian Rosenberg(BSFS).
1 PM -- Would Monarchy Work in a High-Tech Society? -- David Weber(GoH), Charles Sheffield, Carl L. Cipra(M), Alexis Gilliland, Martin Morse Wooster, John Wright.
2 PM -- Is There Room for God in SF? -- Hal Clement(M), Eric Kotani, Lola Wells Woods, Scott Edelman, Blessing Bird, Joe Mayhew, Earl Pearce.
3 PM -- A Code of Honor for Women -- Namcy Kress(M), Brenda W. Clough, Kate Elliott, Nina Boal, Louise Titchener, Trish Wilson.
4 PM -- TV: From Capt. Video to B-5 and Beyond -- Paul Sorton, N. Taylor Blanchard, Nina Ely(M), Bob Beideman, Bob Thompson(BSFS), Peter Knapp.
5:30 PM -- Tea for Jennifer Weyland, Art GoH
6:30 PM -- Masquerade Green Room

Internat'l Ballroom A

5:15 PM -- Independent Filmmakers' Panel -- Count Gore De Vol, Bob Beideman, Charlie Ellis(M), Lola Wells Woods, Rock Savage, Conrad Brooks.

Jefferson Room

10 AM -- A Century of SF: 100 Worth Reading? -- Robert R. Chase(M), Scott Edelman, Ron Miller, Darrell Schweitzer.
11 AM -- Writing: the Lesbian Character's Fate -- Nina Boal, Carl L. Cipra, Rob Gates, Jan Whiteley.
Noon -- 100 Years of C.S. Lewis -- Brenda W. Clough, Robert R. Chase, Wendie Old(M), Joe Mayhew, Dr. Muriel Hykes, Bob Beideman.
1 PM -- A History of Fandom from Zines to Net -- Elaine Stiles, Ray Ridenour, Steve Stiles.
2 PM -- Small Presses in the 21st Century: The Future's So Bright..? -- Charles C. Ryan (Aboriginal SF), Louise Titchener(M), Patrick Thomas (Pirate Writings), Glen Engel-Cox, Vincent Harper (Bereshith Publishing), Terry Kepner.
3 PM -- Conrad Brooks: My 40 Years in Hollywood. This man has been in many many low budget films!
4 PM -- Cats in Fantasy -- Wendie Old(M), Eric Kotani, Diane Weinstein, Trish Wilson.
5 PM -- Is Combat SF a Legitimate Genre? -- William H. Keith Jr., Charles C. Ryan (M), John G. Hemry, Charles Gilliland.
6 PM -- Peace VII: Cold War, Culture War -- Nancy Kress (M), Charles Sheffield, Katie Waitman(LYCW), Alexis Gilliland, Trish Wilson, Robert E. Sacks.
7 PM -- Writing the SF/Fantasy Blend -- Brenda W. Clough, Katie Waitman(LYCW), Kate Elliott(M), Brett Davis, Jan Whiteley.
8 PM -- SF Trivia Quiz, with Brick Barrientos and walk-in contestants!
10 PM -- BSFS Monthly Book Discussion -- Topic: Crook Books We Have Read, Good, Bad and Ugly. May degenerate into Title Chain Game!
11 PM -- Sex in SF & F TV Shows -- Eric Kotani, Alexis Gilliland (M), Scott Edelman, Diane Weinstein.

Adams Room

10 AM -- Fantasy for Children: More Than Fairy Tales -- Bob Beideman, Wendie Old.
11 AM -- Diseases to Watch Out For -- As Bacteria, Viruses and Other Pathogens Evolve... Dr. Perrianne Lurie (BSFS)(M), Patrick Thomas, Dr. Muriel Hykes.
Noon -- Comics from Creation to Customer -- Scott Edelman, Steve Stiles.
1 PM -- How SF is Done on Radio -- Bob Thompson (BSFS)(M), Nina Ely, Mark Banash, Blessing Bird.
2 PM -- The Klingon Battle Fleet: a Culture Apart!
3 PM -- Witches on TV: Wiccans and Pagans Speak Out -- Lola Wells Woods, Trisha Cummings.
4 PM -- Gaming: Board & Dice Games -- Gamers explain the evolution of their favorite activity. Panelists TBA.
5 PM -- SF on the Net: Our Favorite Sites -- Glen Engel-Cox(M), Vincent Harper, Eric Newhall.
6 PM -- Anime: Japan Meets USA -- Jagi Lamplighter with Andrew Iwanico and friends.
7 PM -- Virtual Reality: A How-To By Bud Sparhawk!
8 PM -- Other SF on TV: Sliders, Early Edition, Stargate SG1 -- Kate "Doc" Ducan joins other panelists TBA in a discussion of these programs.
9 PM -- Highlander, the Raven--Disgusting Ripoff or Interesting Program? -- Discussion, panelist(s) TBA.
10 PM -- Dr. Who and Other British SF on TV -- A lot of fans watch these; Panelists TBA.

Preston Room -- Readings & Papers

10 AM -- Hal Clement, Reading 1/2 hr.
10:30 -- Brenda W. Clough, Reading 1/2 hr.
11 AM -- Preserving Books and Other Collectibles, by Kim Moeller.
NOON -- Katie Waitman, Reading 1 hr.
1 PM -- Paper: Dr. H. Paul Shuch, "Anatomy of a SETI Hoax".
2 PM -- Paper: Paul Sorton, "Sculpting Life the Right Way".
3 PM -- Story Telling by Bill Mayhew!
3:30 PM -- Underdog: 35th Anniversary Classic -- This cartoon superhero,who originated in 1964, comes to life via interpretive dancer Suzanne Muldowney, who makes him a serious and meritorious role model. She has been portraying him throughout the country since 1980. Every year since 1989, she has brought her role of Underdog to Baltimore's Mayor's Christmas Parade!
4 PM -- Video Program until ?

Douglass Room -- Workshops and Readings

9 AM -- Writer's Workshop -- Writing Exercises and Critiques, walk in, no reservation required.
1 PM -- Poetry Workshop: Writing Exercises, Discussion & Critique, walk in.
3 PM -- Poetry Readings by Darrell Schweitzer and other poets!
4 PM -- Joe Mayhew, Reading 1 hr.
5 PM -- Ron Miller, Reading 1 hr.
6 PM -- Masquerade Judging Room

Peale Room -- Papers and Readings

6 PM -- Kate Elliott, Reading 1/2 hr.
7 PM -- Paper: Charles Sheffield, "The Borderlands of Science".
8 PM -- Nancy Kress, Reading, 1 hr.
9 PM -- Bud Sparhawk, Reading, 1 hr.
10 PM -- Discussion: The Bermuda Triangle -- Myth, Truth or the Bottom Half of a Woman's Bikibi?, led by Robert R. Chase.

Washington Room

6 PM -- Sacred Harp, led by Ted Rosenberg -- Check out this Baltimore-area folksinging group -- and sing along!
8 PM -- Discussion: The Space Program: Its Social and Political Implications for the Future of Humankind, led by Scratch Bacharach.
10 PM -- Discussion: How To Cope with the Longer Lifespan That Medical Technology Makes Possible TODAY, moderated by Chris Rowley or Jul Owings.

Autograph Sessions -- Outside Liberty Ballroom

10 AM -- Count Gore De Vol
11 AM -- Kate Elliott
NOON -- David Weber (GoH)
1 PM -- Darrell Schweitzer
2 PM -- Brett Davis
3 PM -- Katie Waitman (LYCW)
4 PM -- Hal Clement
5 PM -- Catherine Asaro
6 PM -- Roger MacBride Allen


Carroll Room

10 AM -- X-Files vs. B-5 -- Peter Knapp leads a discussion to compare and contrast the two most popular SF shows on TV!
11 AM -- History in TV's SF: Xena, Hercules...How Well, How Effectively Is It Portrayed? -- Panelists/leader TBA
Noon -- Art Auction
3 PM - Forum on How BSFS should Promote SF

Jefferson Room

10 AM -- Writing the Endless Fantasy Trilogy -- Carl L. Cipra(M), Brenda W. Clough, Kate Elliott, Rob Gates, Roger MacBride Allen.
11 AM -- How to Tell Heroes from Villains Nowadays -- Catherine Asaro, Eric Kotani(M), Alexis Gilliland, Jagi Lamplighter, Bud Sparhawk, Robert E. Sacks.
Noon -- Compton Crook Winners Tell How They Won -- featuring Katie Waitman and this year's Winner. Here's your chance to get autographs!
1 PM -- What's New in Star Trek? -- What's happening with our longest running SF series. One or more leaders TBA.

Adams Room

10 AM -- Reading by David Weber, GoH.
11 AM -- Today's 500-Page Novels vs. Yesterday's 160-page Books -- Robert R. Chase, Scott Edelman, Diane Weinstein, Rob Gates(M), Charles Gilliland, Jan Whiteley.
Noon -- Handicapped Access: Can Con Committees Do More? -- Dr. Perrianne Lurie(M), Dr. Muriel Hykes, Bob Thompson (BSFS).
1 PM -- How to Handle Characters with Psi Powers -- Nina Boal, Hal Clement, Brenda W. Clough(M), Jagi Lamplighter, Louise Titchener, John Wright

Science Program In POE Room

Friday April 2, 1999 from 6:00-7:00pm "Space Development discussion Group: Are We Making Progress toward a Space Faring Civilization: Baltimore NSS."
Friday April 2, 1999 from 7:00-8:00pm "Artemis Project: Building toward a Lunar Future: Dana Carson."
Friday April 2, 1999 from 8:00-9:00pm "SETI: The Search Continues: H. Paul Shuch, SETI League."
Saturday April 3, 1999 from 10:00am-11:00am " Space Telescope Discoveries for 1998; Inge Heyer, Space Telescope Science Institute ."
Saturday April 3, 1999 from 11:00am-12:00noon "Robot Wars: Building Robots for Gladiatorial Combat; Arthur Sanders and Andrew Lindsay."
Saturday April 3, 1999 from 12:00noon-1:00pm "New Launch Systems: Your Gateway to Space; Robert Pearlman, Space Adventures Ltd and NSS HQ."
Saturday April 3, 1999 from 1:00pm-2:00pm " Space Station Update: Flying into the Future; Mike Hawes, Space Station Office at NASA HQ."
Saturday April 3, 1999 from 2:00pm-3:00pm " Building a Future in Orbit: Possible New Projects at NASA; John C. Mankins, Office of Space Flight at NASA HQ"
Saturday April 3, 1999 from 3:00pm-4:00pm "Design and Testing of New Space Suit Concepts, David Akin, Director-University of MD Space Systems Lab ."
Saturday April 3, 1999 from 4:00pm-5:00pm ""Human Perception and Shapes in Space", David Theison,University of MD Astronomy Dept ."
Saturday April 3, 1999 from 5:00pm-6:00pm "The Truth About Dinosaurs 1999; Michael Brett-Surman, Tom Holtz, Paul Sorton, Bob Walters."
Saturday April 3, 1999 from 6:00pm-7:00pm "Space News Update 1999; Yoji Kondo, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center ."

Costuming program Pratt B

Sat: 10:00 am Why is Your Presentation so Important? Allen (M), Gear, Carrigg, Salemi
Sat: 11:00 am Costuming Without Sewing Delaney, Diaz, Kovalcin (M), de Guardiola
Sat: 12:00 noon Costumers Swap Meet & Sewing Circle
Sat: 1:00 pm Big Silly Things on Your Head Delaney (M), Allen, Kovalcin
Sat: 2:00 pm Wings & Things; Paws, Claws & Tails Bradbury (M) de Guardiola, Swords, Diaz
Sat: 3:00 pm Klingon Costumes & Weaponry
Sat: 4:00 pm Make-Up for Stage Salemi (M), Bradbury
Sun. 10:00 am Using Found Materials Carrigg (M), Ashton, Ritter
Sun. 11:00 am Basics of Fabric Painting Kovalcin (M), Salemi, Carrigg

Children's Program in The Washington Room


4-5 PM Mask Making by Laurel Kelly
5-6 Easter Egg dying and bag making
6-7 Balloon Fantasies by Laurel Kelly
7 - 7:45PM Folktale Spinner Bill Mayhew


10-11 AM Costuming for Kids by Lisa Ashton
11-12noon Spectroscopes for Kids by David Kratz
12-1 PM Jewish stories & songs for kids of all ages (while nibbling kosher for Passover munchies) by Miriam Winder-Kelly
1-2 Building Biological Creatures by Robert Furey
2-3 Easter Egg dying, Easter Bag making and Paper bag puppets
3-4 Carpathian the Storyteller by Bob Beiderman
4-5 Paper Airplane making by Max Shichtman & dad


10-11 Easter Egg Hunt 1-6 year olds
11-12 Easter Egg Hunt 7-12 year olds
noon -1 Optical Illusions by Hal Clement
1-2 Echo's Children Kid's Concert , Music G.O.H.
2-3 Inge Heyer of the Space Telescope Science Institute on Kid's Space

Art Program Saturday in Peale and Sunday in Pratt A

Sat: 10am Polymer Sculpting 101 by Halla
Sat: 11am Care of Artwork by Ric Frane, Wendy Mitchell
Sat: 12noon Impasto w/sauce, acrylic texture techniques, L.W. Perkins, Halla, RiKK
Sat: 1pm Ron Miller: Current and Future Projects by Ron Miller
Sat: 2pm Jennifer Weyland by Jennifer Weyland
Sat: 3pm Galleries and Other Venues, Loretta Jurnak, Obelyn Galleries, R.Wayt Smith
Sat: 4pm Pencil Techniques , Joel Keener, Halla
Sat: 5pm Oil Painting Demo and Techniques Joe Bellofatto, R.Wayt Smith
Sun: 10am The Figure in Art, Ric Frane, Wendy Mitchell, Joel Keener
Sun: Artistic Influence or Theft of Ideas, Ron Miller, Joel Keener, RiKK, R.Wayt Smith

Anime Schedule in Menchen Room

Copyright clearance has been secured for the following Anime titles.


3:00 Tekkaman II (multiple episodes) ~2 hours
5:00 Burn Up ~ 1hr
6:00 Burn Up W ~35 mins followed by air gap
7:00 TBA
9:00 Ninja Scroll ~90 mins
10:30 Ninja Scroll #2 ~90 mins
12:00 Twilight of the Dark Master ~50 mins
1:00 New Cutey Honey ~1 hr
2:00 TBA- possibly Angel's Egg


9:00 All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku ~1 hr
10:00 Hurricane Polymar ~1 hr
11:00 Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 1+2 ~1 hr
12:00 Plastic Little ~1 hr
1:00 Gatchaman 1-3 ~2hrs
3:00 Space adventurer Cobra ~90 mins
5:00 Psycho Diver ~1 hr
6:00 Dirty Pair Flash 1+2 ~2.5 hrs
9:00pm Masquerade Video Overflow
10:30 Sorcerer Hunters ~90 mins
12:00 Golgo 13 Queen Bee ~1 hr
1:00 TBA

Sunday (Anime Mix Day)

9:00 Elica #4 ~1 hr
10:00 Neon Geneses Evangelion #6 ~1 hr
11:00 Final Fantasy 1+2 ~2 hrs
1:00 Dragon Slayer ~50 mins

VIDEO Program in Preston

Copyright clearance has been secured for the following Video titles.


12:45 Wizard of OZ (1939)
2:45 Hercules (Disney )
3:50 Lost in Space (Movie)
6:00 Fallen (1998)
8:05 The Ghost Catcher (Local independent Film)
8:40 Bury My Lovely (Local independent Film)
9:05 Mimic (1998)
10:50 Devil's Advocate (1997)


4:30 The Flight of Dragons (1982)
6:05 Flubber (1998)
7:40 Black Velvet Band (Local independent Film)
8:10 Devil's Pocket (Local independent Film)
9:10 Sphere (1998)
11:25 Mummy a Gore Gore (Local independent Film)
12:25 Species II (1997)


11:00 Starship Troopers (1997)
1:10 Armageddon (1997)

Gaming in Lincoln Room all weekend

This includes only events being run by sanctioned game representatives who have scheduled early, there will be open gaming during all times


4 PM-8 PMIlluminati: New World Order
Supernova CCG
8 PM-MidnightTribes
Babylon 5 CCG Demo
Star Wars: CCG Demo
Changeling LARP presented by The Camarilla. Donations will be collected upon entry to go to the American Heart Association.
Midnight-2 AMVampire: The Masquerade 3rd Edition
Awful Green Things


8 AM-10 AMDragonstorm
Battletech tournament
RPGA: To Protect and Serve
RPGA: Greatest Loss
RPGA: A Day at the Circus
10 AM-NoonDragonstorm (continued)
Battletech tournament (cont.)
Mage: The Sorcerer's Crusade
RPGA: To Protect and Serve (cont.)
RPGA: Greatest Loss (cont.)
RPGA: A Day at the Circus (cont.)
Noon-2 PMIlluminati: New World Order
Battletech Tournament (cont.)
Star Wars: CCG Tournament
RPGA: Protective Custody
RPGA: Greatest Loss
RPGA: Late Night Parcel
2 PM-4 PMIlluminati: New World Order (cont.)
Battletech Tournament (cont.)
Supernova CCG
Star Wars: CCG Tournament (cont.)
RPGA: Protective Custody (cont.)
RPGA: Greatest Loss (cont.)
RPGA: Late Night Parcel (cont.)
4 PM-6 PMBattletech Tournament (cont.)
Star Wars: CCG Tournament (cont.)
Supernova CCG (cont.)
RPGA: A Day at the Circus
RPGA: To Protect and Serve
RPGA: London Con
6 PM-8 PMCheapass Games
Kindred of the East
RPGA: A Day at the Circus (cont.)
RPGA: To Protect and Serve (cont.)
RPGA: London Con (cont.)
8 PM-10 PMCheapass Games (cont.)
Dragonstorm (cont.)
RPGA: Protective Custody
RPGA: Greatest Loss
RPGA: Late Night Parcel
10 PM-MidnightDeluxe Illuminati
GURPS Traveler
RPGA: Protective Custody (cont.)
RPGA: Greatest Loss (cont.)
RPGA: Late Night Parcel (cont.)
Midnight-2 AMDeluxe Illuminati (cont.)
GURPS Traveler (cont.)


9 AM-2 PMDragonstorm
Battletech Tournament Finals
Dino Hunt
RPGA: A Day at the Circus
RPGA: Protective Custody
RPGA: To Protect and Serve
RPGA: Greatest Loss

Filk and related Music Schedule

Dunloggin: Pipes and Drums of Tir Na Mhairi concert; Friday 10:30pm.-1:00am

Hallelujah Chorus; Friday and Saturday nights in Poe; 11:00pm Practice, 12mid Performance.

Filk Schedule


9:00pm Pratt B -- Concert Slot
9:30pm Pratt B -- Concert Slot
10:00pm Pratt B -- Dressing Up your Filk Tuning up the unfinished edges and seams of your filk.
Late night Filk in Pratt A & B till 4:00am.


11:00am Pratt A -- My Favorite Obscure Filks A few of our favorite things that we don't hear often enough.
Noon Pratt A -- Concert Slot
12:30pm Pratt A -- Concert Slot
5:00pm Pratt B -- Concert Slot: Acacia Sears
5:30pm Pratt B -- Concert Slot: Ian Hanley
6:00pm Pratt B -- Staging Your Work Using dramatic techniques to enhance the presentation of your filk or story.
10:30pm Pratt B -- Jam in the Key of C An Orycon tradition coming to visit us along with our Filk GoHs.
Late night Filk in Pratt A & B till 4:00am


1:00pm Washington Room -- Children's Filk Concert
2:00pm Pratt B -- One Shots Concert

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