Balticon 33 L.A.R.P.

If you are familiar with the World of Darkness by White Wolf, then this will make sense to you.

Baltimore has become a city full of Sabbat, (monstrous vampires who revel in their inhumanity). Their most hated rivals, the Camarilla (not so monstrous vampires, who cling to their humanity), recently sent a new prince (a governor if you will) to Virginia to eradicate the Sabbat in the region. This prince called together all the Camarilla vampires that were in his domain and made an alliance with the local Garou (werewolves). Rather surprisingly, this alliance has become more than was originally intended. Though the Sabbat in the prince's direct domain have been destroyed, the alliance has grown stronger over the past year. So strong in fact, that rather than being merely werewolves and vampires (changelings, etc too) allied against a common foe, they have become a new society of the supernatural, with laws and traditions that both transcend and encompass all that they were before. This society , once known as the Triad Cities because of the geographical relationship of the three cities within the prince's domain, and now known as The Kingdoms of Sheol has begun to expand. Rather than launch massive assaults, that may or may not succeed, they have sent several groups into Baltimore to act as scouts and when the time is right, to announce the intentions of the The Kingdoms of Sheol.

The possibilities of what will occur are great and varied, particularly given that the World of Darkness is entering into the Days of Reckoning. The final days before the Dark Times will become more and more chaotic, with fewer and fewer options left the supernatural denizens of the world. This expanding <Empire of the Supernatural, for lack of a better term> may represent a last chance for survival or the final weapon that will destroy the world as they know it. It will be up to the players to decide what they do and which way they go.

Debates, assassinations and discovering what is true and what is not will be main aspect of the game. Like any game violence has a tendency to occur, especially where the Sabbat are concerned.

However, as this storyline continues, it shows that violence loses its effect if used too often.

For the Sabbat inhabitants of Baltimore, they will find themselves alone amid a sea of change.

With no help coming from other Sabbat held cities, they will have to determine their own fate, whatever it may be.

Players will be able to play Sabbat, local Camarilla, Garou, Changelings, Hunters, Wraiths and the like. They may take pregenerated characters made especially for this LARP, or they may bring in pre-existing characters of their own, provided that they meet with our approval.

We have strict guidelines for what we allow into our games. This means that no mages, mummies, antediluvians or the like will be allowed. If it is reasonable, we will allow it.

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