We at the Lite Circle are excited to host the Balticon poetry track this year. Our program will include a panel discussion on science fiction/fantasy poetry, addressing such topics as how to write it, what editors look for, getting published, small presses, marketing your work, and a general Q&A session. There will be a poetry reading--bring your sf/fantasy poetry to read! We will also have a poetry workshop, where participants are asked to bring several copies of a work for discussion and critiquing by the editorial panelists. Participants will be invited to submit to a special Balticon poetry contest, and winning entries will automatically be considered for publication in *Lower Than the Angels,* an anthology of science fiction, fantasy, and science fact edited by Vonnie Winslow Crist and David Kriebel, which will debut at WorldCon. The winner of Balticon's Young Writers contest will be offered the option of having his/her winning entry published in *LTTA.* Anyone may submit to *LTTA* until June 1, 1998. For submission guidelines/purchasing info, please contact The Lite Circle (see end of article). Vonnie Winslow Crist is Editor of the *Harford Poetry Review* and author of the children's cookbook *Leprechaun Cake and Other Tales: A Vegetarian Story-Cookbook.*

The Lite Circle was formed in 1992 by David Kriebel, Patti Kinlock, and other staff members of *Lite Magazine (the Journal of Satire and Creativity),* a quarterly literary and humor magazine which was founded by David Kriebel in 1989. He founded it as an escape from his government job, and called it "Lite" because its function was "to make light, and to shed light." Or maybe he just liked the name and its associations. In any event, he was afraid calling it "Light" was too pompous, and decided "Lite" was perfectly in keeping with the increasingly Newspeak-y jargon of late twentieth century America. Some now think "Lite" refers to "LITE-rary," an impression David encourages. David is now President of the corporation and Editor and Publisher of the newspaper, Patti is Vice-President and Managing Editor, and Dina Feinberg is Director of is Marketing and Public Relations, and Assistant Editor (for the complete cast of characters see our website).

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Phone: (410) 719-7792 or (410) 889-1574
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