Balticon 33 Hotel Reservation Information

Friday April 2nd thru Sunday April 4th 1999

The Baltimore Omni Inner Harbor Hotel
101 West Fayette St
Baltimore, MD 21201
410-385-6700 or 800-843-6664


Note on Room Types:

The Room rate is the same, $109.00 + 12.5% Hotel and 5% Sales Tax for Single, Double, Triple, or Quad OCCUPANCY (i.e. 1, 2, 3, or 4 people in the room) which has nothing to do with the number or types of beds available in the room.

The room types available are: King (72"x80"), Queen (60"x80"), Double (48"x78"), and Double/Double (2 Double beds). Non-Smoking Floors are 11 thru 18 in the North Tower, and 11 thru 21 in the South Tower.

Special Handicap Access rooms are Numbered 25 and 31 (i.e. 1625, 1731, etc.) on floors 16 and up in the South Tower.

The Hotel will accept requests for room type at the time of reservation, however they cannot guarantee their availability. Make your reservation early. Cancellations must be received 72 hours in advance.

Please print this form and get it in the mail today or to guarantee your reservation with a Credit Card you can call 410-385-6700 or 800-843-6664. Remember, the hotel does not charge your credit card until the first night of your reservation.

Several people have reported that the 1-800-OMNI line has told them that there were no more rooms available, but when they called the hotel during normal business hours they had no problem booking rooms. Because of this the OMNI has extended the room block to March 31, 1999 so rooms should be available right up till the con unless fans want more than 50 more rooms than we used last year. Given this, there should be plenty of rooms right up to the con. If you have problems get the name of the OMNI person you are speaking to and e-mail Dale Arnold at:

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