Harry Turtledove

Harry Turtledove was born in Los Angeles in 1949. After flunking out of Caltech, he earned a Ph.D. in Byzantine history from UCLA. He has taught ancient and medieval history at UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, and Cal State L.A., and has published a translation of a ninth-century Byzantine chronicle and several scholarly articles. He is also a full-time science-fiction and fantasy writer; much of his work involves either alternate histories or historically based fantasy.

Among his science fiction are the alternate-history stories collected in _Agent of Byzantium_, _A Different Flesh_, and _Departures_, as well as the novels _A World of Difference_ (an alternate-history first-contact story where the planet in what is Mars’ orbit in this universe is large and life-bearing), _The Guns of the South_ (a speculative novel of the Civil War), and the _Worldwar_ series: (an alternate history involving alien invasion during World War II): _Worldwar: In the Balance_ was published in 1994, its sequel, _Worldwar: Tilting the Balance_, in 1995, and _Worldwar: Upsetting the Balance_ and _Worldwar: Striking the Balance_ in 1996. Also out in 1996 was _The Two Georges_, a collaboration with actor Richard Dreyfuss, an alternate-history thriller set more or less now in a world where the American Revolution never happened.

His alternate-history novella, "Down in the Bottomlands," won the 1994 Hugo award in its category. An alternate-history novelette, "Must and Shall," was a 1996 Hugo and 1997 Nebula finalist.

He has set nine books (_The Misplaced Legion_, _An Emperor for the Legion_, _The Legion of Videssos_, _Swords of the Legion_, _Krispos Rising_, _Krispos of Videssos_, _Krispos the Emperor_, _The Stolen Throne_, and _Hammer and Anvil_) in the Empire of Videssos, a fantasy universe modeled after the Byzantine Empire. Two more are forthcoming. Other fantasy titles include _The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump_ (a high- tech fantasy with puns), _Werenight_, its sequel _Prince of the North_, and _King of the North_.

He is married to fellow novelist Laura Frankos Turtledove. They have three daughters, Alison, Rachel, and Rebecca.

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